CO Wetting
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2021-05-14 01:26:58

    I felt so naughty to pee my pants in public; keeping that dirty secret to myself and continue checking off items on my grocery list… I loved it so much that I couldn’t even wait to get to the car before letting go some more in the parking lot for a rewetting. Thought you guys would like to ring in the new year with some public wetting that ya all seem to enjoy as much as I do!

    The MOST DESPERATE I’ve ever been…

    After arriving home I had been on the road for miles and the irge to pee hit me so hard the more I drove the harder I was pressing the pedal to get home as fast as possible. The urge was getting stronger as my will to hold on was getting weaker. It felt as though my bladder was about to pop, knees clenching against one another in my skintight jeans I kept telling myself you can do this; don’t give in! I knew that if I just kept focusing on the destination I could make it…

    That was up until I got to the new door in the garage we just replace to find out I completely forgot what the new set of keys looked like. At this point I frantically was searching through the lot of keys on the keychain not being able to focus because the irge was just nearing climax. My pussy couldn’t have been clenched any tighter as I started to crouch down to hold it all back. Flipping through those keys my vision started blurring and I could feel myself wanting to give in to the irge but I pressed on… Dancing around fumbling through the keys trying several by body couldn’t resist any longer.

    My pussy felt the warmth I was dying to feel. At first of course I was upset I gave in to the urge that I was trying so desperately to avoid. Once that warmth started trickling out my pussy down my butt cheeks out the creases in my hips down my thighs in those tight jeans making them glisten my body just climaxes with relief of all that build up coming undone right before your eyes in this clip.

    I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to feel my pee soaking my socks filling my boots and dremching my jeans in that beautiful sight of dark contrast. It was hard to keep my body from collapsing on the floor with how good it felt to let go. Hmmmm I even let out some moans as it happened I just couldn’t demy myself that pleasure. There was so much pee I couldn’t track it into the house so I had to strip off my jeans, socks, and boots. Taking the walk of shame with a pussy pounding with pleasure and panties soaked in pee with drops dripping off my buttcheeks into the house. Of course I had found the right key when it was too late.

    Two hour drive turned into TWO complete SOAKINGS!! After completely losing control at the rest stop in front of other people I got back into my car and right before going inside I lost it all over AGAIN! Looking at this picture you’d never believe I did this twice! I’m not even sure how I fit all that pee in my bladder! Brr baby it’s cold outside I was relieved to let my watch fill my tight jeans making my thighs glisten as I can’t help myself…

    That two hr drive was waayyy too long!!! With no where to pee on the turnpike I had to hold it as long as humanly possible. Finally I got off an exit making it to the rest stop. I became so desperate to pee I could barely make it out of my car before I lost my warm pee soaking my panties pussy thighs creating a puddle in both boots. In response my body relaxed so much once after the control was lost and I just couldn’t stop the stream. It felt so orgasmic to let the warmth spread across my body that I didn’t even notice how many people were around! As if I didn’t completely soak these tight jeans enough I lost cotrol rewetting them before making it in the house! Come see you won’t believe how soaked I become!