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Gay guy with a lust for cool-looking males and leather. I reblog what I like and I like what I really like. Not for under 18 dudes. If my posts get you hard then don't be afraid to chat.

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2021-09-16 09:52:13

    Oh yes! He opted for the leather pants with the double front zipper. These pants allow the penis through a dedicated opening inside the pants where it can enjoy the feel of the leather-lined flap between the front access zippers. These pants make masturbation and sex convenient as the flap can be lowered to reveal a full erection triggered by the soft feel of its interior leather texture. Quick access to his aroused member is provided by the crotch flap to ensure no unpleasant zipper accidents in his eagerness for pleasure. Only the feel of leather graces his shaft until the flap is down. His extra large belt, dominant muir cap and mirrored sunglasses combined with these pants designed around the male need for quick pleasure gives him incredible, masculine, sex-addict energy. He only cares about his next orgasm and how quickly is he going to get it. His choice of gear, particularly these pants will ensure he can easily fulfil his kinky desires.