You don't care that I've been gaining weight like crazy, you want me bigger, you want me fatter and I happily give in..all for you 😏

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    Well… I bought batteries for my scale finally. Not as much as I thought but still a significant amount for the past 2-3 months. I was 171 the last time I stepped on a scale in October. I’m now 179.4. I’m sure the scale will jump in the next few weeks with what I’ve been eating.

    Tonight I had an entire basket of chips and salsa and a huge chimichanga with the fixings. I’m not even slightly full! Glad I got some tacos to go. I don’t want to go to bed hungry.

    I am often amazed and confused how I’ve gained this much so quickly…

    my dinner was 2,030 calories.

    That does not include the beer I had, lunch, breakfast, snacks I had, and the dessert I’ve been looking forward too. I don’t think I’ve sat down and counted the calories, but the fact I’m consuming more than my daily recommended calories intake in just one meal explains why I’m packing on the pounds so quickly