Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Many of the world’s most revolutionary ideas are born from the STEM disciplines. With spring in full bloom, here are a few gardening tips for the budding innovator. 1. Plant the STEM 2. Water with imagination 3. Harvest the world-changing ideas. 

    GIF by Cindy Suen

    I drew a quote for my friend GE :) 🌱🌱🌱

    Born July 29, 1898, Isidor Isaac Rabi was a Nobel-prize winning physicist recognized for his development of the resonance method for recording the magnetic properties of atoms. His method provided the basis for all molecular experimentation and precise measurements for the guidance systems of missiles and satellites, lasers and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that researchers still use today.

    GIF by Cindy Suen.

    I drew a science quote :)

    <>Six of Tumblr’s most talented creators present an exclusive look at the history and legends behind the infamous spirit board, Ouija. 

    Check out Sam Cannon, Cindy Suen, Skyler Brown, Fez and Hali,Laurène Boglio, and Angela Deane’s exclusive art from #OuijaMovie - in theaters October 24. Keep telling yourself it’s a game. Get tickets now!

    I got to make some gifs for the Ouija movie with a couple other gif artists! Thank you so much Universal + Tumblr  ♥

    I drew cats for the Nick app →you should totally go download it, press that “DO NOT TOUCH” button, and you might run into this July 4th cat, which comes with some funny audio. 

    Special thanks to the really cool Anna Tsalopoulos and Jason Willmann for guiding me along.