just another yellow girl in a white world (中国制造)
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    Winter is coming...

    Haha, sounded like a funny title for these dark times. :)

    It looks like the end is near. I have just over 90,000 followers now, and I want to thank you all (even the bots). I’ve made some good friends here. Some have gone, but some have stayed for quite a while. I appreciate you all. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I think the world, during my time here.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do, whether I’ll try to restart/continue somewhere else, or if I should just take this as a sign and call it done. As far as I can tell, I’ll still have an account, so you can send me messages and all that.

    Anyway, it’s been a fun time, take care everyone! muah! xoxoxoxox


    The Story of Me

    My name is Suzie and I am in my late twenties. In my normal life I work in a corporate environment in data analytics which is just a fancy way of saying I review lots and lots of information and prepare lots and lots of reports for very important people to look at so they know how consumers are spending their money.

    In my secret life I am a dirty little Korean slut obsessed with big white cocks. There is no greater feeling than being held down and fucked mercilessly, hands around my throat as I am physically and mentally broken down.

    I enjoy being reminded of my place as an inferior and used as the white man sees fit. I am an object to be used for his pleasure and it is what gives my life meaning.

    Growing up surrounded by white people made me acutely aware of how different I was, my sense of other-ness. I suppose deep down, I was never truly comfortable with my place in society. Being a shy and nerdy individual certainly did not help with being comfortable around “normal” people.

    Eventually when I came to accept that my place as an Asian woman was to serve the dominant element of our society (white men) and accept the patriarchy’s place above mine, I found a measure of peace and satisfaction I hadn’t previously experienced (and it’s amazing what a willingness to bend over and take cock will do for your social life).

    When I’m not serving my primary purpose of being a white mans cock sleeve, my other interests include travel, reading and writing, fantasy and sci-fi (nerdy habits never truly die). In the past, I have spent way more hours playing The Sims 2 than was really healthy (with a dip in my test scores to show it). I have also developed a ridiculous Skyrim obsession along the way as well.


    I feel somehow proud that a Korean sister found her way to Enlightenment



    You conquered my ancestors when you invaded their countries. Generations later, you are still conquering us cherished asian daughters. I guess we all have roles to play, and I’m on the losing team. But the losing is in my blood, to the point where it feels so right to fulfill my role.


    that is right. asian girls always on the losing team. that is why you all want to jump ship.


    I love the sad little bois that come on here and hurl invective at me about being a “race traitor”. Well, if you had something to offer, I wouldn’t need to “betray” you. First off- as if I owe some loyalty to a race. Why? Did they ever care for me? No.

    Second, you need to offer something. Asian guys are smaller, less considerate, and can never match the looks of a white man.

    I owe you nothing, you give me nothing, and I am happy the way I am. My husband is more handsome, kinder, and better equipped than you will ever be, and you are just jealous that happiness exists without forcing Asian women to be “loyal” to your bullshit.


    A Future-Builder

    White Dick Detox

    I spent the last 3 months in Japan.  But I needed a break from home, the city I live in is just sort of exhausting. It’s endlessly urban and gray. I’ve never felt like anything but a “city” girl but I was just getting fed up with the noise and the traffic.

    I also wanted to unplug for a bit. The previous months has been wall to wall work for me, which mostly involves being in front of computers for 10 hours a day and being on call for the rest of the day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just explore the world for awhile? 

    I had money and time,  so I quit my job, packed a bag and left, what other decision was there to make?  

    I did two weeks of backpacking before arriving in Sendai. What’s in Sendai? Farms, mostly. Other stuff too, but mostly farms. Before I left, I arranged to stay with a host family on one of these farms. I’m half-Japanese but I don’t really have a strong connection to the country, I think of myself primarily as a Korean, but everyone was very welcoming. I got a small stipend, room and board in exchange for about 3 hours of work a day. Mostly I just picked blueberries in the orchard and packed bags of leeks.

    It was nice. Very idyllic and calm. I woke up at 9 AM, learned some Japanese over breakfast with my host family, spent some time in the fields and then explored the country-side for a bit and chat in the little bars and restaurants that were within walking distance. After that, I’d walk by home and go to sleep. Simple living.

    The downside, of course, is that there’s White people, basically. I mean, sometimes you’d see someone on a bus riding through on a tourist trip, but that was it. So no White Cock for me, but in a way, I was happy about that. It was nice to take a break from fucking like crazy almost every night of the week. I thought of it as a bit of White Cock Detox - 6 months without White Cock, no big deal, right?

    I spent about a week missing my phone’s data plan, TV, porn, all the stuff that I take for granted in America. There’s TVs in Sendai, but it’s easy to ignore them. The wi-fi just blows, mostly. Of course, what I missed most was White Men. I went to bed every night horny as fuck, but literally every male that I saw on any given day was Asian, so, you know. Gross. So I just masturbated. But after that week, everything was smooth. I didn’t even really think about all the things that I was used to having and had to do without while staying on the farm. 

    That lasted about two months. Then the Australians showed up. Literally the first White Men I’d seen in months (Not counting people just driving through town.) I ran into them at a bar near my host family’s farm. They were all cute, but one in particular really set me off. Tall, muscled, kind of rough around the edges. His name was Brian.

    I knew we were going to fuck as soon as I saw him.

    He’s confident too. He comes right over to me and speaks in broken Japanese, only to be surprised that I speak English. He tells me that he and his two friends had been backpacking but were going to spend a few days at a hotel to recharge their batteries and hang out around town a bit. 

    We exchange numbers so that I can show him around a bit, figuring I’d been in town for longer, so surely I knew some fun sights to see. Sure, whatever, just give me your number.

    I go home, eat dinner, then bury my face in a pillow and rub my clit for like an hour, flooding my mind with thoughts about what kind of filthy things that powerful, White Man could do to me. I’m addicted to White Cock and I’m utterly shameless.

    I call him the next day. He asks where we should meet. How about his hotel room? That’s a good, centralized place to start from, right? (It wasn’t.)

    He meets me outside of the hotel, kind of a 3 star sort of place. Not upscale or anything, but it was nice. I text him to ask his room number and he says he’ll meet me in the lobby.

    Wait, meet me in the lobby? Did his guy actually think I wanted to show him sights the sights? Did he actually think I gave a f u c k about showing him the blueberry orchard? I just wanted to spend my afternoon riding some White Cock. Ugh.

    He gets off the elevator and greets me. He gestures to me to come over to the side of the lobby where we can talk in private. 

    “Just to be clear, you’re just hear to fuck, right?”

    Oh. Good. He gets it and he’s even more confident than I thought. I didn’t respond though, I’d been caught off guard. But I guess he understood my answer anyway.

    “Well that’s what I want to do too, but I gotta let you know - I’m sharing the room with one of my friends. He’s still in the room now. Are you down to fuck him too?”

    I spent a moment trying to remember exactly what the other friend looks like, but I can’t conjure up the image. But I remember that he’s white and kind of cute, so yeah, whatever, you know? What, like I’m going to fuck him while his friend just sits there in the hotel room? It was his hotel room too. It’d be rude for me to not take care of his friend too.

    I say yes, or sure, or something like that, and his arm grabs mine and pulls me into the elevator. Little Japanese ladies look at me, scowling, with envy, probably. He puts his hand down my shorts and cups my ass as we wait for the the elevator doors to open, then uses the grip to guide me to the room. 

    The three of us chat for a bit and drink a little. I ask where the third guy they were with is at. I was honestly just curious, but they assumed it was because I wanted to fuck him too. Which isn’t to say that I didn’t also want to fuck him, but that wasn’t what was on my mind. Unfortunately, he’d gone off to do some exploring on his own.

    They keep pouring me sake- I know what they’re doing and I don’t even mind. Eventually, I kick my shoes off and I guess they thought that was their queue. They pull off my shirt and my shorts and it all comes back to me. I remember what it’s like to be grabbed and groped and fucked and used by White Men. It was the opposite of an out-of-body experience. I was fully, fully in-tune with my body and all that it wanted was White Cock. I spent a moment considering how ridiculous it was that I tried to pull away my love of White Cock and that I went 2 months without doing this. But only a moment, because I had two White Men to focus my attention on. I needed to be present for them. White Cock Detox was an unmitigated failure.

    One of them pushes me onto the bed and starts pounding away at my pussy.  He’s giving me these long, deep, strokes. I love rubbing my clit, yeah, but sometimes you just need something hard and deep. He’s got me moaning and drooling, a fact that I couldn’t ignore because his friend found it very funny and provided a running commentary. He lets me know that the drool shouldn’t go to waste and takes his place as the last third of the spitroast. 

    They were having such a good time. My mind floated a bit as they used me: Am I the first girl they’ve done this to? Is his condom still on? Is this the kind of story that men share with their friends when no women are around? I wanted to be that story, the little gook they picked up in a bar who gave them easiest and best fucks of their lives. 

    More sake. More sucking. More cum. It’s sort of warm in the room so we head to the shower and fuck there. Condoms are hard to keep on in a shower so…we don’t worry about it. They take turns laying down in the bath tub as I ride them while the water from above keeps us slick.  They both shoots their loads, probably in my pussy, I don’t really know. What I do know is that they came where they wanted to and that was what was important to me. And them.

    I pulled my shorts back on - no panties, they’d been torn, a total loss - and put my shirt back on and prepare to head home after some chit-chat. Brian comments on my hands and notices that my nails are a little beat up. He says that I must really work hard out in the fields. Honestly, I didn’t really work that hard, but my hands are sensitive so it probably looked like I did. I told him to give me money for a manicure.

    It was a joke, you know? But he gives me the money. 9500 yen - that’s way too much, but whatever. He says he’ll be back in two days. He doesn’t even bother asking if I want to meet him again, he simply tells me that he’ll be back in two days and it’s understood: We’re fucking. Yes.

    The next day after I finished picking my blueberries, I take the bus into the city center and sit down for my manicure. It reminded me of what my materialistic American life is like. Paying someone to dote on me to make me pretty, buying clothes on a whim, and addicted to technology (And weed - nearly impossible for a foreigner to find in Japan.)

    You know what? Fuck it, I’ll get the pedicure and back massage too. These little japs could probably use the money, right? So I kick my feet up and they get to work.

    An hour later and I have pink nails, soft hands and not a single ounce of stress in my shoulders. I headed home for the night.

    In the morning, I enjoy my breakfast, chat with my hosts and head out to the orchard. A perfectly average morning. I start picking the blueberries, but it doesn’t really make sense. Why am I picking blueberries? With these nails? Why would I rough my hands up again after getting them so pretty? Why am I fucking around at this farm for scraps when I could be in a nice hotel, being spoiled by housekeeping and having nasty sex with tourists? I mean, the farm was nice, but it’s wasn’t really me.  Wearing make-up, $300 shoes, doing coke and worshiping White Men is me. I’m materialistic and vain and passionate about White Culture. I’d forgotten that for awhile, but Brian reminded me.

    I went back to the host’s house and explained to them, that there was an emergency(!!). I would have to leave the farm and head back home, but thank you so much for the stay, blah blah. They were so understanding. I hugged everyone, wrote some letters of appreciation and left some candy for the children.

    Two hours later, I was back at Brian’s hotel. He didn’t bother to come meet me in the lobby, this time. I mean, why would he? He already knew what I was there for. He also didn’t bother to tell me that his third friend would be in the room with them this time. I mean, why would he? He already knew that I would do whatever he asked me to.

    And I did. It was their last night in Sendai and I had already booked my flight back home. I hadn’t even gotten my own hotel room yet and had a couple of days to kill. What was there to do but be their fuckbunny and earn night’s stay with them? It wasn’t really any different from what I did on the farm, working for a place to stay. It’s just that when you have bright pink nails and soft hands, it makes way more sense to use them to make White Men shoot loads than it does to pick blueberries with them.


    i keep running away

    but i know that it’s useless. i know i can’t escape because this isn’t a “fetish”, it’s everyday reality. everyday I am confronted with the reality that i thirst to serve and exalt whiteness. there were times in the past when i managed to go a week or two without thinking about how glorious whiteness is. i once managed to stay in denial for about 3 months. but i think i’m done with all that now.

    i adore white men and i want to do everything i can to do elevate them. i want to be their cheerleader, secretary and a tool for the white race to help them affirm their power.


    i do the same thing, and always come back, every time, no matter how hard i try to stay away

    Gooky Tzichoi shares her first white experience

    I am from and upper middle class Chinese immigrant family. My parents are hard working, caring, and strict in a traditional way. They are paying for my education that will get me a good job when I graduate. But inside I feel lost.

    I had dated a couple asian guys in school and lost my virginity to one. They were nice and all but sex was pretty boring. All my friends were dating white guys and they never looked happier. They kept telling me to do so too.

    I finally understood when i hooked up with my first white guy a little while later. Im only 5'3 and about 100 lbs. Shane was 6’ and muscular. I’d know him a bit when i saw him at a party. I remember he put his hand on my arm and commented how soft my skin is. He made my nipples and pussy tingle. I craved his touch. In minutes we were kissing passionately, his hands exploring my whole body, I was ready to cum.

    Shane took me into a bedroom, pulled up my dress and took my panties off. He laid me on my back climbed on top and slowly entered me. He felt so big in me i started cumming right away. Time seemed to stop as i had orgasm after orgasm.

    Shane pulled out and came all over my face. Without thinking i sucked his cock making love to it with my mouth getting every last drop of cum. He never went soft and after a few minutes turned me over doggie. Shane then ruthlessly fucked my little asian pussy and i was loving it. My world seemed to stop and fixated on my orgasms. Shane came again but on my back this time. He got dressed and left the room. I stayed savouring the moment.

    Shane made me feel so sexy, so horny, and like such a slut. I loved it. I realized a short time later that my purpose was to submit to white alpha males as their sexual pleasure. I haven’t looked back.


    Fantasy of mine,

    Walking home in the middle of the night, having someone follow me in the distance hiding. I start to feel uncomfortable as I walk faster constantly checking over my shoulder. As I walk up to my door and open it, the guy rushes me slamming the door behind him, covering my mouth to muffle my screams and yells. He start to throwing me around, dragging me to my room. Then he begins to feel me up forcing his hands up my skit and fingers inside me, ripping off my clothes, as he continues to be rough with me, manhandling me. Having him rape my mouth, and my tight asian cunt and ass as he pleases. Degrading me, using me, treating me like a worthless asian whore. Just completely rape and use me all night long, leaving me feeling broken and used.


    Subjugation Of Gooks makes fantasy reality


    More thoughts on the power of White cock

    I am of course in love with the White man and his beautiful cock. In addition to being considerably larger than the Asian penis (at least in my admittedly limited experience), I just find it more aesthetically pleasing than any other color.

    A white man’s penis is more than just a sexual organ however. It is the embodiment of his power and superiority, specifically the power he wields over gooks and other inferior races. A white man’s cock is a weapon of war. A tool of conquest. As a member of an inferior race, my body is merely territory for the White cock to claim and conquer, to colonize with its potent seed. When a White man fucks me, it is more than just simply sex. It is hard for me not to see the dynamics of sexual politics and gender/race dynamics at play during the act of sex itself.

    The way I am often taken– from behind and quite violently at times reinforces the unequal nature of my relationship with the White men who fuck me. It seems at times, I am not just surrendering my own body but we are enacting in small scale the relationship between Western and Asian culture. The strong is dominating the weak. Every time I am bent over a table or counter and violently fucked by a big white cock, it is as if I am submitting on behalf of my culture and race and becoming just another prize to be claimed by the invading White forces.

    My mind itself is a battlefield, with conflicting thoughts and emotions on the nature of my relationship with White male privilege and patriarchy. But honestly, that is a battle that was lost long ago.

    The White man has utterly defeated and conquered me. I am his.

    Corrupting influence.

    I love my enlightened White Men. I love that they understand the way of the world and aren’t afraid to confront it. The things they do to me and in the world at large are just magnificent, you know? But I talk about them all the time, so now I will talabout a different kind of man.

    Last week I hooked up with a…not racist guy. That in itself isn’t that rare, but generally in those situations, I just focus on what we both want: to fuck. He gives me fat white cock, I get him tight Asian pussy and we’re both happy. Sure, its not ideal - I’d prefer to truly worship a man who knows how to extract ever ounce of servitude out of me, but not every man is equipped for that. And that’s okay, not being racist doesn’t make you any less White.

    He took me back to his hotel room and on the way in, we saw a guy in a confederate flag shirt. He made some comment, I don’t even really remember what it was, but he essentially disapproved. No worries, I’m used to it. I, of course, love the Confederate Flag. But usually I’d let his comment slide, I wanted dick, not conversation.

    But this time, I didn’t. I just told him a little bit about how I felt about the ways of the world. Nothing too crazy, just some entry-level stuff, you can probably figure out the general gist of it.

    “Okay, if Whites are so much better than you’re going to do anything I tell you, right?”

    He thought he was making a joke. He thought he was exposing an absurdity in my logic. I simply responded with “That’s right.”

    So he started playing and prodding.

    “Okay, take your dress off.”


    “Bend over.”


    “Bark like a dog.”


    He was kind of perplexed. It was sort of cute and adorable. It’s strange to ay that a man who has you naked in his hotel room and is making you bark like a dog seems innocent but that’s simply how it was. He knew he was going to get laid when we went to his hotel room, but he didn’t know why. He thought it was because he was handsome and suave (and he was) but the actual reason that he couldn’t grasp was that it was because he was White. He was my White God for the night and I was going to do anything he asked, it was just a matter of him knowing to ask.

    By the time he told me to start sucking him off, I know he still thought it was all kind of weird. But after 15 minutes he asked me if I needed a break. I didn’t answer, I just kept sucking and suddenly, I could see something in his eyes. He got it. Maybe. Maybe he was just enjoying a good blowjob, but something about the way his mannerisms changed and the look on his face felt like he was starting to understand how powerful he was - and why. Oh, calling me a “chink” a few times was a pretty good sign that I’d brought out his superior side.

    The reason I suck you dry, that I fuck you so obediently, and that that it feels so right to pound me is because we both know that you’re superior to me. I’m not magic or particularly special. I’m just another Gook and were all like this. We all thirst to be under - physically and otherwise - powerful white men.

    So, you know, we fuck and it’s good and we exchange numbers. He texts me the next day. “You know, I was doing some research and this stuff about race and IQ is really interesting.”

    One fuck and he’s already corrupted. One or two more and I’ll have him truly understanding his White Power.


    Confession - Is it crazy?

    August 14

    Dear Diary,

    I dated a married man before, and it didn’t end well (see here for the background: https://azngrl4whitegods.tumblr.com/post/159044661176/hi-first-up-i-would-like-to-say-i-love-ur). Sometimes when his wife wasn’t home, he would take me over his house and I would go into her closet and change into her clothes and underwear. I imagined I was his White wife, shared moments on their bed and even hung out with their children. I imagined what it would be like for his White kids to call me mommy. Is that crazy or normal?


    sounds normal