Amante de la música y compositora :3

Soy la típica chica cursi que se expresa en su mundo virtual y trata de adaptarse con una personalidad tímida intentando en la sociedad. Mi instagram @unpocodeinspiracionfrases

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2015-10-08 04:26:16

    Besides from pretending to be other people for your viewing pleasure, i also play music with my friends.

    We’re playing a show in december and it would mean the world to me if you came.

    You can buy tickets here:http://www.seetickets.com/event/counterfeit/o2-academy-islington/894127/

    And you can listen to a song i wrote here:https://soundcloud.com/therealcounterfeit/come-get-some

    come and party with us.

    Or dont.

    Its up to you.



    Very happy for the legalization of gay marriage in the US and show my pride with this very clear picture of the character in Glee @samuellarsen had Joe Hart: #loveislove ♡ Very proud of the people who do not hidden and show their love to all regardless of what others will say.



    It is with a heavy heart that we (The Darling Buds) wish to announce that we will no longer continue to perform under the aforementioned name and that our dear friend and drummer Dan Smith has decided to go a separate way from the band.

    We have had so much fun playing for you and with you but this marks a new and exciting chapter in our musical career.

    We have all grown a lot in the past few years and feel this is a perfect opportunity to start afresh under a new name and a new sound.

    Jamie, Tristan and Roland are continuing to make music and are currently locked away creating something wonderful for you all.

    We wish Dan the best and will always love him.

    This is not the end.

    Yours lovingly.

    Jamie, Tristan, Roland & Dan.


    Sad very sad :'(

    @Jamiebower Collage B&W. Tittle: Today will be gray. COPYRIGHT. Cinthya. "I do not see any color, the mind disintegrates, I just need to hear you. Come and hold me tight, make me feel special, devuelveme smile." #jamiecampbellbower #jacewayland #themortalinstruments #camelot #sweeneytodd #harrypotter #caius #thedarlingbuds #model #actor #perfect