Titleless Master Dom
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2022-10-05 06:17:23

    Shiva Sanders and Alise Langdon


    These two women are best friends that work for the same company. They’ve worked there for years and had no idea that their boss was secretly in love with them. Finally, after watching them both everyday for so long, he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to have them. And kidnapping them would be easy. Since they work for him he knows almost everything about them. He told everyone in the office that he was leaving early for a doctors appointment, but then drove over to Shiva’s house and waited for her to get home. Once he had her he went to Alise’s house and grabbed her too. The kidnappings both went perfect! Now he has them both bound and gagged back at his house. Both women are shocked and scared. They can’t believe he would do this to them. He was their boss, someone they trusted. But now he has them. And as someone well liked at the company and in the community, he knows nobody will ever suspect him. Which is great! He will be able to keep the two beautiful young women all to himself.