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    what Christians hear when I say I think of many parts of the Bible as myth: it's fake, untrue, worthless, meaningless!

    what I mean when I say I think of many parts of the Bible as myth: "Mythology is designed to feed into our imagination, to inspire us, to explain the world in metaphor, to teach us ideas and concepts, to entertain us, and at the root of all myth is the seed of truth. But truth doesn't always mean 'fact.' Truth is subjective; it's a given perspective of an idea. It touches upon reality for a brief moment and then departs from there. We're supposed to know and understand that myths are steeped in metaphor. ... The point of myth is to inspire us to find our own truths and craft our own stories, build our own myths and practices, and give us principles to use as a guide. And that, dear folks, is no fiction." - Weave the Liminal, Laura Tempest Zakroff

    also, on the topics of retelling i do think theres an argument to be made that by virtue of their structure (ie. take a story or a part of it and approach it from a different angle) they have less value by default UNLESS they can ~prove to have taken the og story structure and said smth meaningful abt it

    retellings are not bad, actually i think they are much harder to tackle than most other books, but thats bc they have to take a pre-existing story and comment on its themes

    like, there's a difference between a beauty and the beast retelling where the retelling part is just taking the trope and slapping it, say, a cyberpunk setting and medea by christa wolf

    Basilica of San Vitale - Ravenna (Italy)

    The Church of San Vitale, the masterpiece of Byzantine art in Ravenna. Construction began in 526 by Bishop Ecclesius under the Ostrogothic queen Amalasuntha (d. 535) and was consecrated in 547 during the reign of the emperor Justinian. This octagonal church, built of marble and capped by a lofty terra-cotta dome, is one of the most important surviving examples of Byzantine architecture and mosaic work.

     virtual tour here