Part 3

    First I want to thank everyone for their patients. I’ve been super busy with school I hadn’t had time to write this last part.

    Second, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you think I should’ve waited until he was older or done it at the hosbital is your opinion and we made this decision as a family. We liked our pedi and decided to have him do it as we would be allowed to have more involvement with the process. Yes I’m aware of foreskin statists, and my body my choice, blah blah blah. That’s YOUR son. This is ours. We made this choice with factual evidence based science. Even if you think the risks outweighs the benifits, I wanted him circumsised. That’s how we wanted him, with his glans exposed. You do your own thing with your kids and I’ll do what with mine. Thank you.


    I made his appointment for the middle of the day. Our pedi only had a few opening and we didn’t want to have to wait another few weeks. He was almost 4 weeks ad could still go in the circumstraint to be cut. He was tiny, still very newborn.

    We checked in and filled out a form. He was eating normally. We were both breast feeding so he definitely was a healthy body weight. He slepted quietly in his car seat while we’re went through the questions. After returning it to the front desk, we were called back shortly after.

    My girlfriend sat down and I stood by the examination table and held him. He was naked except for a diaper and I didn’t want him to be cold. The nurse poked the back of his heels and drew some blood into a paper with circles on it. He got a couple shots and only let out a soft cry and went back to sleeping on my shoulder. I carefully laid him down on the table for his wellbaby check. He squirmed and looked around. It was so cute watching him explore his sroundings. The doctor was quirky and make jokes as he went over my sons body. Making sure he was still healthy. He opened up his diaper and carful squeezes one of the testicles, than the other. He then took his penis between his thumb and index finger and pulled down slightly. My son did not cry. He pulled down a little more. You should see the top part of his glans and his meatus. “We’re circumsing today, yes?” I noded and smiled thoughtfully. “We go plastibell and gomco here. Gomco is bloodless and you have to keep it moist and protected over the next week. Plastibell falls off, with no maintenance.” I thought for a minute. Initially we had planned gomco, but plastibell seemed less painful. And I’d be able to keep the ring as a momentum. “Plastibell.” The doctor noded and said he would be back with supplies. My girlfriend stepped out.

    When I the doctor returned, I asked if I could be the one to hold him. the doctor said that he could swaddle his upper half, but his bottom half would have to be straped down. He would turn the bed though so I could nurse him. Carefully put him in. I had put his shirt back on and the nurse helped my wrap him so he was secure. He still had socks on so he wasnt very cold. He didn’t cry while the doctor straped in his legs. I rubed his cheek with my finger. He just kept sucking his paci. the nurse stood by the small medal table with instruments laid out. “We’re only going to use numbing cream. Poking this area with a needle hurts far more than cutting. I’ll be quick.”

    He dabbed a blob of white cream into my sons penis. He smiled a little, I think it must’ve felt a little nice. The doctor said it also helps give them erections, which made operating much easier. He took his tiny penis between his finger and thumb and pushed down. There was a small amount of blood which the doctor dabed away with gauze. My son scrunched up his eye brows and began to cry. I stuck my finger into the sugar paci and stuck it into his mouth. He than pulled the skin back up and stuck a pair of curved kellies into the tiny hole. He opened them slowly moved them up to widen the hole. The then twisted him. My son was screaming. I did not mind, this was a small fraction of his life. It needed to be done.

    The doctor twisted and opened the kelly again , and again. Making sure to break all the adhesions. I asked if I could start breastfeeding to quiet him. I lifted up my shirt and placed my nipple in his mouth. He latched and nurses quietly. The doctor slowed, and I think was able to concentrate much better now. He made the dorsal slit and pulled the skin down. I was in shock. His penis was beautiful. Red. But beautiful. I was proud of him. The doctor pinched his frenulum between A pair of hemostats and cut it. I felt sorry but knew he would be better off without it. He placed the plastic ring on top and pulled the skin around it. This was it. There was no going back. He tied the string and cut around it. He was circumsised. He was still nursing as I watched intently. The doctor made one last examinination to ensure that most of the skin was off before snapping the handle. He diapered him a gave me a list of care instructions. That was it. The nurse helped me put his pants on and he erupt into a loud squealing cry. I think it’s because It was a little uncomfortable, and he had to stop feeding so I could dress him

    His ring fell off a week few days after. It looked pretty strange having it on but once it fell off it looked normal. He’s very healthy 6 months later and his penis look very normal! He had no adhesions and there was no bleeding. I’m glad we decided to have him circumsised.


    wow, thanks for sharing


    Oh the days when every guy got GOMCO’D no questions asked! every guy rode the circumstraint whether his parents wanted it or not.


    As you say, they didn’t get the choice.  Every boy rode the ‘Straint, it was a given.  Some days one might go home with ears still ringing after a busy day in front of the Circumstraint, from the sheer volume of the squealing that had gone on.  It was worth it, though, to know that every last baby boy in the nursery had undergone a tight, radical Gomco clamp circumcision.

    In a cafe two US Boys

    Sitting in a cafe in the UK, I can hear two

    US lads talking away, both talking about there weekend plans. All I can think is about the high probability that they both rode the circumstraint.

    They talk away as there exposed heads press in to their underwear, unlike all the other UK guys in the cafe. These US boys have been stripped their cocks are without their sensitive sheath, disposed of shortly after their birth.

    Even if one of them still has his hood, it’s unlikely they both avoided a ride in the circumstraint. In the US foreskin is just redundant!!


    Afrikaans                      besynding

    Arabic                            الختان

    Bangla                           মুসলমানী

    Bosnian                         obrezivanje

    Bulgarian                      oбрязването

    Cantonese                      包皮環切

    Catalá                                     circumcisió

    Chinese simplified         包皮 环 切

    Chinese traditional         包皮 環 切

    Croatian                        obrezivanje

    Czech                            obřízka

    Danish                           omskæring

    Dutch                            besnijdenis

    English                          circumcision

    Estonian                        ümberlõikamine

    Fijian                             veicilivi

    Filipino                         pagtutuli

    Finnish                          ympärileikkaus

    French                           circoncision

    German                         Beschneidung

    Greek                            περιτομή

    Haitian Creole               sikonsi

    Hebrew                          רית

    Hindi                             खतना

    Hmong Daw                            txiav daim tawv noov

    Hungarian                     körülmetélés

    Icelandic                        umskipanardegnum

    Indonesian                     penyunatan

    Italian                                     circoncisione

    Japanese                        割礼

    Kiswahili                       tohara

    Korean                          할례

    Latvian                          apgraizīšana

    Lithuanian                     apipjaustymas

    Malagasy                       ny famorana

    Malay                                     berkhatan

    Norwegian                     omskjæring

    Persian                          ختنه

    Polish                            obrzezanie

    Portuguese                     circuncisão

    Querétaro Otomi            circuncisión

    Romanian                      circumcizia

    Russian                         oбрезание

    Samoan                         peritomeina

    Serbian                          oбрезивање

    Slovak                           obriezka

    Slovenian                      obrezovanje

    Spanish                         circuncisión

    Swedish                         omskärelse

    Tahitian                         veicilivi

    Tamil                             விருத்தசேதனம்

    Telugu                            సున్నతి          

    Thai                               ขลิบ

    Tongan                          kamu

    Turkish                          sünnet

    Ukrainian                       oбрізання

    Urdu                              ختنہ

    Vietnamese                    cắt bao quy

    Welsh                             enwaedu

    Yucatec Maya                circuncisión


    In case you need to Google circumcision in other languages.


    When your parents word you up about joining club cut

    All About Being Circumcised

    You may call your special ‘boy’ part a ‘willy’ or a ‘dick’ but the medical name for it is penis. Penises come in various shapes and sizes but all boys are born with a sleeve of excess skin called foreskin covering the head of their penis. The head is named the glans. The foreskin hides the glans for most of the time so it can’t be seen. Most doctors in the U.S.A. will recommend that all boys should be circumcised shortly after birth. When a penis is circumcised, the foreskin is cut off, so the glans is always seen. There are many reasons to promote circumcision.

    Worldwide, people circumcise their boys to show they belong to a particular religion, race or tribe. Modern countries like the United States, circumcise most boys because it’s cleaner and prevents or cures health problems. Many people think it looks better too. Like the appendix and the tonsils, the foreskin is a part of the body we don’t really need and it can cause problems. So, no foreskin, no problem. It is easy to cut off, and usually done when boys are babies, so they don’t remember it. What you never had you never miss.

    If you weren’t circumcised as a baby you may now want to have it done, or your parents have told you that you need to have it done. This may be because you had or have a problem which the doctor said it will put right.

    There are other reasons to circumcise boys as well. It’s neat and tidy without loose skin over the end and it looks much better. If you can’t, or don’t pull it back, your foreskin gets in the way and causes spray and you may miss the toilet. Mums often ask for their baby boys to be circumcised to prevent this.

    You need to pull back your foreskin to wash under it. Lots of boys can’t do this because it is too tight, or they are lazy and forget to do it. Then it can cause painful problems like infections. Parents get fed up with checking and asking if you’ve done this. Sometimes boys can be a bit sneaky and say they have when they haven’t, especially if it hurts them. If you are circumcised you don’t need to think about it because your penis get washed every time you shower or have a bath, and it doesn’t get dirty from all that nasty smegma that the foreskin produces.

    Another reason you might be circumcised is because your dad had it done. Usually parents like all men and boys in their family to have penises which look the same. Often, when one boy needs circumcising, his brothers are circumcised as well.

    Why foreskins can be a problem

    The space under the foreskin around the glans is naturally a bit wet. This is because it sweats and also because every time you pee with the foreskin forward, some pee creeps back there. Often, tiny bits of fluff and dirt from your clothes, get in at the opening and become trapped under the foreskin. All this soon makes it smell. Worse, if it is left unwashed, it can start an infection which will make it all very red and sore. When you are young it is not always easy to pull back your foreskin. For most boys, early on, it is sealed to the glans and tight but sooner or later this seal breaks apart and you have to start to take care of it. The best way is to just get circumcised so you don’t have to worry about the foreskin anymore.

    1. You need to pull back the foreskin every time you pee and make sure you shake or dab the pee drops off before pulling your skin forward again. 2. At least once, every day, you need to pull the foreskin right back as far as it will go and gently wash around the glans. Take care, this part and the inside of the foreskin is very sensitive. Soaps and gels and shampoos can make it sore. If it gets infected you need to see the doctor about it. Don’t be worried or shy, doctors see this sort of thing all the time. He or she may give you some creams or tablets which might clear it up. Often, when it happens again, the doctor may say it will be better for you to be circumcised.

    The opening in the end of your foreskin has to stretch a lot before it is big enough to pass over your glans. You may find it is too tight and painful to pull back. When you are trying to do this it can split and bleed. The medical name for a foreskin that is too tight is phimosis. Sometimes the foreskin may just pull back over the glans and then become trapped in the groove behind the rim. If this happens and you find it won’t go forward again, your penis will swell up and really hurt. You need to go quickly to the hospital emergency department. Doctors call this para-phimosis. Usually the doctor there will circumcise you to stop this painful problem ever happening to you again.

    If you are about to be circumcised…

    Try not to worry. It only takes a short while to circumcise your penis and it can be done at the doctor’s office/surgery or as an outpatient at a hospital. You will be given an injection around your penis so it will go numb. Or, you can be given something which makes you fall asleep for the short time while the doctor cuts you.

    When you come round, your penis will start to feel sore and burn a bit. It will usually have a small bandage wrapped around the wound. The nurse will check to make sure you can pee OK and there may be a bit of blood when you do. You need to stay just long enough to be sure all bleeding has stopped and the doctor will deal with it if it hasn’t. This is very rare and nothing to worry about. It’s important to take care of your circumcision for the first few days. Just rest up, so your penis doesn’t get knocked. Mum can pack your underpants to keep it comfortable. It’s best to just read or watch tv or do jigsaws.

    At first your penis will swell up and look bruised. This soon goes away and it will heal up very quickly. Probably you will see the small stitches that are used to hold the cut together. Sometimes these melt away on their own, but you may have to go back a couple weeks later and the nurse will take them out. This only takes a few minutes and doesn’t really hurt.

    Some doctors use a ‘thingy’ called a Plastibell to circumcise young boys. This fits over the glans whilst the foreskin is pulled up on the outside. A piece of thread is tied around the foreskin, drawing it tightly into a groove and cutting off the blood supply to it. Most of this is trimmed off and the rest just dies and comes away with the ring in a few days. The bell has a handle for fitting which is snapped off to leave the end open so you can pee.

    Now come the changes. Your penis will feel very strange at first. Circumcision turns what was an inside part into an outside part of your body. What was moist is now dry. Your glans is quite ‘touchy’ and different because it was covered by the foreskin which shielded it. The foreskin caused the glans to be overly sensitive to touching because your glans is not used to direct stimulation. Now your glans rubs against your underwear all the time as you walk or run. It doesn’t hurt, it just sort of tickles. Also, it may feel like something is missing beIt takes quite a while to get used to this, but in the end you will forget about it. You may also notice your glans feels the heat and cold more when you take a hot bath or go out in a cold wind. The bright colour of your glans when first exposed will also fade. It will all go pale, and so will the cut line. You may have seen there is a small band of skin in the groove under your glans, This is called the frenulum. It joins your foreskin to the tip of the glans. In an uncircumcised penis it is like a little strip of elastic which helps keep the foreskin forward and also stops it being pulled back too far. Often this frenulum is tight and causes pain when boys pull back their foreskin. If this is so, the doctor will probably cut it away when he/she circumcises you, Some doctors do leave it in place if it has stretched. Cutting the frenulum is another good way of making sure any left over circumcised foreskin stays behind the rim of your glans.

    It’s important to understand that once you’ve been circumcised, your foreskin cannot grow back again. You will soon get used to the difference and be happy without it. You will understand why all the doctors want to circumcise boys in the first place and you will be glad that you have a normal circumcised penis. It is more comfortable in hot weather when you sweat, which is why desert peoples do it. Do expect a bit of teasing when your friends first see your 'new’ penis. They might be surprised that you had to get it done so late in life, as most likely all of your friends were circumcised as babies. But soon they will welcome you to their “club” for having a circumcised penis.


    i love the part where the changes are described… and also the reasons… tell a guy he got part of his penis cut off to make him aim better at the toilet when pissing… so his mummy has to clean less…


    Oh the days when every guy got GOMCO’D no questions asked! every guy rode the circumstraint whether his parents wanted it or not.


    As you say, they didn’t get the choice.  Every boy rode the ‘Straint, it was a given.  Some days one might go home with ears still ringing after a busy day in front of the Circumstraint, from the sheer volume of the squealing that had gone on.  It was worth it, though, to know that every last baby boy in the nursery had undergone a tight, radical Gomco clamp circumcision.


    Oh the days when every guy got GOMCO’D no questions asked! every guy rode the circumstraint whether his parents wanted it or not.


    As you say, they didn’t get the choice.  Every boy rode the ‘Straint, it was a given.  Some days one might go home with ears still ringing after a busy day in front of the Circumstraint, from the sheer volume of the squealing that had gone on.  It was worth it, though, to know that every last baby boy in the nursery had undergone a tight, radical Gomco clamp circumcision.


    Islam meets the British Prepuce...

    (I found this beautiful history on the following blog:)

    YOUR BRITISH HERITAGE AND THE SWORD OF ISLAM   Two hundred and twenty-six years ago young Warren Hastings was  circumcised….forcibly! Twenty-four year old Warren, along with  three hundred of his fellow English workers at the Old London  Company offices in Cossimbazar, India, was stripped, sodomized,  masturbated and publicly circumcised by the Moghul troops who  overran the British outpost.  Warren watched in fascination and  horror as his prepuce was carried away in a bag containing all  three hundred freshly severed foreskins….trophies for the  Moslem Moghuls.  Lanky, effeminately handsome Hastings, destined   to become one of Britain’s great colonial statesmen, wrote of his   ordeal, “I, myself, was carved….”    Hastings’ carving was not the first time an Englishman had been  circumcised at the hands of Islamic warriors, and it was not to  be the last time.  The Arabs, Turks and Afghans as well as the  Moghuls have had their turns at plucking off British prepuces.  In southern India, Ma'ajoon, an intoxicating combination of herbs  was employed during the forced circumcision of captives,  producing stupification and causing the penis to rise; the   aphrodisiac made the ceremony easier and, by being performed on  an erect shaft, preserved much of the foreskin.  Tippoo Sultaun,  the tiger of Mysore, used this method on British troops to make  certain they survived and, by incomplete circumcision, to brand  them only partially cleansed; quasi-Mohammedans.  As a prison in  the Mysorean dungeons of Swendroog, Cl. Sir David Baird, a  prominent Scottish officer, was thus mutilated along with other  young subalterns.  Baird and his fellow captives were seized by  powerful Abyssisian slaves, stripped naked and staked to the  ground, their limbs splayed wide.  A white bearded old surgeon  carefully pried his long, craggy fingers into each British penis,  determining the extent of the doomed foreskin.  Then the victims’  mouths were forced open, introducing Ma'ajoon.  The wily old  circumciser waited patiently.  Soon, the drug had taken effect,   and each officer experienced masochistic stimulation; teeth  gritting, fist clenching, eyes transfixed as they watched their  penises rise in anticipation.  When each soldier’s manhood stood  at full flower, the old man announced, “Praise the lord!  Thou  art now to receive the ordinance of El-Knutneh, creating thee all  to True Believer.”  The razor flashed once over each penis.  The  rings of flesh were offered to the fire as liberation to Allah.    Although circumcision is not mentioned in the Koran, the prophet  Mohammed himself is quoted as saying “It is an ordinance in men  and honorable in women.”  Many Islamic theologians have insisted  that Mohammed was born circumcised.   Most Moslem youths, however,  must wait to become “True Believer” until sometime between their  adolescence and marriage, depending upon the sacred traditions of  the various tribes.  In some desert areas, tribesmen include  circumcision in the wedding ceremony, using the bridegroom’s  newly-flayed penis in a test of his “manly strength” when he  consummates the marriage.  Arab boys look forward to their   impending circumcision, the right of passage, with eager  eroticism, as they mutually masturbate their still-uncircumcised  penises and retract their foreskins to show each other how they  will look once they become “men”.    As with all Semitic races, the Arab tradition of circumcision predates their modern religion.  Historians usually theorize that  the practice of ritual circumcision among Semitics is derived  from ancient Egypt.  Little is known about the daily life of the  Egyptians, but proof of circumcision abounds in temple reliefs.  Early Egyptologists assumed that all Egyptian males were  circumcised, but more recently both circumcised and uncircumcised  penises have been found on the unwrapped mummies of pharaohs.  Modern Egyptologists have pondered about just whom among the  Egyptians were circumcised and why".  An early Masonic historian,  Godfrey Higgins (“Anacalypsis”, London 1836), writes, “Priests  only of the Egyptians were circumcised.”  Candidates for  priesthood, and for circumcision, were usually chosen from among   puberty-age, virgin boys.  Quoting modern Masonic historian,  Manly P. Hall (“Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians”, Los  Angeles 1936), “In ancient Egypt learning was regarded as a high  privilege and education was under the direction of a small number  of individuals who were organized into bonds, pledges and vows of  secrecy….(a candidate) having applied at Heliopolis, was  referred to the Learned of the Institution at Memphis, and these  sent him to Thebes (where) he was circumcised.”    Some historians have contended that the priests of Egypt were  circumcised as a sacrifice, a forsaking of “sinful pleasures”.  However, the concept of sex as sin is not known to have been a part of the Egyptian religion.  What is known is that the   circumcised penis was a symbol of fertility, as can be seen in  temple reliefs throughout Egypt.  According to Egyptologist, E.  A. Budge ( The Gods of the Egyptians’. Dover Publications), there  was a very early God of Circumcision whose job was to maintain  the fertility of the Nile banks.  Another early Egyptian myth  contended that God circumcised himself and the blood from his  penis fell and created the universe.   This myth is thought by  some to be the progenitor of the blood cults, in which animals  were sacrificed. and the blood covenants in the modern Semitic  religions.  Another theory, quite unorthodox, holds that the   Great Pyramid (Cheops) was not a tomb at all (it contained no   artifacts, no mummies, etc.) but was a temple of initiation.  The  young initiates to the priesthood were, supposedly, led single  file through the narrow passages receiving one initiatory degree  after another and, reaching what is now called the “Queen’s  Chamber”, they were circumcised and then proceeded up the Grand  Gallery towards the “King’s Chamber” and their final degree.  The  circumcised priests were the guardians of immortality; symbols of  fertility and life everlasting.   Sacred circumcision was not unique to Egypt in the ancient world.   According to Higgins the rite was performed on initiates to  secret societies in “Tarnul, Chaldee, Madura and Tibet”. An old  text, “Asiatic Studies, Vol. II”, refers to a Sacred Mystery  School in earliest Tibet which started the celebration of its  rites with the following herald, “Procul ! Hi ‘ne procul c'ete,  profani!”  St. Chrystostom (Homelia 33, in Matt.) says, “When we  celebrate the Mysteries, we send away those who are not  initiated, and shut the doors, a deacon exclaiming, ‘Far from  hence, ye profane!  Close the doors!  Thy Mysteries are about to   begin. Things Holy for the saints, hence all dogs”.  Disdain for  the profane (the “dog”, the uncircumcised male) has trickled down  from the Mystery priests to, centuries later, their Arab  adherents. Amazingly, the Moslems have traditionally used the  term “Dog” when referring to the uninitiated; the  uncircumcised.  "Christian Dog!“ is a slander which has echoed  across many a battlefield. Islamic fervor, almost from its  beginning, aimed its sword at the offending appendage. As Islam  spread its message across the then-known world, history’s   greatest proselytism of the circumcised penis took place and  foreskins were shorn from Spain to India to the East Indies.    High Islam (600-1100 AD) was a period of great culture and  tolerance for the Moslem world, and that tolerance often extended  to conquered Christian populations. In many countries, Christians  were not forced into conversion, or circumcision, because only  uncircumcised males could legally be taxed and the Arab  Caliphates needed the money. The Moslem rulers of Christian Syria  and Sicily were among the most tolerant in all history only  Moslem Spain forced her Christian sons to shed their foreskins.  Indeed, Omar II (Umayyed Caliphate, 717- 712 AD) even argued  against religious circumcision …. a late version of St. Paul. Then came the Crusades. The burly, marauding, rapine crusaders  who swept down from the European wilderness were truly barbarian  in the eyes of the Moslems. And, they were “dogs”. Their clumsy  plunder was soon met, reluctantly, with calculated cruelty…and  Islam once again lost its tolerance for the uncircumcised penis.  Many a handsome Knight in shining armor was dispatched back to  his cold northern woods without the benefit of his “hood”. The  situation deteriorated until, by the time, five centuries later,  British colonialism set its gaze upon Moslem ruled India, it was  "As in Biblical times…“, quoting historian Allen Edwardes,  (“Jewel in the Lotus”, Julian Press 1959), “the slashed prepuces  of the Unbelievers, heaped in mounds following a great battle, in  accordance with the rigid martial code of the Moghul Empire, the  warrior rose in rank according to the number of foreskins he  brought in from the field.”  At this moment in history, British   prepuce met Sword of Islam.    As the mighty British Empire expanded and Mother England sent  forth soldiers, adventurers and government clerks, more and more  of her Christian sons returned home with Islamized penises.  Unfortunately, many did not return but instead bled to death as a  result of their foreskin amputation.  Phimosis, the condition of  a tight or unretractable prepuce, seemingly had a high incidence  among the English, making cavalier circumcisions by Moslem  swordsmen risky, and as far back as 1661, the Old London Company  realized that her many phimosed employees were in mortal danger.  Knowing it was impossible to protect British foreskins from  zealot Moghuls, the British governor of Madras proclaimed that  all applicants to the Company be “bodily examined” and if a cadet  could not “strip his yard” the company surgeon was obliged to  "clip ye skin entire”.  Thus, in 1661, the first circumcision of  European Christians by European Christians was commenced, giving  impetus to three hundred years of routine circumcision in the  English speaking world.    The Old London Company records still exist giving explicit  details about who among her illustrious empire builders were  "clipcocks” and who were “pillcocks” (or, peelcocks;  uncircumcised).  These terms gave rise to generations of English  schoolboy humor and playful contention, not to mention curiosity,  between possessors or the two styles of “cocks”.  For many   generations the “clipcocks”, in the minority, suffered great   indignation.  Robert Clive, the hero in the British takeover of  India, was angered when his phimosed penis was circumcised by the  company surgeon; “By God, had I known I was to come out here to  be clipped I’d have forsaken pork and procured me a scullcap!”  When taunted by the pillcock cadets in his own company Clive  "…did menace ye offending cadets with his pen-knife, asking who  should be the first in ye loss of his precious skin.“    By the early nineteenth century, however, the clipcock became  fashion among the British aristocracy, who wore it as a badge of  honor–proof of serving Throne and Empire in foreign service.


    - From the book “Foreskin” by Bud Berkeley