‘On 15 July 1964, a cou­ple of months be­fore the ac­ci­dent, Trevor Robert­son telexed his par­ents: “I had a lit­tle op­er­a­tion. It was a big event. Spent three days in bed.” What he didn’t men­tion was that this op­er­a­tion was per­formed 5 m un­der pack ice, with a diesel me­chanic ad­min­is­ter­ing the anaes­thetic and a geo­physi­cist as­sist­ing. And that it was prob­a­bly the first and only cir­cum­ci­sion to be done in Antarc­tica. The team’s doc­tor, Tol­lie Traut from Ken­hardt, wanted to make sure that all the equip­ment in the sick bay was in work­ing or­der, so he asked for a vol­un­teer to un­dergo an op­er­a­tion that would re­quire anaes­the­sia. A Jewish mem­ber of the team, Zac Ezekowitz, con­vinced Trevor of the ben­e­fits of cir­cum­ci­sion. The whole team helped.’


    Circumcision reaches its 5th generation of Aussies

    Patrick was still young when he finished his training and shipped out. The army doctors recommended circumcision to stay healthy on the front.

    In 1917, Patrick’s foreskin was removed in a surgical procedure at age 19.

    6 years later, Patrick became a father. His doctor offered to circumcise his new son before he left the hospital. Patrick eagerly accepted his offer.

    In 1923, Joseph’s foreskin was removed with a mogen clamp at 3 days old.

    Joseph became a dad at 29. Circumcision was now standard procedure for all boys at this and many hospitals. Joseph was never asked about his sons circumcision.

    In 1952, Peter’s foreskin was removed with a gomco clamp at 1 days old.

    At age 32, Peter had his 2nd son. He asked the doctor if he could get his son circumcised like himself and his older brother.

    In 1984, Chris’ foreskin was removed with a plastibell device at 2 days old.

    Chris was 35 when his son was born. He took him to a nearby clinic his best mate had told him about. It wasn’t much back on medicare but Chris was happy to pay.

    In 2019, Oliver’s foreskin was removed with a circumplast device at 8 days old.

    The 5th generation in his family to be circumcised, Oliver’s foreskin was pinched and pulled to be loosened. Then a pair of forceps were inserted into the orifice and opened widely. The skin was stretched, then completely separated from his glans and finally fully retracted. His frenulum was then pinched, pulled forward, severed then cauterised. His foreskin was pulled forward again, and with two forceps holding it, a slit cut along the top, and then folded apart. A ribbed plastic cylinder was inserted into his penis between his glans and foreskin. The cylinder pushed back all the way up into his coronal sulcus. The foreskin was then pulled back over the plastic ring, pulled tightly and then clamped in place so that over 75% of the skin on his infant penis was covering the clamp. A ligature was tightly secured around the base of the ring and then his foreskin was trimmed off. 8 days later the ring detached with the foreskin remnant. Now, just like 17% of his peers, Oliver’s glans was completely exposed for life.

    Over 100 years of circumcision in Australia, the methods and motivations have changed significantly. Imagine what techniques the next generation might develop.


    i applied to work at a circumcision clinic in hopes that getting cut could be an employee benefits and i can better explain the results and aftercare to patients. i wonder what are rates between cut/uncut for men working in these clinics and any wonderful conversion stories.

    I have always wondered that myself! I bet most men at these clinics would reflect the rate of circ in that area. But I am willing more than a few uncut men going into that job would leave the position without a foreskin! Even if that wasn't their intention going in!


    I started this blog three years ago (exactly- December 8th 2015) at a time when I felt unheard, broken, and angry. There are a lot reasons people typed “circumcision” into tumblr for the first time. Some for the thrill of sexual fantasy, some a search for understanding, some a desire to be something they weren’t. But some, like me, felt a mix of all of that yet also an unvoiced sense that the values and views they have about the natural male body are not representative in society. And the forced surgeries we didn’t consent to were symptomatic of that social view. To me there always was a pureness in the male form. Its inherent beauty found in its natural state. I had a pride in that, an interconnectedness with my twin. After being circumcised I felt divided. I felt divided from him, but also from my vision of masculinity. And part of that morphed into a turn on. That one act could have so much power. I was forcibly made something else, and I didn't know what that was, or wasn't.


    This blog (clearly) was never a “woe is me” tale. I am not whining here. In the end what happened to me is a fact of life for boys all over the world. No choice, no voice, just submission. But over three years I’ve had a large array of posts that finally allowed me to explore how a forced circumcision effected me. My views of identity, gender, sex, and social norms. It allowed me to learn a lot from other people too. It allowed me to explore the duality of the sense of injustice I felt (and that many boys experience to this day) yet also circumcisions sexual nature, its vulnerability. 

    From this blog I was able to see there are a minority of men, totally intact, who have a strong longing, a deep desire to be circumcised. Which confused me until I realized we actually wanted the same thing- to have a voice in what happens to our own bodies. A voice that reconfirmed a sense of identity. And how under certain circumstances circumcision could be sexually empowering!! 

    From this blog I learned it’s not uncommon for older boys to submit to circumcision even though they don’t want to or just uncertain, because they feel like they don’t have any other choice. And after either just keep silent, or learning to live with it, saying “there are worse things.” 


    From this blog I advised and counseled men and boys who were worried they NEEDED circumcision by a medical establishment (in the US and UK) that prescribe the surgery as a catch all solution without considering the individual values a patient may have- and helped them find other options. I helped some men figure out that what they wanted was to get cut, and some who didn't.

    And yeah, this was also a porn blog. So much of what ties men to their favorite appendage is sexual, and sometimes the most effective way of dealing with repressed complicated feelings is exploring them sexually first. Which is what I have often done. By the end of things I had 3,020 followers. And I imagine a good many of those men and women squirted and cummed to the things I wrote, and that makes me happy- because sex and sexual exploration is not only good and healthy- it’s fundamental to being a complete human. (Unless you are asexual of course). Hell the whole start of circumcision in the western world came from a Victorian society that viewed sex as something that was wrong. And how to stop little boys from masturbating. So obviously I disagree with the new polices of Tumblr and the rest of the more corporatized internet.  Especially as Tumblr became the platform for unvoiced sexual expression online.


    In many ways this marks an end of an era. For myself I am in a much healthier place. I realized FOR ME my circumcision was a trauma. I also learned my trauma is not my identity. I may have not been able to have a voice in what happened to my body, but scars and cut flesh was never what defined me. My trauma was just thinking that it did. That being said, my journey is in no way complete, but the medium I need to navigate it has. Which is why I am excited about starting a new chapter on reddit.

    This blog became about more than just figuring myself out, but helping guys navigate this subject in a society that provides no council besides the actions of a scalpels blade. And the truth is, so much more is needed. Men need to know the history behind circumcision. The facts of male anatomy. They need to know this cultural demand is one they can entirely reject, or happily embrace. 

    Circumcision has ALWAYS been an act that divided and silenced. Divides between caste, class, religion, culture, and tribe. The nature of circumcision silenced discussion and created hard realities that were mostly cultural fabrications. It never nurtured individual voices. Which is why I am starting a new subreddit intended to open a dialogue among people (especially men and boys) about circumcision. But more on that in a future post coming soon! (like actually soon...) 

    I hope that reddit can become a place of multiple circumcision subreddits. Each with their own unique perspective. Some more sexy, some cock worship, womens perspective, gay, etc. In the same way each Tumblr focused on a slightly different views.


    Circumcision subreddits so far:




    r/———. : the one I’m creating, name coming soon! 

    My contact info:

    kik: wheatfieldss

    Reddit username: u/choppedwheatfields

    Also I am keeping this blog open after they gut most of the posts. I may still post here from time to time. So feel free to contact me here through messenger. Also if you want my email, ask me through that.


    Again, thank you to everyone who helped me figure myself out, thank you to everyone who subscribed to my tumblr, who made this an engaging community. And to all the guys out there who are still figuring things out- you will find a way to self empowerment. And know one scalpels cut won't fix you or destroy you. Only you can do that. 


    Tom, a boy of 10 is chasing and teasing his slightly older sister through the lush winding growth of their grandmothers backyard garden. It’s a hot, muggy late Summer day. Wearing nothing but shorts, he teases his sister about having to wear a shirt. Barefoot and sun baked Julie swirled around putting up her hand just as it made contact with Toms bare chest, stopping him mid-step. She starts teasing him back “well tease me as much as you want, at least I’m not a boy and I don’t need to be fixed!!”

    “What do you mean I don’t need anything fixed, I’m perfect! grandma tell Julie to stop lying!”

    Their grandmother over by her roses simply asks the two to join her.

    “Grandma, tell her!”

    “Julie, you shouldn’t joke about this with Tommy, it’s a very sensitive thing boys need to go through.”

    Go through what? Tommy asked.

    Grandma sighed. Putting down her rose shears onto the rich, dark earth and picking up a garden knife.

    “You see Tommy, all boys need to be pruned, kind of like my flowers here. If these flowers could grow wild, then they wouldn’t do what I need them to do.

    Grandma pulled two mushrooms out of the ground. One was just an orb shape, the other a traditional mushroom with a flared head. With her garden knife she cut the orb mushroom in half and presented them to Tommy.

    “You see how the head on this one is flared and this other one is more like your penis Tommy, with everything seamless inside.” When you prune a boy’s penis before puberty it causes the head of the penis to flare out into a defined ridge like the second mushroom. But if we leave it covered it will never get that definition.” It will be overgrown, and it’s growth restricted like a tree choking by its own roots.

    Boys are special you see, if you prune them at the right age they grow up to be different, some would say better. It’s a surgery called circumcision where your foreskin is cut away. But it’s very important to cut as much of it away as possible that isn’t necessary for a penis’s main purpose.

    Tommy stood barefoot, legs set widely apart. His mouth open, slightly surprised, mushrooms in his dirt dusted hands. Nervous, doubting, but curious. To his right stood Julie with a mischievous grin creeping across her face.

    “And it will make your penis less sensitive!” Julie yelped out justified after an afternoon of teasing from her little brother.

    “Julie! That’s enough!!” Grandmother wondering if Julie had been too young to have the purpose and methods of circumcision be fully explained to her.

    Tommy’s mind went back to late night sessions where he pulled and twisted on his foreskin, and remember how good it felt.

    “But what if I like my foreskin!”

    “Tommy” grandma said warmly as she placed her hands on his bare chest to calm him.

    “If you were any plant in my garden, your purpose would be to flower brightly for our enjoyment. Wouldn’t you want to be the best plant you could be?” Don’t you want to become the best kind of man for society?

    Tommy looked up at a budding rose, it’s petals still twisted, spiraling inward, still light in hue. Nothing but the potential of what was to come. In its twisted rosy bud he was reminded of his own foreskin, and he felt this sudden yearning inside, to be able to see his penis bloom naturally like that rose will.

    “...and that is why you will be circumcised.” missing part of his grandmothers statements in his own thoughts.

    “I don’t want my penis to be less sensitive, I like the way it is.”

    “I know, I know” as she ushered him towards her roses. “Look how beautiful they are, look how strong they are. Do you think they like it when I cut their leaves?”

    Tommy shook his head slightly.

    “You may not understand this now, but your penis isn’t for you. Just as these flowers beauty isn’t for them. They go through the pain and mutilation of pruning so we can appreciate their beauty. They sacrifice what they are to serve a different purpose. If you are a male, it’s always been seen as your role, and duty for you to serve society before yourself.

    Tommy looked uncertain, so Grandma continued. Remember when you said last year you wanted to be a soldier for Halloween? Well men are made soldiers because it’s traditionally their role. But soldiers are made to do things they might not like, but they do it anyway because its honorable.

    What you are, what you want is secondary. Yes it’s true women’s roles use to be about serving men, but thankfully we are moving beyond that side of things now. But not all traditions should change I don’t believe.

    If your penis is less sensitive, and has a more flared head like those mushrooms you will make a girl very happy one day. These flowers are for you to appreciate their beauty, and your penis is for a woman’s pleasure, not yours. But that’s ok, when you are older you will understand why that’s important.”

    Julie had already run off to woods behind grandmothers property, restricted by her shirt but free from the worry Tommy faced. Tommy had turned around to follow, not sure how he felt about all this. But he stopped, and asked “So when will you take away my foreskin?” When will I be pruned?”

    The grandmother gave a soft laugh, “I don’t do that the doctor will. Don’t worry about when, just know it will happen when it’s time, and it will be for the best. She will cut you nice and tight and it will grow into a new shape. You will grow to like it very much, you will be proud of what it will do. But its also ok if you don't like it too, just know its important to do no matter what. Try not to think about it, and go off and play in the wildflowers with your sister while you still can.”

    I was about 5 years old when I found out that tugging at my foreskin felt amazing. Unfortunately my parents caught me doing it a few times and decided the only way to get me to stop doing it was to get me circumcised. I was taken to a hospital and cut with a scalpel, low and tight. I think I lost about 90% of my sensation in my dick, 


    “Circumcision Center Netherlands only performs complete circumcisions“


    Some choice quotes from Google translate:

    “The foreskin is then cut away, including the inner leaf.”

    “We make circumcisions for men in one way: complete removal of foreskin and inner leaf, after which the shaft skin is attached to the edge of the inner leaf under the glans. The frenulum is part of the foreskin and is largely removed during the circumcision.Circumcision Center Netherlands only performs complete circumcisions.“

    “Different information about different ‘styles’ of circumcision in men is given on the internet, giving the impression that there is much to choose. We do not share that opinion.”



    Yikes - I went to the Netherlands when I was in my 20s and everyone seemed very relaxed and calm.. but these guys (and women I guess..) take their benijdenis very seriously.


    lost my frenulum from a botched frenulopasty- now just scar. would you like the photo for your site or to hear about my experience

    Yes please! Do you feel the difference masturbating now? Does masturbating feel frustratingly like your edging because each stroke seems to be missing that little extra sensation?


    My boyfriend is a urologist and is going to circumcise me himself to be as low and tight as possible with absolutely no frenulum. Is it wrong that I'm excited to be transformed into his dildo?

    Its not wrong, its part of the thrill. its like a fly attracted to the light of the fly zapper. you cant help but wanting to move closer and closer to the trap, despite knowing its not going to lead to the outcome you want. But thats part of the reason it arouses you, and pulls you in the first place. As your boyfriends rolls your foreskin up and down during talk of your circumcision, enjoy and remember it. Because it will never feel that good again, and afterwards no matter if you stay together, or break up- your penis will be his forever. You will be branded by his mark for the rest of your life. 


    in the Philippines making sure boys get circumcised is done in two ways, free mass circumcision is organized to take place at schools and boys are "peer pressured" into getting circumcised. Should this model of campaign be rolled out to the West especially Europe as well and are there any ways you can think of to improve this model for the West?

    It is an interesting thought. I do like the idea of circumcision as a significant ritual or event in a boy’s life. Really the question is do the doctors all do the same style or would there be regional flavors?


    Different regional flavours would be nice but at the same time they should all be tight.

    But some regions could use gomco some plastibell etc. So in some regions the boys would have that brown ring and in others not.

    Incidentally I’ve read that back mid century there were (global) regional styles with U.K. Circumcisions not only being rare but also tending to be loose. US were done tighter and apparently Australians tended to be even tighter. Don’t know if it’s true but that’s what I read!


    That is interesting!


    What does it mean to be boy? Our society says its short hair, cut and trimmed tightly- just like a boys foreskin should be. It means stay in line, do what you are told, sign up for war and die for your country. Impregnate your wife, but don't enjoy the sensation. Thats because cultures see the value and power in young men and do everything in their power to control that. 

    I never felt more in touch with my masculinity then when I had long hair, an intact foreskin- spending Summer days of boyhood exploring forests getting dirty. Masculinity’s true strength is found in freedom, and not as a tool for social control. There is beauty in our bodies, and wisdom in holding back strength. We have been taught our whole lives to submit, be a good boy, and do what you are told- and all we are left feeling is empty rage. Submission is such a normalized part of masculinity these days that in some cultures you have to cut off part of your foreskin to become a man. That we see circumcised as being more masculine, while in reality its just a representation of masculinity constrained to the will and use of society. Circumcision is a wild horse thats been tamed with a saddle for the rest of his days. 


    Having my boyfriend circumcised

    I am planning to have my boyfriend circumcised soon but I’m still quite confused about the different options (low, high, tight, loose) even though I did read a lot about it on the web. What I want to achieve is him being less sensitive resulting in longer and better intercourse for me and stopping him from masturbating as much as possible. Can that be achieved by a circumcision? And if so what style would you advise me to make him choose? I’d really be grateful for any advice about this.


    As @menshouldbecut said, some variant of low and tight is your best bet. Low and tight is the exact style that Victorian and Edwardian moralists and physicians advised for preventing masturbation. A number of studies (not to mention anecdotal evidence) have shown increased ejaculatory latency times after circumcision. Circumcision can definitely go a long way towards the results you want. 

    The lowness because it removes more sensitive inner foreskin, thereby desensitising his cock. This results in longer, more forceful intercourse for you, as a lot of his remaining diminished sensitivity is based on pressure and he will need to thrust longer, harder and deeper inside you to cum. It also makes masturbation take significantly more time and effort for him. Some guys with adult or teen cuts report having to take twenty minutes or longer to cum, from their own hand, when they could cum in a minute or so before if they wanted to.

    The tightness because it means there’s little to no skin mobility. He won’t be able to “glide” his remaining foreskin to masturbate- he’ll need a lubricant of some sort. This doesn’t prevent masturbation entirely, but as with the reduced sensitivity from a low cut, it certainly makes it a great deal more difficult. You could come up with some fun rules about his access to lubricants, as well. 

    Precisely how low you want to go is kind of a trade-off. If you want to maximise endurance and make masturbation difficult as much as possible, then go with the lowest cut possible. However if you want nearly the same results, but with perhaps just a tiny reminder of the kind of sensations he used to have for teasing, as well as a visually appealing scar to always remind you of what he had taken away, you could consider leaving him maybe a centimetre or so of inner foreskin. 


    Agree to all of the above. Use a surgeon skilled at adult circumcisions, and make sure the frenulum is gutted.


    Everything about this is terrifying to read, yet as a guy cut as a boy very very true. Also makes my heart beat out of my chest I get so excited and hard. 


    So why are you always complaining about being cut? You were given the glorious gift of getting skinned like all submissive slaves should be. Skinned back tight with no pleasure so the superior uncut male can control your cock.

    The weirdest thing about this blog for me is not the stuff that ends up turning me on, but the stuff that I don’t want to admit feels kind of true, which then frustrates me, but also kind of turns me on. I received this anonymously a few weeks ago, and I didn’t know how to respond to it. First I was just shocked a bit, then I got annoyed, and at the same time I started to get hard. I almost just deleted it to be honest.

    I remember being cut, I remember how subjugating that felt. Part of my manhood (boyhood?) being cut off. I remember going back to school and seeing other uncut guys and feeling I was “less” then them now. They were more boy, they had what was taken from me. Not just physically, but in this sense of freedom from cultural dominance. If you trace their skin, it was never ending- stretching from head to toe in one organic unit, only folding over and continuing in extreme sensitivity between their legs. Yet for me, if you traced my body, it had a scarred, (and at the time- bruised and bloody) end point. My greatest boyhood insecurity was in that difference. 

    There is something kinda hot about finding a uncut guy who is turned on by circ, but doesn’t want to get circumcised himself, who actually loves his foreskin. But doesn’t wish you had what you both once shared. Instead wants to keep his sexual dominance and gets off on the idea/practice of seeing me subjugated more, cut tighter. It turns me on because although we grew up just as vulnerable to the possibility of getting cut, but he wasn’t. Not only that, but in a way he is wilding the same subjective power over me, that was once potentially held over us both. Hearing about a guy like that it makes me angry, bitter because I want that power BACK myself. But that is the real power of what circumcision is, whats done, is done. You are marked, reduced, subjugated forever. Made into something else. 

    As much as this frustrates me, angers me, I am also kinda drawn to the idea. Maybe its because I still want to be like the intact guys? This guy said to me further in private messages that I should find a master to control my cock in a chastity belt until I agreed to get cut even more. He thinks the natural order is for cut guys to be slaves to intact guys. I would hate it, but I am also now suddenly compelled to ask about this. Are there other uncut guys out there that think this way? I always thought most uncut just didn’t think much about it? The ultimate control in circumcision is the act itself somehow makes you WANT the subjugation as much as you want to reject it. 


    From what I understand, the "standard" adolescent/ adult circumcision is a low cut, supposedly because the sensitive inner membrane takes longer to calm down after the surgery than the outer shaft skin. Also I think the low cut is easier for the doctor to perform because the incision line tends to follow the contour of the penis head. (Of course, there are surgeons who will give a higher or more customized cut, but it seems the low cut is what most doctors are taught to perform.)

    Seeing as I was cut low and was forcibly circumcised in “adolescence” that would make sense. Still sucks though. You would think the doctor would sacrifice a little extra time doing a tougher job so guys could be given a more pleasurable sex life after circumcision. But I guess thats less of a concern in their eyes. I guess if they can get away with it, then they will. 


    snip snip you pound and thrust away feeling nothing. you don't get pleasure from the rubbing. you work really hard and get a few seconds of relief at the end. you feel the constant arousal of your glans on clothes. your most intimate private part on display. but boys deserve it. show us your snipped numbed stick. and finish your story! tell us how little you feel during sex while I grind my own cut head with lube like a good clean cut american boy.

    I wonder what is such a turn on hearing about my forced circumcision? For me its still a complicated memory- the fear, confusion, resistance, and eventual forced acceptance. I guess thats the idea, once its been done, there is nothing more you can do to resist. Anyway I am posting the next chapter tomorrow. Look out for it!


    I wanna be a dildo, but I'm torn between a low cut to sacrifice my sensitivity to my superiors or a high cut to get a nice tight shaft. What's best?

    Truth be told, no one asks to be a dildo. Thats silly. Who would ever sacrifice the most sensitive parts of himself, thats like stabbing yourself in the eye! To become a dildo is kinda like how most people become a superhero in comic books- it kinda just happens. You are forced into it at birth, by a doctor in childhood, by a manipulative, or ignorant partner. You cant, subjugate yourself willingly. Instead your are just committing an act of stupidity. 

    Incase someone else is reading this post and is trying to get someone ELSE circumcised, I will respond to them. If you truly want to make this male into a dildo, get him a low cut- as that removes all the most sensitive areas, which you can actually also have done extremely tight too! If you want him totally subjugated beneath you sexually, make sure his frenulum is entirely removed as well. Thats the kind of cut I was forcibly given. Trust me, you don't feel much with that kind of cut! And the tightness makes you feel almost trapped in your own dick (that is if they remember what their natural penis felt like). 


    When I was 25 my girlfriend and I had been going out for around 6 months when she started talking about circumcision, her preferences and if I liked her that much would I consider getting cut for her. During foreplay she sometimes said how much better it would look and feel for both of us and she would hold my skin back very tight when she sucked me off and often during sex. I wish I had been cut back then. Would you get cut for a girlfriend? My wife also wants me cut so it may be happening soon

    I would personally never get cut for someone else. Because my body will always be mine, its how I am able to experience sex. I may not always be with that person, and even if I was- they would always experience more from sex than I could (Which could be part of the reason to decide as a couple to do it in the first place, which I get the erotic nature of it. 

    But for me, all of that is moot. I was already circumcised for someone else. I was circumcised for my doctor, for my culture (America) for every bully in the locker room and potential girlfriend with a limited world view. Like every boy in America whose parents falls to the pressure of a cutting culture- I was circumcised for every reason imaginable except for any reasons of my own. 

    Don’t get cut, get cut, whatever. My advice is whatever you do, appreciate the privilege you have in knowing if you do get cut, it will be for your own reasons. Nothing can be more empowering, or erotic.