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    Top: All ready and dressed for a wonderful baby food breakfast, some more hormones and then a nice day in front of the TV playing with your toys….Things are coming along nicely, aren’t they.. Bottom: She’s just been changed and her diaper is so big that she can’t even waddle around the house…She’s being punished for trying to use the potty…I’ve told her before that she’s not and may never be old enough for that…So, I had to put the extra large vibrating butt plug back in fully secured and her little chastity device back on…Ha!! Not that there much let of that little penis after all the hormones I’ve been giving her…Won’t be long and her breasts will start to hurt again…the first stage of growth was quite impressive….she moaned something about not wanting to be a baby gurl…of course I scoffed at her pathetic whimpering as her little penis gets as hard as it can when I tell her about the new dresses I’ve bought for her…and I keep telling her if she’s not a good gurl then I will remove the lot…Little does she know that they won’t be there for much longer anyway..The hypnotising therapy will make her accept her baby gurl life soon enough anyway…


    Long delayed pictures of my enema in a diaper (these pics are like 2 months old!). This won’t be to everyone’s fancy because usually messy diapers aren’t mine either, but sometimes I push the boundaries a little bit and oh fuck shit this was so crazy humiliating I was so turned on but anxious and upset.

    See how soapy it was? I started cramping pretty much as soon as I squirted in the first bulb in. I did manage to take the whole bowl (PROUD!) then had a diaper ready and diapered myself pretty much immediately. Cramping got steadily worse but I’d told myself to hold it for 10 minutes. After 5 minutes I was desperate and my face was sweating, so just to add insult to injury, I made myself lay on my back with my butt in the air, so the water ran deep into my bowels. After 3 more minutes I couldn’t take any more and started leaking into the diaper, even though I was desperately trying to hold it. 

    Then I let myself stand up and go, but the worst thing about it was, despite the huge amount of cramping and pain in my tummy, my body wouldn’t voluntarily ‘let go’ so I knew I had to the choice not to mess myself, but did it anyway :(

    It was horribly humiliating and it hurt and I was so stroppy about the diaper being pressed against me, and it smelt bad and so I was basically a very embarrassed little girl in a very messy diaper. 

    Sir keeps threatening he’s going to do it to me next time I visit and put me in the corner. If it was humiliating when I was alone, I can’t imagine how tearful I’m going to be with him watching :(

    (Last one flagged)

    Oh good job baby! You're doing so well.

    Only 30 more seconds now.

    Remember when we first started you didn't think think you'd be able to make cummies in your diapers, because they "didn't turn you on" and they "weren't your thing" like they are for me?

    Oh you wined and complained, you were so fussy.

    Now look at you. Not only have you been exclusively making cummies in your diapers for... Well I don't really remember how long it's been now... huh...

    But, do you remember the look on your face when I handed you my magic wand for the first time? You said it was "a toy for girls."

    So what did mommy do? That's right she made you her sissy baby too. And now you make cummies just like any girl would with the wand. That's right sweetie, just like mommy does!

    Now, I know you haven't had to do it with your new cage on yet, and you "can't even get hard now." But mommy has all the confidence in you sweetheart.

    That's it, good girl! Work the wond on your soft little clitty for mommy now. Can you find it? (giggles)

    Oh yes, show mommy your "O" face...That's it baby!

    You're doing it!

    You're even more like a real girl now, with that wand pushed right up against your limp diapered clitty!

    Good job, I knew you could do it!

    You sobbed. It wasn’t like you didn’t expect that to happen. Wearing your shortest dress and your thickest diapers for your presentation was risky, but your mistress didn’t care. She just assured you that nobody would notice. Unfortunately, when you were crawling underneath the console to fix some cables for your presentation, one of your super duper extra funny classmates decided to yank up your dress, leaving your diapered butt exposed for everyone to see. By the time you managed to crawl out from beneath the desk and fix your dress, the whole class was already screaming with laughter. Now, 6 hours later, you were still crying. But you knew exactly that now that your little secret made its way around campus, there was no reason to stop for your mistress. No, you asked for diaper humiliation, and you’d get it. It was only going to get worse.

    This is how you found yourself at a Halloween party surrounded by a bunch of dudes.  Some of them weren’t interested. Others complimented you on your costume, mentioned how hot you were.  Others tried silly pick up lines, or brought you drinks.  

    In your frilly little maid costume you felt very vulnerable. 

    When it was revealed you had never sucked a cock before, all your admirers were insistent that tonight be the first time.  No matter what you did, you could not steer the conversation away from that topic.

    One of the guys, who honestly was very handsome, suggested that you two go to a more quiet room away from all these creepy flirty guys.  You agreed, because all the attention was getting a bit much.

    You were sitting on the side of a bed. He stood up, approached you, and whipped out his cock. He shoved his cock into your face.

    You tried to pull away, but he gently held your head and slowly pulled you toward his penis.  In that moment, feeling a little drunk and very girly, you couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like. This strong man wanted you. He brought you away from all those other guys.  He was completely focused on you.

    You relented, and let the cock enter your mouth.

    "Now honey, we discussed very carefully that you were making far too many unsightly bulges in your pretty panties. You are a weak male, let’s be clear, you are so weak, I really think of you as a sissy gurl. I love my sissy gurl, but you need to be honest with your self, real men don’t get raging hard ones wearing pretty panties and sexy maid’s uniforms, but you do. So, here’s the solution, I lock this on your little dicklette. Oh honey don’t get upset, I love your dicklette, but you’ve showered in gyms dear, you know it doesn’t really measure up. Now don’t start getting misty. It’s simply the truth. Nod your head if you know it’s true. Good gurl. I know you are happiest when you make me happy. Tell you what dear, you put it on, show me that you really care about my feelings. There you go. Now lock it." . "Now give me the key. Let’s pull up your pretty panties. Don’t you look so cute! What? It can’t possibly be uncomfortable, it’s been on for a few minutes. Look you know your erections, your little stiffies are unauthorized. This will help you, it’s for your own good. It’s staying on for the weekend, oh yes, and you’d better be perfect little Missy, or it’s staying on for longer. Got it? Now clean the fucking toilet, now!’

    Come here little one, mommy needs to check you. Uhh, is that talking back I hear? ☝🏻Don’t make me repeat myself...😈There you go, lay still sweetie. Let mommy look.

    Hmm just a little wet, I think you’ll be fine for the night. After all these are some very big diapers on you! 😊

    Aww why the grabbie hands baby? You want mommy to give you cuddles? Ohhhhh, I think I know what the baby wants. I think you just want to feel mommy’s warm diaper on you while she nurses you, don’t you? 😌 Hehe I know you do, come here baby...

    ~Lil Miss Romance ✨


    “Like it?! Watta you mean you like it?!”

    “I said i KINDA like it! But think about it: we get free room and board, we get to work for a group of ridiculously hot women, and we don’t even have to worry about going to the bathroom!”

    “Are you kidding me?! We have to go to the bathroom ALL OVER OURSELVES in these stupid diapers! Then we have to walk around in our mess all day until one of them is ‘nice’ enough to change us! We rarely get to cum any more, and if we do, it’s always in each others’ mouths in front of a group of cackling women! Until then, my dick is locked up in this stupid cage thing, and don’t even get me started on these uncomfortable dresses!”

    “Oh come on…don’t you think it’s nice to feel at least a little bit pretty? To know that guys actually get a hard dick just from looking at you?!”

    “Yea…until i’m on my knees SUCKING that big hard dick! I can’t believe you actually like this shit! I always knew you were a faggot!”

    “Hey now! I’m not the one who stole a cucumber from the kitchen so they could make themself cum by shoving it up their ass! And if you keep being rude to me, i might just have to tell Mistress about that time you removed your own dirty diaper…you know what she’ll make you do if she finds out…”

    “No! PLEASE! No! I can’t eat that shit again! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll make it up to you!”

    “Yea you will…next time we get assigned to the glory hole you’re going to be taking ALL the customers! Got it?”


    “Good, and just so you know, if you keep a positive attitude about everything, it’ll make this whole ordeal a lot less miserable!”

    “I guess you’re right…hey, can you show me how you do that eye shadow thing? I keep getting 20 swats after inspection…”

    “Sure, but you owe me a blowjob next time we get unlocked!”



    Good girls make more good girls 🙈😍


    Chris’ girlfriend Mandy had convinced him to dress up as a naughty devil for the costume party. Mandy was going as a slutty angel, and Chris couldn’t. Wait to see her in her costume. But when he saw what he had to wear, he had some hesitations.

    “Babe, don’t even worry, nobody at the party will know you,” Mandy said. “We can just tuck your little guy away and everyone will think you’re just my sexy friend. It’ll be hilarious, you’ll see.”

    Chris felt extremely self-conscious at the party, but some jungle juice and vodka shots helped to mellow him out. Mandy got more adventurous too, eyeing the big black football players who were all over the place.

    “Babe, I have an idea,” Mandy whispered, slurring her words slightly. Chris’s dolled up face lit up. As the evening went on, he was embracing this new, naughtier persona of his. 

    “What if we put on a show for those football players?” Mandy continued. Chris giggled and nodded emphatically. Mandy pulled a few of the huge football players into a bedroom while Chris wiggled his butt at them, giggling the whole time.

    The angel and the devil made out on the bed, each catching glimpses out of the corners of their eyes at the growing bulges. Before tonight, Chris would have shunned the idea of putting on a show for a group of men, and Mandy was always a bit shy. But now, each girl has helped the other come out of her shell. Goody two shoes Mandy is about to lose her anal virginity (obviously Chris had never asked her for that) and Christi, as the Men are now calling her, is about to taste her first (but definitely not her last) BBC as the football team runs a train on them. Both girls are in heaven, and this is just the first of many nights they try this out.