I would die for these dumb boys

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    Man I know emulators are technically considered piracy I guess, and I can see why it would be an issue with newer games (not that most emulators are advanced enough for that anyway), but I just… hhhhhh the way the video game industry operates in regards to old games is so fucking stupid. It’s like

    <>Gamers: Hey, I’m really interested in this game you made a long time ago! Can I play it<>?
    Game companies: No.<> 
    Gamers: But I’ll give you mo<>ney!
    Game companies: We no longer manufacture, support, or distribute that game or the console it’s available on. There’s no way for you to<> buy it.
    Gamers: Well, what about this slightly-newer-but-still-outdated game that was never released in my region? Can I play that? I’ll give <>you money.
    Game companies: No. You’re only allowed to play games from your region. You can’t b<>uy it from us.
    Gamers: So, you don’t provide any way for me to purchase these games from you, or to play t<>hem in any form?
    Game companies: Correct. We don’t care about these games anymore. They might <>as well not exist.
    Some guy on the internet: Hey, I found some old and foreign games that aren’t sold or available to play anywhere, so I fixed them up so everyone can play them now for f<>ree! Here you go! :)
    Gamers: But you just said there’<>s no way to play them-
    ame companies: FUCK YOU

    A commie wrote this.

    I’m fucking crying I cannot tell if this is meant to be an insult or a joke. Out of every single comment I have received on this post in the months since I made it, this is the funniest fucking one. “A commie wrote this” ok thank you 1950s American government that is very insightful thanks

    Please don’t forget that emulators are one of the best and sometimes even only ways to play some games without buying them for 15k from some scalper on ebay. The only argument against emulators are basically that “it’s wrong”.

    and at that point I want you to remember that companies like sony and nintendo LOVE to send out false copyright ID claims on youtube to claim the ad revenue from videos that show 0.5 seconds of a trailer from a 5 year old game.

    If companies say we shouldn’t use emulators because it’s wrong, maybe they should stop actively stealing money from content creators.