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2021-01-17 18:21:33

    Toshis HIIT Workout Guide 😺

    Toshi squats! Toshi mountain climbs! Toshi has no fear! Time for you to move move move and feel like burning!🔥🔥🔥

    Do as Toshi! Made by @cindysuen.

    P.S. Looking for more great workouts? Toshi recommends checking out him and her! Happy HIITing ♥️


    Jumping jacks & mountain climbers are my favorites! Which is your favorite? ♥️

    @21.v1 plants | noods | squats | feels

    More sushi cats, including 4 of my favorite sushis:
    Tako (octopus), Amaebi (sweet shrimp), Ikura (salmon roe), and Tamago (egg)

    ---> Shibuya Crossing: Sushi Cats Edition here :)

    Also on Tiktok, let’s be friends :)

    🍣 What’s your favorite sushi? 🍣