ten inch dick aka longer than my forearm


    i know there are some writers who follow me


    take note


    I believe the average is 6 inches? The longest is 14, an he suffers dizziness when he gets a boner, and even though he’s heterosexual, he can only have sex with men (or anally with women) as his cock can’t fit in a vagina.

    So writers, take note.


    jesus h. christ


    I once had a boyfriend who was quite well-endowed, and that was some painful, annoying shit right there (especially with a selfish dude who didn’t really think about that/blamed me for being “tiny,” what the fuck). The average vagina is 3-4 inches deep, though some women may have a depth of 6-7 inches.

    Of course, a lady’s Sarlaac Pit is designed to accomodate rather large things. That does not, however, mean that it is comfortable orfun to have those large things in your hermetically-sealed shame basket, not to mention have it ramming repeatedly against your cervix. Ow fucking ow.

    Contrary to popular belief, bigger is NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

    A rectum can be between 5-7 inches deep. A pliable dildo could push past that, taking that sharp curve into the large intestine, if you’re patient and flexible and you have a lot of lube at your disposal. And you don’t mind things being in your INTESTINES, oh my God. A hard dick, however, that isn’t so bendy, would be another story entirely.

    So if you’re shooting for realistic sex and your bottom isn’t into pain, you may want to reconsider giving your top anything over 7-8 inches of dick. 10+ inches might sound awesome but like Communism, for most people at least, it’s better in theory than it is in practice.

    This very NSFW and TMI-imbued post brought to you by all the fucks I do not give.

    Oh and if anyone accuses me of kink shaming I will find you and I will skin you.


    ive learned a lot today omg


    i think the last of my innocence just got killed reading this


    I reblogged this yesterday but I just have to reblogg again for ^

    Just a heads up that 6 inches isn’t the average, 6 inches is considered a big dick

    The average penis size is between 3 to 5 inches when flaccid and 4 to 6 inches when hard



    Here’s approximately what the *exactly average* (according to wikipedia) 5.17″ length by 4.59″ circumference erect adult human penis looks like.

    (the scrotum size was a bit harder to get a read on but I tried my best with the 2″x.8″x1.2″ balls)

    Desktop Hard Drive for scale.

    just say ‘he had a big dick’, folks. leave it to the reader’s imagination. If you sinmply must give inches, keep it to eight. Believe me, eight is enough. 

    Art by Lydia Falcon Punch Fusco

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    If you ever wondered what an angel is called, the answer is Rahul Dubey!

    Does anyone have a link for this? Because I can't find anything on google and something this well documented should be on the first page

    I love that the internet saw people comparing women and other alienated groups of people and went, “they’re dating,” and, “they support each other.” We’re improving as a society.

    Does anyone know who these artists are?? They’re brilliant and I’d like to credit them!!


    The best genre to ever have existed

    These improved my day


    That little girl is going places


    I know more about economics than AOC and my knowledge on economics is on a high school level. Its actually embarassing how little she knows about this shit. But hey, expecting a socialist to know about economics is like expecting a fish to know what a desert is.

    Much of the ocean is a desert

    You know what? Let’s use the allowance example again to make it even clearer.

    Let’s pretend we have an allowance tax bracket with a 70% tax on money received after a certain point. To keep things simple, we’ll make the limit $90.

    If a kid does chores and earns $10 in allowance, they get $10. They’re not going to be affected by the 70% tax.

    If a kid does chores and earns $50, they get $50. They also aren’t in the 70% tax bracket, even though they make five times as much money as the kid making $10.

    If a kid does chores and earns $100 in allowance, then they’re in the allowance tax bracket with the 70% tax.

    $100 minus $90 is $10. This is the part that’s going to be taxed 70%.

    70% of $10 is $7.

    So the kid getting $100 in allowance will have $93 after the 70% tax takes its share.

    Now, I’d never impose such a thing on actual kids. All of this is a thought exercise.

    But if it were real, the kid making $10 and the kid making $50 would probably be kind of mad if the kid getting $93 was bitching about being short $7.

    Also AOC majored in economics (actually one of her two majors) so step the FUCK off my congresswoman tyvm

    <>It is perfect!


    I don’t think it’s proper. You can’t spread equality with a closed fist.


    You sound mad fucking stupid man shut the hell up

    I think this creates a separation in the LGTB community. Why not just have one flag for everyone?


    There are literal hundreds of LGBT flag variations to upfift said Race/Religion/Country 

    Even ones for the specific areas in the LGBT community 

    How the fuck is this any different? Why is it everytime black people come up with something for themselves y'all have to come out with this show your entire asses with this “"segregation” shit. 

    Suck on my entire dick

    Also, if you’re in this thread and have never made nor reblogged a post about the way POC, especially Black people are treated in the LGBTQ community then motherfuck you. We wouldn’t feel the need to remind you that we’re here, if you didn’t treat us like we weren’t.

    VISIBILITY IS IMPORTANT. And that’s a great design.


    From a graphic design standpoint: That’s actually a really solid flag, symbolism, balance, and color wise. A+ work from a graphic design point of origin. POC who are LGBTQIA are going to be under a lot of fire, since they’re getting the double barreled whammy of hate in the current political climate. Be safe, folks.

    Yo, ALSO from a graphic design standpoint: I wouldnt give a single shit if it looked HORRIBLE. Here’s why.

    Ive seen like, 3 flags minimum for asexuals. There are also at least 4 variations on the trans flag for specific identities. There are like fucking NINETEEN “official” lesbian flag designs (NOT counting the hundreds produced online in the past year because it literally became a meme how many flags they had.) Do you think anyone gave these people flack about their design skills? No.

    Ive seen two (2.) SEMI- recognized flag designs for all LGBT POC before this. Not even just for one identity. Just, purposeful uplifting for all POC. And white gays got their panties in a twist about both of them. And bitched and complained about “exclusivity” every. single. time.

    This flag could look like literal garbage and I’d still support it. Its a good and NECESSARY idea. It’s not exlcuding anyone. It’s meant to be more INCLUSIVE than the members of the community that wave the rainbow and act like its a gay-whites-only symbol. We all should accept a flag like this even if it wasn’t a solid design or whatever.

    The closed fist is the black lives matter symbol. It is literally a pride flag symbolising LGBTQIA+ black lives matter. If you don’t get that, it’s clearly not your place to comment on whether it looks good or not or if it’s inclusive enough.


    <>What Happened To Kendrick Johnson and Why People Are Demanding Answers Even Now

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    <>Some inconsistencies in the case:

  • the black and white gym shoe that lay on the ground below Kendrick Johnson, the one he was presumed to be reaching for, <>was lying on top of a pool of blood, but there was no blood on the shoe itself.
  • A hoodie and a pair of orange and black gym shoes were also found lying on the floor of the gym 
  • <>traces of blood on the wall nearby that wasn’t Kendricks. 
  • A private pathologist revealed Kendrick Johnson had suffered<> hemorrhaging on the right side of his neck, which meant that he likely died from blunt force trauma
  • the second autopsy revealed that some of <>Johnson’s organs were missing and in their place, his body had been stuffed with newspaper.
  • <>A whole hour of footage from the gym was missing, right at the time which would have shed light on what happened that day

    -Donate to his family! (they're nowhere near their goal)

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    They attacked Stonewall, too

    I’m mad that this was posted by @one-time-i-dreamt​ because boy i fucking wish this was a dream

    I'm sorry, I wish it was just a nightmare too, but unfortunately it isn't and I have this one relatively big platform where I can spread knowledge, share information, raise awareness, make a change and my heart is telling me that I need to use it so I'm sorry for not posting dreams at the moment, but I can't watch people around me suffering and ignore it knowing I could have done something. Even what I am doing right now doesn't feel remotely enough.

    Please buy this game bundle. It’s $5 (or more if you want) for literally 700 video games, tabletop games, not to mention game engines and assets. All proceeds are going to the NAACP and Community Bail Fund, split 50/50.

    Night in the Woods and Oneshot are both in it, not to mention literally hundreds of other cool indie games I haven’t played yet that look really cool and promising. 

    Also I’d like to reiterate it is $5 minimum for over $3,400 worth of content, which is just fucking insane.