Her title is not a magician but an alchemist. But her magic is unfathomable. The one on the right was drawn last year, not quite satisfied… Then I recently drew the two on the left because I think this design still has interesting parts.


    Can I say, she looks like she is part of the League of Assassin’s and maybe, Damian’s waifuuu

    Well … I don’t look the way I wanted but sometimes it never looks the way we want it, right? XD I tried to apply the color as the way I am learning in a class but I think I failed in the attempt lol In the same way I did not want to give up and this was the result. At first I wanted it to be something magical and one thing led to another XD so in the end it’s Damian and Raven dancing … at their wedding … 👀💚💜

    Damian respond to Raven vs Kids kidnapping

    Damian: *phone rings* "hello?"

    Kidnappers: "we have your wife".

    Damian: " I just want to say one thing. if any of you motherfuckers hurt my wife, I will personally rip your eyes out and shove them down your throat so you can watch my bare hands tear your corpse OPEN"


    Damian: *phone rings* "This better be important".

    Kidnappers: "We have your son."

    Damian: "Which one?"

    Kidnappers: "uhh Alexander"

    Damian: "who?"

    Kidnapper: "your son Alexander Wayne..."

    Damian: "shit... is he the one who's obsessed with star wars?"

    Kidnapper: "uhh I-I don't know?"

    Damian: "no wait, that's Authur and Amadeus if I remember correctly they're the Star Wars fans.... Or was it Star Trek they were obsessed with?"

    Damian: "does he have purple eyes or green eyes?"

    Kidnapper: "um let me check- it's green."

    Damian: "now I remember! Wait, can you put me on speaker?"

    Kidnapper: "s-sure" *pushes the speakerphone button*.

    Kidnapper: "your father wants to talk to you".

    Alexander: "Dad it's me. I'm safe-"

    Damian: "did you take the kitchen trash out?"

    Alexander: "nooo"

    Damian: *sighs* "that's it , the kidnappers are your new family." *hangs up*


    we need to have a serious talk about antisemitism in America. yesterday, there was a hostage situation in a synagogue in Texas, where a gunman took for people including a rabbi hostage. he wanted to have some guy released from prison. I forget who, but he was charged with 80 something years back in 2010. so what do you think this gunman does? does he contact the police or the president and demand the prisoner be released?

    no. he tells the rabbi to call another rabbi in New York, and to have that rabbi release the prisoner. now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that his plan was completely stupid. the rabbi in New York had no relation to with prisoner, the prison he was in, or even the justice system at all. so why did the gunman think that the new york rabbi would have the authority to release a random prisoner who was sentenced 12 years ago? one word. antisemitism

    most antisemites have the insane belief that all Jews are secretly controlling the world, or the government, or the banks, or natural disasters, or... you get it. its entirely based on fake and antisemitic conspiracy theories, and it literally gets people killed. this gunman thought that a rabbi in New York had the authority and power and ability to release a prisoner who I'm pretty sure isn't even imprisoned in the state of New York (don't quote me on that though).

    antisemitic conspiracy theories, even as jokes, literally get us Jews hurt or killed. those are your "lizard people". your "space lasers". your "new world order". your "George Soros money". all those insane baseless conspiracy theories, even as a joke, cause severe damage to Jews. because people will believe it.

    I haven't seen any non-Jews talk about what happened yesterday. that's not surprising. very rarely will goyim care about Jews unless one of their close friends is Jewish. but it's still upsetting. there is still so much antisemitism and hate towards Jewish people in the world today.


    You are correct. He was calling for the release of Aafia Siddiqui who is imprisoned in Texas. He made the rabbi in Texas call a rabbi in New York because of the antisemitic belief that “east coast elites” run everything.


    This is not a matter of American antisemitism, of antisemitism in America. The man who held them hostage was a British National who flew into the United States for this. This is a matter of antisemitism as a powerful, worldwide force.


    & the idea that a hostage situation in a synagogue is ever not about antisemitism is... wild. Like, how badly do you have to want to deny the existence of antisemitism to think that?


    Logically, I know that when League found out about Billy, he proceeded to act super mature and even manage to be the bigger person. However, if I was ten and a bunch of adults I trusted started yelling at me, I would start crying.


    Flash: You could have died!

    Superman: what were you even thinking?!

    Wonder Woman: A child fighting in an adults place-

    Billy, literally ten, with enough trauma and parental abuse to cripple any other child in his situation:


    The mental image of the League panicking and trying to make Billy smile again is killing me.

    Oliver: Oh...oh no! Uh- here, hold my bow! Kids like weapons right? Right?!

    Barry: Do you want a lollipop?? Chocolate? Icecream?

    Clark: Do you want to punch a meteor?

    Bruce: How is that in any way helpful?

    Clark: I don't know, I like punching meteors¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Bruce:*picks Billy up* It's okay no one is mad at you

    Billy: You mean it?

    Bruce: Yes, now all this crying must have made you tired why don't you go to your room have a nap and well talk about this later

    Billy: Okay *leaves*

    League:*surprised silence*

    Clark: HOW?

    Bruce: Clark I have 5 kids, if I didn't know how to deal with a crying kid I'd be fucking deaf at this point

    Tim: *loses Dick in a crowd*

    Tim: Alright. *deep inhale* DISCOWING WAS A DISGRACE!

    Dick, from across the crowd: THAT WAS THE HIGHT OF FASHION, DAMMIT!

    Tim: Found him.

    Tim: *loses Jason* Hmmm.


    Steph, from above: WHO THE HELL SAID THAT!

    Cass, from a window: Square Up!

    Dick, from across the street: Heard someone talking shit about little Red!

    Jason, emerging as Red Hood: WHO THE FUCKS TALKIN' SHIT ABOUT MY BABYBIRD!?

    Tim, blushing: ...

    Tim: *loses Damian in a crowd*

    Tim: *looks around*

    Tim: Finally.

    The Villain and His Therapist - Part 4

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    "You know, that shade of pink looks lovely on you," Villain purred, descending the stairs to lean against the kitchen counter.

    Juliet paused where she was scrambling eggs in a skillet and glanced down at her attire of soft blue pajama pants and oversized grey sweater. "I'm not wearing any pink," she said slowly, lifting her gaze to look at the Villain.

    He'd just come down from a shower, dark locks of hair curling over his forehead. He smelled of her green apple shampoo. It made her insides swoop all funny.

    Villain's lips tugged into an easy grin as he took one step closer, two. He paused directly in front of her to lift a hand, brushing his knuckles feather-light against her burning cheek.

    "I was referring to your blush. It suits you quite beautifully." His voice was liquid gold. Her skin tingled beneath his touch.

    Remembering herself, Juliet swatted his hand away and covered her cheeks with her palms. "I'm not blushing."

    He didn't try to hide the amusement on his face.

    "Mm, whatever were you thinking about, Doctor Meadows?" Villain took Juliet's hands to gently pry them away from her face, using the hold on her wrists to pull her closer.

    Juliet sucked in a soft breath, looking up at him. The sun streaming through the window caught the highlights of his handsome face and illuminated his dark irises, turning them to molten amber.

    "I...was...thinking about how gentle you can be. When you calmed me down that night, you were patient and sensitive; you displayed a lot of empathy and care. I'm really proud of you. You've come a long way."

    Villain's grin grew a little softer as he tilted his head to the side, studying her face. The way he looked at her used to make her feel like prey being stalked by a lion. made her feel like she was the only thing in his universe.

    Her stomach fluttered.

    Juliet swallowed, continuing. "I imagine it isn't easy for you to be so vulnerable. I'm glad that you feel safe enough with me to be soft."

    Villain brushed her fringe away from her face, tapping the side of her head. "That psychologist brain of yours never turns off, does it?"

    She smiled sheepishly, gaze dipping down to the floor.

    Villain's finger hooked under her chin, lifting it gently. "I never said I didn't like it. You are my therapist, after all."

    Villain leaned in closer, eliciting the slightest hitch in her breath. He smiled, relishing her response.

    His breath ghosted over her lips, leaving them tingling in anticipation.

    "Yours?" she asked softly. Her mouth had gone dry.

    "Would you like to be?"

    Juliet's thoughts were rarely clear on her face. She was difficult to read under the years of training keeping her steady and prepared. Villain wanted to unpick that artificial calm from her; to map her every reaction. He wanted to watch her sigh and blush and smile...

    "The eggs are going to burn," Juliet whispered, watching him.

    Without taking his eyes off of her, Villain reached over her shoulder, turning off the stove. In one fluid movement, he turned with her, pressing her back against the counter.

    If her cheeks were warm before, they were blazing now. Villain smiled again, this time something so fond it dazzled her senses. The world narrowed to just the two of them, flush together.

    Juliet's hands fell against Villain's chest, lightly resting against the soft cotton of his shirt.

    She breathed in his scent.


    "Mm?" he murmured, the hum of his voice vibrating against her palms.

    "When your brother- What he said about how you feel...about me... Is it true?" She held his gaze, holding her breath.

    "My sweet Juliet Meadows." His voice alone was enough to melt her. He took one of her hands with deliberate gentleness and placed a kiss against her fingers. "If only I were brave enough to say it out loud."

    "You can say it in other ways," Juliet breathed.

    His eyes gleamed.

    "Oh I intend to," Villain said softly.

    Villain's gaze flicked down to Juliet's lips. He kept one hand on her waist, slotting the other into her hair. He leaned in until their lips brushed. Pausing, he seemed to catch himself, probably remembering Juliet's comments in therapy about the importance of healthy communication.

    He smiled again, sharp and beautiful. His warm breath grazed her skin while his thumb traced lazy circles against her jaw. "May I?" he whispered, his lips hovering just barely above hers.

    Juliet opened her mouth to answer, and-

    The door burst open.

    Juliet jolted in surprise, panic shooting through her as she gripped Villain's arms before she caught sight of who was really at the door.

    The figure was fitted in a deep red super-suit, a black mask concealing his identity.

    She relaxed, releasing a breath through gritted teeth. "Hero?"

    "Doctor Meadows," Hero said, relief flooding his expression. "I heard what happened to you on the news and with Supervillain's escape, I knew you were in danger so I-"

    His eyes narrowed as he seemed to notice Villain for the first time. "You get away from her," he hissed marching closer, crimson beams of tech-powered energy sparking to life in his palms. "Let her go and get out."

    Villain hardened at the sight of him in turn, straightening and pulling out an advanced weapon. "Now that's insulting, at least I was invited inside." His voice was smooth and dangerous. Chilling.

    A far cry from the man who had held her close and smiled fondly only moments ago.

    Juliet stepped between them, holding up a hand in each direction. "Stop."

    "You invited him in? Doctor Meadows, he's Supervillain's brother! He's probably here to finish the job for him!"

    "Oh that's rich," Villain interjected. "For all your self-righteous monologues begging me to change, to be better, when I actually try, you can't accept it."

    "I'm not willing to bet Doctor Meadow's life on your 'moral awakening,'" Hero spat.

    "Hero," Juliet said in the no-nonsense voice her job often required her to use. "Take a deep breath. Villain would never hurt me, you don't need to worry about that."


    "-is in rehabilitation," Juliet finished for him. "He is my patient, just as you are. He has made tremendous progress, you are in no position to discredit his reformation. I promise you that I am safe with him."

    Hero stared, studying the pair. Villain's jaw was clenched, glaring hard at the hero. Juliet touched his shoulder and some of the tension immediately dissolved from him.

    Hero extinguished the energy beams in his palms, shifting into a less guarded stance. He regarded them for a second longer.



    "You want to prove you have good intentions? Help me find Supervillain and bring him in, for good this time," Hero said. "I can't do it alone."

    Villain turned to look at Juliet. She stepped closer, taking his hand as she spoke.

    "No. I don't want you to put yourself in a position where your recovery might be compromised again. You're too close to the situation to act rationally, and it would be too much of a trigger for you."

    Villain's gaze softened as it landed on her, any hostility in his demeanor vanishing like it had never been there. He brushed her hair back with gentle fingers, leaning in. His thumb dipped down to graze her lips.

    Villain kissed her cheek, her chin, the corner of her mouth. He straightened, eyes intent, looking like he wanted to kiss her properly--but not until they were alone.

    When time would suspend like frost in the air and the moment would belong solely to the two of them, in the quiet and safety of each other.

    Juliet's skin felt cold at the loss of his touch. Dread swirled in the pit of her stomach.

    Villain turned to Hero, observing him for a moment before extending a hand to shake. "Deal."

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    Glass Haven Part 2

    Part 1

    Civilian's thoughts stirred as she walked down the sidewalk toward her work. It was a dreary day. Rain smudged the world into grey, mottling the skyline into a blur of hazy watercolor.

    As hard as she tried, she couldn't keep Villain out of her thoughts.

    Roses were a bit cliche, as far as romantic gestures go. (This could hardly be called that, but what else was she supposed to call it?) Yet there was something truly thoughtful in the fact that they weren't severed from their bush only for them to shrivel and die. They were potted deep into fresh soil, roots unmarred with space to grow so that she could cultivate them herself.

    Anyone who had given her flowers in the past had plucked them from the ground, or offered her up a supermarket bouquet of $8 roses with sliced stems and a life expectancy of 6 days or less. The fact that Villain of all people had considered that her love of plants extended to her love of nurturing them, left her dazed and a little dumb-struck.

    He could have killed her.

    It would have been no inconvenience to him to have let her fall. Instead, he fixed her greenhouse. He gifted her something that he knew she would appreciate. It only took a flick of his gaze to assess what would matter to her and act on it.

    He saw more of her in a quick glance than most people had her entire life.

    The splash of water brought her back to the present as her boot plunged into a particularly deep puddle. She grimaced, pausing as her sock squished inside her shoe.

    She had to stop daydreaming about criminals. Well, this criminal in particular--goodness knows this certainly wasn't a regular occurrence!

    The soft thud of footsteps behind her prompted her to turn her head. A large man in all dark colors trudged in her direction, his gaze fixed on her.

    Unease swirled in her stomach, but she continued walking. Work was only a few blocks further, and how often did her paranoia that someone was following her turn out to be true?

    Civilian glanced back again. The bulky man still walked with purpose toward her.

    Okay, no need to panic... She turned down another street.

    The rain pelted down in a buzz of white noise, muting the rest of the world into a murmur.

    Civilian checked behind her once more. The man was still there, and even closer than before.

    Cold dread turned her veins to ice.

    A black SUV pulled up alongside her, the side doors sliding open to reveal two more men. This was certainly not good.

    Civilian broke into a run, skating around corners and weaving through alleyways. Her heart jumped into her mouth at the thunder of footsteps that followed at her heels.

    Twisting and turning, she continued on. Her breathing came harsh and ragged, her whole body alight with adrenaline. Rounding a final corner, Civilian skidded on the slick pavement, her feet slipping out from under her.

    A yelp left her lips as delicate hands caught her waist, rescuing her skull from cracking against the pavement. Her gaze shot up, locking with a pair of eyes a cat-like green.

    Villain smiled leisurely, and even in its casualness, it lit up his artful face. "Kitten. We've got to stop running into each other like this."

    "Wha- But you-" Floundering, Civilian stared up at Villain's face as he gracefully pulled her onto her feet again.

    His hands remained warm at her sides.

    "What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost."

    Civilian panted, out of breath and trembling. She looked behind them, but the men were nowhere to be seen. "Did you- Are you having me followed?"

    Realizing that she should be incredulous and decidedly not blushing at his gentle touch against her waist, she tore away from him.

    "Are you- Are you following me? Are you trying to have me kidnapped or something? I haven't done anything to threaten you, I thought you believed that I--"

    "Kitten," Villain interrupted, his voice silken but commanding all at once.

    Her mouth closed. He hooked a finger under her chin, giving it a gentle nudge.

    "If I was having you followed," he continued, his gaze intent upon her, "you'd have no idea."

    Civilian's mouth went dry. She should not have found that reassuring...

    She shifted to survey their surroundings again, her movements twitchy and jerking. There was nothing but the ebbing rain that faded to a light drizzle.


    She jumped, turning to face the villain again. There was a concerned crease between his eyebrows.

    "Are you certain someone was following you?"

    "Yes," she breathed. "I tried everything to get them off of my tail, and I couldn't lose them until- Until... I ran into you."

    Villain flashed a dazzling smile. "Yes, well, you can imagine I have quite the reputation. Nobody would dare to threaten something that's mine."

    Civilian's stomach did a flip.

    "I wasn't aware I was yours," she said carefully, wary of how far she might be able to push before he might snap.

    He was Villain, after all.

    Villain leaned against the brick wall beside them, looking every bit the devilish criminal. Her cheeks went hot. Though it should have done the opposite, some of her panic melted away.

    "I haven't claimed you as such, no, but people are keen on their assumptions. They saw me catch you. They think you belong to me."

    He said it so simply like such a small misconception didn't determine whether she lived or was thrown into a van and tortured or murdered.

    Civilian swallowed past the sandpaper feeling in her throat. "Do you know who they were?"

    Villain studied her face.

    "Likely some of (Other Villain)'s goons. They may have heard about what happened with Todd and assumed you were involved somehow."

    Civilian's breathing hitched. Her vision swam. "They-They know where I live, then?" Her breath quickened. "But I have nothing to do with this, this is your mess, can't you-can't you do something?"

    She looked up at him, freezing. How could she so easily forget who she was talking to? She was lucky she wasn't still dangling from the rooftop. Asking a favor of him was a foolishly brazen move.

    Civilian diverted her gaze again. "I-I didn't mean..."

    "Don't worry, kitten," he purred, reaching out to tuck a damp strand of hair behind her ear while he leaned in closer. His tone dropped, and it plunged ice through her insides. "I'll make it clear they are not to touch you again."

    Villain smiled once more, his demeanor diffusing into something softer. "So, tell me, kitten." He straightened again, and she dragged her gaze up to meet his. He looked beautiful and impish and- was there a slight pink to his cheeks? "Did you like the roses?"

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    Nightwing: Damian? Is that you?

    Robin: (hides flowers and chocolates behind his back) G-Grayson! I-I mean, what are you doing here?!

    Nightwing: I always check on the kids this time of night! Sometimes Beast Boy forgets to turn on his nightlight. What’re you doing here?

    Robin: Uh, w-well, I-

    Nightwing: And why are you in front of Raven’s room?

    Robin: Uh, well, I-I-

    Nightwing: And why are you hiding gifts behind your back?

    Robin: N-no, I didn’t-!

    Nightwing: And why are you acting so nervous? And why are you blushing so much? And why do you-?

    Nightwing: (smiles)

    Robin: No! No, no, no, no! It’s not what you think!

    Nightwing: (still smiling)

    Robin: Th-this is a big misunderstanding! You’ve got to believe me, I-!

    Nightwing: (still smiling)

    Robin: (jumping up and down) LISTEN, I AM TELLING YOU! YOU BETTER LISTEN TO ME, GRAYSON!

    Nightwing: (smugly) You like Raven, don’t you, Damian?