i don't even know english good enough

i can't stop and i am scared because of it

Last update
2020-03-13 20:58:05

    me: why everyone looks so great except for me!?

    me: like this person! @those who look feminine

    me: and that one! @who look masculine

    me: or you! @androgyne

    me: or you and you! @trans men and trans women

    me: I don't understand...

    me at 3 am: *listening the song about a muffin, that wants to die* hehe, my brain doesn't english :)

    my brain: write a post about it.

    me at 3 am: :)

    my brain: ON ENGLISH!!

    me at 3 am: >:)

    me at 12 am next day thinking about it: ಥ_ಥ

    me: oh, it looks like sex is really gross. guess i'm asexual then.

    me: well, i still can fall in love be loved! it's not the end of the world.

    also me, a couple of weeks later: *think about how gross the kisses are* i'm gonna be lonely 'till i die.