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    God I miss the days when you could show up to a stranger’s farm and he’d say “What’s your name, boy?” and you’d take off your hat and hold it to your chest to better let him see your face and reply “Why I ain’t got none, sir, on account of my mammy passed on before she could give me one” and he’d tell you he’s real damn sorry to hear that and ask what he can do you for and you’d tell him that you can’t read nor even write neither but you’re mighty good with horses and can mend them fallen fence posts what you saw on your way in and won’t ask for nothing much more than a hot meal and a warm barn to sleep in and he’d keep his wife and daughters inside but send his boy who ain’t got married yet even though his mama tells him he needs a woman out with a lantern and some stew at night and the two of you’d get to talkin and he’d throw you his flask to take a swig from and watch you drinkin from it while he leant against the door frame and when he finally got called back on up to the house again he’d take a sip from it too real slow-like like it weren’t the whiskey what he were tryna savour

    you see you don’t get posts like this on twitter

    every day at least once while on a walk i think to myself “it weren’t the whiskey what he were tryna savour” and sometimes if i am alone i say it out loud

    Saw this on Facebook, but I have greater reach hear

    I fact-checked this and it looks totally legit!

    Brittany Lavery is an associate editor at Graydon House (here is a link to the Twitter thread where she answers a lot of questions).

    Here are some key takeaways:

  • They only publish Adult Fiction (no YA, middle-grade, or children’s)
  • Inkyard Press, their sister imprint, is going to be doing a similar open call in August for YA novels across all genres (link to Twitter thread)
  • No sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or nonfiction
  • It DOES include queer lit!
  • Romance/romantic women’s fiction can be sent to HQN Imprint who are doing a similar open call (link to Twitter thread), but the editors acquire manuscripts for both imprints and will make sure it gets to the right place
  • They are open to international Black writers + Black writers of any gender
  • While they will only make an offer for completed manuscripts, they still look at unfinished manuscripts and may request to see more material
  • According to Melanie Fried, editor at Graydon House, here’s what’s hot right now:
  • Make sure you get your manuscripts in, and tell your Black author friends!!! I’d love to know who all’s submitting!!!