@t-e-reynolds ok so boom

  • smeyer wakes up from a vivid dream on june 2, 2003
  • smeyer’s dream inspires her to write twilight
  • twilight gets published (2005) and the books and movies become a global phenomenon
  • e.l. james writes a bdsm twilight fanfic titled master of the universe
  • master of the universe is later published as fifty shades of grey (2011)
  • the fifty shades book series becomes wildly popular
  • fifty shades of grey gets adapted into a movie (2015), in which dakota johnson is cast as protagonist anastasia steele in her breakthrough role
  • the fifty shades movie series also becomes wildly popular and dakota johnson’s acting career takes off
  • dakota goes on ellen degeneres’s talk show, where ellen tries to play dakota for a fool and dakota shuts that shit down
  • people start noticing that ellen has a tendency to make her celeb guests feel very uncomfortable and is terrible to her employees
  • ellen makes the decision to end her talk show in 2022 after 19 years
  • rightdowntherabbithole

    no because i think we're forgetting some important history


    Wow a tsukki hater I see

    i don’t hate tsukki. i like him in his silly little sports glasses and i think him being a good friend to yamaguchi is sweet. 

    but on a ranking it’d go: bokuto > oikawa > akaashi > iwaizumi > kuroo > kenma > kuroo’s team > the miya twins > everyone on karasuno except tsukki > that really tall guy > mad dog > the aoba johsai team > the guy who wears the mask (ahead of his time) > tsukki 

    hope this helps!

    credits to @strawberria​ for being my inspiration, the blueprint, the reason i wake up in the morning. (not writing this under duress)

    nancy landgraab: pink meets the 2000s.

    look 1: hair* | top | skirt | thong accessory | boots

    look 2: hair** | hat | cardigan | skirt | shoes!

    look 3: hair!! | sunglasses | top | skirt** | sandals*

    look 4: hair* | dress! | shoes

    !!early access

    ^ lol at this. so funny babes