Feedee asks! ❔🥄


    1. Do you have a goal weight?

    2. Do you have a weight limit?

    3. Where do you jiggle most?

    4. Do you have cellulite?

    5. Do you have stretch marks?

    6. Do you waddle?

    7. Do you find it easy to gain weight?

    8. What’s sexier, weight or size?

    9. Do you enjoy a stuffed belly, or just wish it was fat?

    10. Is food sexy or is only fat sexy?

    11. Favourite cuisine?

    12. Favourite binge food?

    13. Do you eat because you love gaining or gain because you love eating?

    14. What’s the sexiest food?

    15. Do you want to be funnel fed?

    16. Into mutual gaining?

    17. Do you prefer a skinny feeder or a fat feeder?

    18. Would you rather be fatter than your partner or skinnier?

    19. Do you like to be on top?

    20. Favourite bit of fat for a partner to play with?

    21. Into public displays of feedism?

    22. What are the sexiest clothes to be fat in?

    23. Would you rather be worshipped or teased?

    24. Do you enjoy friends and family reacting to your gain?

    25. Do you enjoy strangers reacting to your size?

    26. Do you want fat friends?

    27. Do you wish you were fatter already, or is it all about the gain?

    28. Any aspects of gaining that you’re not a fan of?

    29. Most underrated fat body part?

    30. More food or better food?

    31. Sweet or savoury?

    32. Soft feeding or forceful feeding?

    33. Even gain or disproportionately fat?

    34. Fat with muscle or soft and flabby?

    35. Active fatty or lazy fatty?

    36. Do you want to stay fit or let yourself go?

    37. What is something that surprised you about gaining weight?

    38. Have you ever broken furniture?

    39. Have you ever burst out of your clothes?

    40. Have you ever got stuck in a tight spot?

    41. Has your gain brought any new struggles?

    42. Do you like to be measured?

    43. Being tied up while fed?

    44. Are you into squashing?

    45. Are you into bloating?

    46. Do you burp a lot?

    47. How messy are you?

    48. Do you wish everyone was fat, or would that make it less exciting?

    49. If you are what you eat, what have you been eating?

    50. Ask anything!


    give me enough attention and get a reward 😏🐷


    I wanna send you stuff privately but idk if that’s cool or not, also I’d love to funnel feed you until you couldn’t zip your pants back up that’s kinda hot

    i’m not sure what you mean by “stuff!” the general rule is to message me and ask first