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2020-05-26 16:53:39

    Digital painting: Xiao Xingchen Frostwork 

    The translations I’ve looked at for XXC’s sword, Shuānghuá, have said a variety of things, but the gist of it makes me think of the beautiful fractal patterns that frost creates when it covers glass. And so I gave XXC a snowy backdrop.

    For some reason this one took me several weeks to finish, but I’m glad I stuck with it! It may be my favorite so far. 


    to exhale and to disappear | E | #3zun | 3900~

    It starts with Meng Yao’s scars.


    Depending on how one looks  at it, it might start with Nie Mingjue of Qinghe naming his oldest and lowest ranked disciple his vice general. It might also start the day Meng Yao first lays eyes upon Lan Xichen standing under a flowering haitang tree in Gusu, and is filled with an immediate, burning sense of wanting.

    Perhaps it doesn’t actually matter how it starts.


    in which Meng Yao seeks comfort in yielding.

    Magia Record | No Archive Warnings Apply | M | Togame Momoko / Yakumo Mitama | King and Lionheart, Oral Sex, Blood and Injury, Bathing/Washing, Fire Imagery, The Short Life Span Of Magical Girls, Canon-typical Mitama Manipulation Tactics

    Mitama is able to defend herself now, but she still relies on Momoko to help her fight witches. It's using her, sure, but Momoko is just so kind, and Mitama so lonely. When Momoko is injured fighting a witch for her, Mitama takes the opportunity to get her to spend the night. Who wouldn't want a little quality time with the Coordinator?

    Friends I have nEVER written anything like this before but, here. Have some Momomita light smut.