White Worship in China: Through the Lens of American Football Game

            2018 MAY 14, a news went on headline in China. It said many females students in Harbin University of Commerce were asked to vacate several floors of their girls’ dormitory in order for the foreign athletes in the upcoming World American Football Game of University Students (hereinafter referred to as the Game) to use.

            Thousands of Chinese guys expressed their concerns on the internet, saying that “letting Chinese girls and foreign athletes to live in the same building is unsafe and would promote foreign athletes to fuck Chinese girls”. Some also said it is “no different from providing free whores for foreigners”. A few Chinese guys even posted pictures of what happened during the Game in previous years. They said, “condom sales was very high” during the Game in 2016. (Their worries are understandable, however, because White guy can sleep many Chinese girls in China while many local Chinese guys can hardly find a girlfriend.)

            Chinese guys are not stupid. They knew well what is going to happen. But they are unable to do anything other than worrying on the internet. Similar phenomenon happens in other Asian countries, too. In China especially, girls are not just passive receivers; they also proactively seek White guys. This is why Chinese guys cannot do anything  it is not simply White guys invasion, but Chinese girls’ natural selection. For many Chinese girls, being with a White guy is not just a shortcut to escape extreme patriarchal environment in China, but also a symbol of success and can help them gain face.

            Today, it is pretty common to see Chinese girls walking with foreigners hand in hand. Many Chinese girls are dating, had dated, or are willing to date a White guy. A big proportion of them are willing to do so even for one-night stand. They see it as an opportunity to get free mixed-blood baby.

            Indeed, the condom sales in Harbin is expected to be high again this year during the Game, and behind this, thousands of Chinese guys’ future wives’ virginity will be taken by White guys.