winter is for fat girls and i cannot wait. wrapping my warm cuddly body up in a big sweater, sweater paws wrapped around my mug full of hot chcolate and whip cream, my cute chubby cheeks a little red from the cold. all those weeks full of dessert and left overs and half priced candy that my feeder just casually offers to me and says "here baby, take a bite," my round tummy full and warm.

    i repeat, winter is for fat girls, and i cannot wait


    My thanksgiving was good. Ate four plates plus two desserts. So full, I could wait to get home and sleep it off! Oh I went to two places to do this!

    that sounds like a marathon of eating omg. I only ate one plate of food but made up for it with 1,000 cookies lol. It’s the best going home and finally getting to lay down.

    I’m glad you had a good time!


    Biggest fantasy around this time is unknowingly showing up to a thanksgiving dinner potluck with a bunch of feeder friends and not realizing im the sole feedee...everyone would take turns feeding me more and more till i look like I'm about to explode. Then everyone would tease me about how much of a pig i was and how big i am.

    oooo I wonder what it would be like to have all that attention on you. you probably would eat til you’re about to explode 😈

    but! the upside is you have all that care and attention when you’re too stuffed to move - so plenty of belly rubs and help getting to the couch to digest.


    i'm getting myself stoned off my tits for breakfast and looking forward to having hours of munchies for pretty much the next week. feel free to join/encourage/share :-)

    lol I’m sure I’ll be doing some of that good weed over the weekend at least.

    but I suppose this serves as a blanket reminder that y’all are welcome to send your cute stuffed bellies to me if you’d like. I’ll be with family and stuff but would love to see all the damage done.


    Youd feed me so much id be popping buttons at the table? 😱 but everyone will see my bloated belly!

    lmao well that’s the plan! but I think you’ll be too focused on eating as much delicious food as you can that you won’t be bothered much by it. I’ll just keep loading up your plate until I hear that telltale pop or rip and see your cute face stuffed with food grow red from embarrassment. you still wouldn’t be done though. not until I say so :3