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My name is Mandy and I somehow ended up with a lot of followers, so I'm just reblogging ORIGINAL posts to help promote CDs, Traps, Sissies and Femboys! 

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2018-12-03 22:28:12

    Twitter as a Tumblr Alternative

    Since Tumblr is banning NSFW content on December 17th, many NSFW bloggers are moving to Twitter.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    Twitter does not allow NSFW content in your header or avatar images.  I see countless Twitter accounts getting deleted for this violation.  Also, in your settings, you need to go to “Privacy & Settings” and flag your account as follows, if you wish to see and/or post NSFW content.  If you don’t, you’re fucked.  Can we still swear here?  Fuck, shit, fuck, shit, fuck, test…


    It’s that simple.  You can find Twitter’s TOS here.

    LIKE & REBLOG so people don’t waste their time on yet another site, only to have all their content deleted.  If you are giving your money to Verizon, keep in mind that Verizon owns Tumblr.  Vote with your dollars.

    Naturally, my Twitter handle is @MisterTrapDaddy

    Faptumi’s 2nd Feminization Session

    New photoset on the way with the adorable @faptumi .  She has a fresh new futa-inspired look which, as you will see as the session progresses, gets a bit messy :)  Please follow her if you haven’t already!

    If you’re an aspiring trans girl, crossdresser, sissy or femboy and live in the Chicago area or are planning to visit, you can fill out an application on my Fetlife page (fetlife.com/MisterTrapDaddy). Those outside of Chicago are encouraged to apply as well, as I am hoping to find time to resume my online training program in the future.  Most of the people you see on my blog have found me through Tumblr, so please LIKE & REBLOG if you’d like to help me find more boys to feminize.

    Thank you, MisterTrapDaddy

    Fetlifers: Please vote for the role of “Feminizer” to be added to the site!


    Crossdressers, sissies, femboys, transgirls and admirers: If you’re not on Fetlife, you should be. The site has a huge scene for all those interested in all aspects of feminizaton and there are local groups for most areas so you can meet like-minded people.  No group in your area? Create one!

    Unfortunately, they have not yet added a role for people like myself - a Feminizer (one who feminizes boys).  So please vote for it to be added. 

    You can also follow me:https://fetlife.com/MisterTrapDaddy

    Thank you, MisterTrapDaddy