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    On matters of address in Ferelden

    I went on a minor journey this week trying to figure out for fic purposes what you would use as a respectful address for an untitled person in Ferelden, particularly a person you didn't know very well or might not even know their name. "Ser" is for knights, and "Serah" is specifically a Marcher address that I'm fairly certain was not retconned to Fereldan usage. (At least the wiki seems not to think so, and I believe usage inInquisition squares with that?)

    So the question remains: if you are, let's say, an 11-year-old kid in Denerim, how do you respectfully address the mother of your best friend, the way you'd say "Mrs. So-and-So" in our world? If you are a merchant addressing a customer in the Market District, and you don't know their name but they're clearly a commoner, how do you address them? There had to be an answer to this. And I'm happy to say I found it. In a little sidequest from Lothering, "A Last Keepsake," which asks the player to find the remains of a "Goodwife Sarha," and retrieve a keepsake for her surviving son (the lost boy met in Lothering). A "Goodwife Valena Turnoble" is also mentioned inAwakening.

    "Goodwife," in the real world, is an archaic Scottish address for a female head of household, so given the Scottish influences on Ferelden's worldbuilding, this makes perfect sense. The male counterpart would be "Goodman," though I don't recall any examples of this actually appearing in canon. It's unfortunate that there isn't an obvious gender-neutral version. (I loveDragon Age's "Ser," "Serah," and "Messere" for that reason!) But at least there's an answer.

    I'd feel pretty confident saying that it's also totally acceptable to address any Fereldan adult by their profession, such as Horsemaster or Farmer or Cooper or Baker or whatever, but I just felt like there needed to be a default address to fall back on.

    Wikipedia also notes that "a woman addressed by this title [Goodwife] was of a lesser social rank than a woman addressed as Mistress," an address that "implies 'lady of the house', especially a woman who is head of a household with domestic workers." "Mistress" is an address wedo hear in Dragon Age with just that usage: women who are heads of household or otherwise in charge of things, such as Mistress Woolsey in Awakening, or Mistress Poulin in Sahrnia in Inquisition. We also have Master Dennet, the Redcliffe Horsemaster. So "Master" and "Mistress" are generally acceptable addresses for people who are in charge of anything, but not formally titled.

    So if you were a child addressing a friend's father, you could say "Hello, Goodman So-and-So," and if you were a merchant being polite to a customer who is not titled and doesn't have any other appropriate address, and you didn't know their name, you could probably say, "Rainy weather we're having, Goodwife," without giving any offense.

    If you have any thoughts (or more knowledge of the lore and/or real world history to add to any of this), I'd love to hear them!


    The Lego Movie was really good actually



  • accurately predicted the present lurid hellscape of cheerful corporate brainwashing, consumption-based identity, and vapid, monopolized entertainment more precisely than any other dystopian media that I can think of
  • is an accessible introduction to cosmic horror. The main character describes "the man upstairs" as having "hands like giant pink sausages, like eagle talons mixed with squid," a description reminiscent of a human description of an eldritch horror. In-universe, the "real" human world is a reality that is so much higher and more complex than the characters' world that they can't normally perceive itbecause their universe and its rules are simplified imitations of a larger "real" world. Objects (non-lego objects, like q-tips and nail polish remover) from the "human" world are treated as "relics" that have unnatural powers, because they operate by the rules of the "higher" reality—giving them the ability to do things like erase a side character's face. When Emmett falls into the abyss (off the table where the Legos are being kept) toward the end of the movie, he briefly understands that he's a Lego, which messes him up a little.
  • it's very meme-able and multiple times I have wanted to use a screencap as a reaction image but been unable to find a suitable screencap
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