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Kinky amateur real couple (boss & chinkogirl) posting pictures of us doing things that excite us. Chinkogirl is super M, loves cock, and being used as a sex toy. Boss is super S, loves holes, enjoys using the sex toy (NSFW 18+)

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    Anonymous asked :To Chinkogirl - I'm a Asian lesbian. My girlfriend is white. We play with each other while looking at your Tumblr and fantasize about you joining us. Sadly, your photos showing your man's body don't turn us on as much... So, if you were single, would you consider a 3some with two slim and sexy lesbian sluts? If so, what would you let us do with you? asked :

    I was telling boss the other night I love chinko too much to be lesbian. He thinks it would be hot to see me kiss a girl. So maybe I could make out with a girl, and have her lick my kitty. I can try kitty licking too ~chinkogirl

    Anonymous asked :I wanna put my dick deep inside to you and cum everything I had into you. Then I slowly pull out see it split out from your pussy. asked :

    Being filled with a cock is so-so-so good. Deep inside is full feeling, so long as the chinko is not too long. If it’s too long and hard it hurts. Needs to be just right size for me.

    Cum inside is my favourite – but it’s a no-no as I’m not on the pill. Boss likes it that way as I’m more horny off the pill ❤ ~chinkogirl

    Anonymous asked :When you suck boss's dick, do you also rim his asshole like a good slut should?? I would love to feel those lips in my cock and asshole. asked :

    I’m a dirty girl, so I had always wanted to lick boss’s ass. He’s not into it, but he let me try one time he was feeling very S and maybe he was drunk. It was fun ~chinkogirl

    Anonymous asked :So let's indulge in your gangbang fantasy even more - have you ever fantasized about getting gang fucked like a dirty little slut and then covered and filled with cum from every man in the room? asked :

    Yes. I had a dream where I was drinking wine with boss, and was very horny. I wanted to get fucked, but boss was just drinking. Then there was a knock on the door. Boss told me to answer it. I opened the door to find 3 guys.

    They came in and a guy started kissing me. Another guy ripped off my stockings and started rubbing my pussy under my skirt. I refused at first, but I was so horny and getting wet that I let them him put a finger inside me.

    One guy pushed me down and put his cock down my throat. He started to face facking me. I was having a hard time breathing, but it was a exciting. It was messy. I like it rough sometimes. They moved me to the couch, and one guy started licking my pussy. I let out my moan. It felt so good.

    Then he shoved his hard cock into my wet pussy. He started fucking me raw. I refused at first, but he was fucking me hard, and I was enjoying, so I kept getting fucked. He let out a moan, and then shove his cock into my mouth so I can drink his cum. Then the next guy did the same thing, fucking me raw very hard and fast. It was so exciting. I asked for doggy, but he refused. I begged for doggy. He refused. He told me to lick my pussy juice off his cock, so I licked his whole cock clean. He told me I was a good slut, and push me over, to fuck me doggy. He started asked if I was a dirty slut. I said no. He spanked my ass, and asked again. I told him I was a dirty slut, and to spank me more. He spanked again. It was rough. He started pulling my hair, and let out his moan. I could feel his hot cum shoot over my back.

    The last guy rolled me onto my back. He put a finger into my ass. My pussy was so creamy my ass was wet, and the finger slipped right in. His finger was thick like a sausage and it felt good. My pussy was tired, so I asked him to please fuck my ass gently. He removed his finger, and slowly started pushing his cock into my ass. It was fat, and kind of short, so it was easier than a long cock to get inside. He told me I was a slut, and that I should finger myself. So I slid two fingers into my dirty pussy so he could watch me finger myself. He started facking faster and moaning.  Then he shot cum in my ass.

    I was tired. Boss told me I was a good dirty slut. It was so exciting being a used as a sex toy ~chinkogirl

    Anonymous asked :What do you mean when you say you like getting fucked raw? asked :

    Raw means I like getting fucked without a condom. Japanese word for raw is ‘nama’ and we say ‘nama’ to mean fucking without condom.

    Boss says I am slutty because I let people fuck me raw – without condom. Ever since my first boyfriend, guys have fucked me raw. When I was studying outside of Japan, I started dating a guy who wanted to fuck me. I refused at first to let him fuck me raw, but eventually I let him because I was horny. After that, he fucked me raw every time. One time I was horny and flew to see him again, and he fucked me raw that night. I had a fantasy sex with a big black guy. He wanted to fuck me raw, but I refused the first 3 times he fucked me that night – but by the 4 time, I let him fuck me raw.  He always fucked me a raw after.

    Boss is more cautious, and didn’t fuck me raw at first. One night when I was sitting on top of him naked, I started a grinding my wet smooth pussy lips against his hard cock. I made the cock so slippery and wet. I moved back and forth, each time slipping the top of his cock closer to my tight pussy hole. Eventually it slid right in, and I just kept riding on top. Ever since then, boss fucks me raw.

    It’s bad, and people shouldn’t do, but it’s less common in Japan to use condom. Boss is right. I am a slutty because I love being fucked raw.   ~chinkogirl

    Anonymous asked :Can u take my big white cock i want to unload it in u asked :

    I’ve had a few big cocks and several big toys in my tight manko – so yes, I can take it. Unloading is dangerous. I love nama iku (being fucked raw and cum inside me). I cant help it, as it’s so naughty and exciting. Since I’m not on the pill anymore it’s dangerous and no more nama iku.

    Even though I’m not on the pill, I still get fucked nama (raw). So slutty of me ~chinkogirl

    Anonymous asked :Would you prefer double penetration (2 men) or a gangbang (3 or more men) and why? asked :

    Never tried either, so I don’t know. Whenever I’ve use a toy while having sex it’s a little too full, and sometimes it hurts, so two at the same time seems a less fun. multiple men seems exciting and is my fantasy – it’s mostly a fantasy, not something I would do ~chinkogirl