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2020-08-25 15:10:38

    Confession time

    🌷- you have a super sweet smile

    πŸ„- Let’s hold hands & explore for hours

    🌿- you don’t realise how beautiful you are

    πŸ‘‹πŸ»- I wanna be your friend

    🎧- you have great taste in music

    πŸ’- you’re such a tease

    🌎- why are you so far away?!?!?

    🌢- I find you verrrry sexy

    🌻- I could talk to you for hours

    πŸ’- you’re a total cutie

    πŸ‚- I wanna lay in bed and cuddle you

    ✌🏻- Netflix n chill?

    🌸- I think about you a fair bit

    🌞- I wanna make out with you

    🌚- I’d totally fuck you

    πŸ’«- I wanna talk to you but i’m too shy

    🌈- we have lots in common

    β˜‚οΈ-we have nothing in common

    πŸ’₯- you’re really damn annoying

    🌧- I find your blog boring

    πŸ₯€- you’re dead to me

    πŸ‘»- I wish I never met you