Life of A Drone

    We love employees who love their work.

    Here we see conversion specialists prepping a new subject for its future existence with a smile on their faces and a laugh on their lips. With a sadistic glee we encourage in all our staff they subdue and physically prep the human material for its transformation, savoring the helpless state of the future Kreature as it is made ready for conditioning.

    If they, themselves, get a little enjoyment out of it such are the perks of employment at DroneCorp.


    Every day she would stand over watching and giving words of encouragement as he humped a stack of pillows. He would continue to hump until he spurted into his wet diaper. 

    In the warm glow of post orgasm, he lifted his head and looked to his girlfriend.

    “So, when can we have sex again babe? I really need to feel that warm pussy around my cock again, it’s been forever!“ He sighed.

    “Well, that’s a pretty rude way to ask. And it’s Mommy to you baby, you know this. And hearing you use all those adult words, you know better!” She scolded

    “I’ll tell you what, when you can prove to mommy you that don’t need diapers anymore. Then we can talk about my kitty and whether or not I’ll let you put your little pee-pee inside of me. Until then you’ll keep wearing the strap-on for mommy when you’re playing big boy. Okay sweety?”

    “What! I can’t prove it when you keep me in diapers all the time. And I’m wetting them so often now it’s hard to control. It’s not fair! This was just a kink I wanted to try. We’ve had fun, but I think it’s gone on long enough.” He whined.

    “It may have been your idea to try out this age play kink, but I’ve become quite fond of the whole scene. Too bad for you maybe I love it more than you thought I would humm? Oh well, I love it and we’re going to keep living it! So, you’ll just have to make do with your diaper humpies sweety!” She said smiling.

    “But it’s not the same mommy!” He whined again.

    “What’s not the same hun?”

    “The feeling of humping in my diaper. I need to feel you, your puss.err… Kitty. He corrected.

    “Oh? I think it’s close enough for a dumb diaper boy like you.” She teased.

    “Nuh uh!” He whimpered.

    “Oh yes huh! I bet you don’t even remember what mommy’s kitty even feels like anymore. Tell me baby, what does mommy’s kitty feel like? She mused.

    “Umm I don’t know… It’s warm, and wet, and soft; It’s tight and squishy too. He said proudly.

    “Aww baby, you just described your diapies, good boy!” She praised.

    “Nu no I didn’t” He protested.

    “Yep, I think so. You just said squishy, and what else did you say? Soft, is your diaper also soft baby? Maybe sometimes it’s even a little sung and almost like it’s ‘tight’? Yeah, I bet it feels so good when it’s swelled up big with your pee huh, nice and warm too like a kitty I bet? Aww, I think you really love your ‘diaper kitty’ don’t you baby boy? I think you do. You love your humpy time in your diapers with mommy watching, putting on a show for me. I think I should almost be jealous of you two, a baby and his diaper, ha ha that’s so silly.” She chuckled.  

    “Yeah, I guess so…bu..” He said interrupted. 

    “So, there you have it silly boy, you’ve just admitted your diaper’s feel like mommy’s kitty already, so you should enjoy them. Besides it’s as close to a real kitty as your cummies will spurt into for a while. You know now that I’m thinking about this, I’ve been so nice letting you make diaper humpies every day. Haven’t I?” She asked starting him down.

    “Uhg…Yes mommy” He sighed.

    His lame answer enraged her. She felt a flash or anger, then tempered self. She grabbed him by the ear and led him back to their spare room, a room that now resembled more of a nursery these past months.

    “You know, I think you sound a bit ungrateful about your diapers and this situation. And ungrateful about how nice I’ve been allowing you get off in your diapers. I think it’s time we put you back in your chastity cage.” She said firmly as she pulled a small pink cage from one of the many nursery drawers. 

    His eyes grew big.

    “Noooo not that mommy please!!!” He pleaded. 

    “Yep, I think that’s exactly what we’ll do. You’ve grown too complacent with your cummies. It’ll do you some good to remember and appreciate your mommy and when she lets you have some fun. You’re lucky I’d let you have any pleasure at all being such a big baby. Well, no more, it’s cage time!” She snapped.

    He could feel tears creep up and couldn’t hold back. He started blubbering and started into a free-flowing apology. The words poured out of him not even thinking about what he was saying he just blurted out what his unconscious mind had come to know.   

    “Nnno no no nooooo mommy please!!! I love my diapers; I love my humpies! Please don’t take away squirty time! You’re right, diapers are where I belong, I need them. I don’t deserve to put my pee-pee in mommy’s kitty, that’s only for big boys! Babies like me only get to kiss mommy’s kitty. I’m just a baby now, and babies only make stickies inside diapers, not inside of mommy.” He panted.

    She bent down wiping his watery eyes and the bit of snot that had started running. She started pulling the tapes opening his diaper. She grabbed the wipes to clean his bald crotch covered in pee and what sticky mess was left not absorbed by the diaper. After he was all clean a new diaper was placed under him, and she got to work securing his cage.

    “Mommy really liked hearing your apology baby boy. And it was great to hear you admit what we both know is true about your new station in life, as my diaper boy. But you’re a slow learner, and I think you need some cage time. So, for now, you can reflect on the special time you once had and how nice mommy was to let you be romantic with your diapers.” She said softly while locking his cage and securing a diaper into place. 

    As she moved to drop in his dirty diaper, she looked down and laughed under her breath as she spoke. 

    “Look in here baby.” She said pointing to the pail.

    “We’ll get to see all your missed opportunities for humpies as you fill up your diaper pail.” She said cruelly.

    “But, but!” He gasped.

    Enough! Any further protest will just add to your cage time!

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