call me kat is kinda funny and got leslie jordan and woosie kurtz, but I HATE kat (mayim bialik) stopping the story every second to talk to the camera, it ruins the mood, it’s unfunny, it turns me off.

    there’s no need for her to have a monologue every second to explain what’s going on… of course viewers that pretend to be interesting are going to say they love the unnecessary interruptions, whatever, it’s not original or fun, it’s annoying as hell

    Aries Sun + Aquarius Moon

    Key Phrase: Volcanic

    Remarkable Traits: Incredibly bright, mentally expansive. W/ fascinating ideas, good instincts, unusual tastes. An eclectic Spirit. Unapologetic, unorthodox and courageous; enjoys being challenged and challenging others.

    Dark Side: Impersonal, can easily detach from feelings/people/situations. Might be too unconventional, or even be different just for the sake of it. Can be ruthless with their words. Has strong, very fixed opinions.

    Quote: "When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it." Steve McQueen, Aries/Aqua native