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    Aid for German Flood Victims

    Parts of Western Germany have been hit with a historical flood that has caused widespread destruction and as of now (Thursday, July 15 2021) has cost 58 lives. (source, source, source)

    Here’s a couple links to places where you can donate. These will be in German, so make sure you have a translating tool at hand.

  • Diakonie Wuppertal (social welfare, victim aid)
  • Gemeinschaftsstiftung Wuppertal (social welfare, victim aid)
  • Deutsche Lebensrettergesellschaft (German Lifeguard Society, buy equipment for helpers)
  • Heimatcrowd Iserlohn-Lasbeck und Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde (community mutual aid)
  • Technisches Hilfwerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief, a disaster relief organisation; donations here go to them at large, not only flood victims)
  • Aktion Deutschland hilft (mutual aid, helpers and victims)
  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross; not the same as the US Red Cross and considerably less shitty; donations for helpers)
  • I pulled all of these from official news websites, so they should be legit. I will add to this post if I come across more resources.


    The death toll has risen to 81 today (July 16 2021), with 1300 people currently missing. The damages are catastrophic, and the media calls it “the worst flood of post-war Germany”. We’re currently fighting to keep the dams in the area from breaking to prevent even more destruction.

    shirou’s noble phantasm is the ability to impose his ideal upon the world. shirou’s ideal is a fake. it is something he copied from kiritsugu. it is an impossible and childish ideal that the world is too complicated to allow. but the reason unlimited blade works is a reality marble is because shirou does not accept the world as it is. if the world will not allow everybody to be saved then i will create a world where everybody can be saved. archer’s version of unlimited blade works is a desolate desert under a sand brown sky filled with cogs, because archer has become a cog in the mechanism of the counter force and his own image of the ideal he holds has become tarnished by the tragedy he has been made to face and enact in the name of that ideal. even if he were to impose his ideal upon reality, the world created by that ideal would not be a beautiful one. but shirou’s version holds a clear blue sky. even if the ground is still desolate, even if the path is harsh, there is a better future to look forward to. the wish to help others is a beautiful one, and the world where everyone can be saved is a beautiful one. it is a world worth striving for even if that horizon cannot be reached within a lifetime

    shirou’s ability to copy weapons is an extension, a manifestation of the way he copied his ideals. noble phantasms are representations of heroic spirits, embodiments of that hero’s ideals. shirou is someone who copies the weapons, the ideals of others. but he doesn’t copy them without understanding. in order to copy a weapon he has to understand its structure, the components and conditions that came together to shape this ideal. shirou almost exclusively uses strengthening in fate route until he becomes able to project caliburn with saber’s help after he grows closer with her and comes to understand the ideals that led her to take caliburn from the stone in the first place. shirou regularly projects swords in unlimited blade works but only becomes able to activate his reality marble after clashing with and coming to understand his own borrowed ideal, after seeing for himself what the reality of that ideal is and coming to realize what kind of world needs to be imposed upon reality to fulfill that ideal anyway. in heaven’s feel all his acts of magecraft are borrowed, useable only through the arm of archer, who embodies his ideal. but that reality marble, that borrowed ideal, becomes incompatible with him as he develops his own, unborrowed ideal. unlimited blade works is the logical extreme of a copied ideal, the shirou who no longer borrows another’s ideals cannot use it.

    shirou copies his ideals, and shirou makes a world where those ideals become reality. so shirou is also someone who makes other people’s impossible ideals manifest. even weapons that don’t or no longer exist are possible for him to create as long as he can understand how they are created. shirou’s ideals are copied, and the weapons he uses to fight for those ideals are copied, but the act of copying is an act of respect for those ideals. he cannot copy ideals he cannot understand (ea), and he cannot copy ideals he does not believe he can achieve (excalibur). archer prefers kanshou and bakuya as his weapons because they were swords forged without ideals, and thus don’t burden him with the weight of those ideals. archer uses broken phantasms in unlimited blade works, destroying the weapons he borrows, because he is lashing out at the very idea of heroic ideals being worth fulfilling. conversely, when shirou projects heracles’ sword and technique in heaven’s feel it is to borrow heracles’ power to fulfill heracles’ ideal of protecting illya. when shirou copies a weapon it is a promise to fulfill the ideal behind that weapon in your stead. because the reason shirou is a hero is that he promised to fulfill kiritsugu’s ideal in his stead. he will take up the weapon, the ideal that you left behind, and he will create a world where that ideal can become reality.

    i love love love that chen gong is a caster because he casts no spells whatsoever and even calls zhuge liang a bitch for his unreturning formation being more of a spell than a strategy, the only reason chen gong is a caster is because he comes from a line of supervillain magic contraption builders but the only thing he did with those techniques is give lu bu a fucked up superweapon and watch him go ham


    There are a lot of really dog shit things in the world of tech that can be solved with a bit of time, some stubborn googling and maybe some special hardware and piracy is only the tip of the iceberg. 

    Printers are notorious for claiming they’re out of ink when they haven’t come close to the suggested number of prints, and their cartridges literally still have ink in them. So after a bit of googling I found out how to ‘reset’ a cartridges automatic stopping system (its literally 1 physical wheel on the cartridge that you gotta turn back). The only downside is that I don’t get a digital ink monitor, but since it told me it was empty when still half full, I don’t mind. 

    Like, you can just jiggle with some shit and solve one of the biggest money making scams in the post-industrial world and I don’t think people realise its that easy. 

    Or, like, repairing your own technology. A few months ago, I swapped out my sister’s laptop screen. Did it myself, I removed maybe 4 screws, no vital parts were exposed and it cost me $40. I even got a choice of matte or glossy. 

    My point is, any walls that capitalist technology presents you with will be a false one. And one already broken by a dedicated community of interesting people working hard for free to break down that wall.


    kids these days will be all “be gay do crime” and dont even know how to watch a cartoon without paying for it smh



    piracy was definitely leagues easier a decade or so ago when thepiratebay was functional, megaupload was still running, and YouTube and Google made only the most cursory attempts to block copyright content. like let’s not pretend that the internet hasn’t got a lot more corporatised in the past decade or so. piracy is still possible and you can and should do it but it’s a LOT harder to do safely and reliably than it was.


    Sorry, this is all wrong.

    1) ThePirateBay is still functional. (It’s not the same pirate bay that it was back in the day, but let’s not get into Theseus’ ship territory. It’s still here and it still works, that’s all that matters.) There are plenty of torrent sites around, more than there were 10 years ago – although overall traffic has plummeted. Now as then, it’s a whack-a-mole game.

    2) Why was it “leagues easier” a decade ago? Some countries, not all (not north America, for example), now mandate ISP blocking of torrent sites, but this new complication can be bypassed with one (1) step: a google duckduckgo search for proxies. No government agency or ISP can possibly keep up with proxies, it’s yet another whack-a-mole game. So yes, it was technically easier before, but I don’t see “leagues” anywhere.

    3) It was safer before? Are you shitting me? Have you lot forgotten that the legal departments of MPAA and RIAA sued torrent sharers (not even uploaders) and asked for millions of dollars for damages? AND GOT THEM? (By which I mean they didn’t actually get millions since the people they sued didn’t have any, but said people were convicted and ruined and that was the goal in the first place. It was a deeply amoral and cynical scare tactic.) Well they stopped doing that at some point, and focused on hunting P2P and torrent sites. Running a site is certainly less safe today. Using one, though? Depending on where you are, the ISP may be allowed to block you after repeated instances, and that’s it. You’re not getting in trouble with the law or into crippling debt. And either way there’s only a minuscule chance that any of this will come to pass, which becomes zero (0) with a VPN. (Safety of course depends on the country, and in some cases piracy is the least of your concerns. Let’s not get into that.)

    4) Ten years ago there was no Sci-Hub, and Library Genesis was in its infancy. If today it’s harder to find PDFs on google, it is orders of magnitude easier and more reliable to find them elsewhere. People just have to unstick their minds from the notion that stuff is either on google or doesn’t exist at all. Geez.

    5) P2P still exists. IRC (the sharing channels in particular, #bookz and the like) still exists. Torrenting functions like it always did. All these methods are exactly as easy to use as before, i.e. not necessarily a piece of cake, there’s a learning curve. But it’s the same learning curve it was 10 years ago.

    6) So what have we lost? Only YouTube (meh, the film/tv quality was appalling anyway, and music is still there) and direct downloads (at least the permanent ones: there are plenty of them still around, but files expire and you need to keep track of what goes up when. So this goes beyond knowhow, it’s about internet communities. Let’s not get into that either, it’s a huge subject.) It’s a loss, sure, but I wouldn’t call it a terrible blow.

    7) And in exchange for that loss, we got streaming sites. This is piracy, too, and it’s much much easier than torrents, and tons of people do it. Any “piracy has declined” narrative either implies that we’re excluding streaming from the discussion for some reason, or is flat out wrong. Ten years ago, grandpa couldn’t possibly torrent a film, and it’s debatable if he even knew how to open the file you helpfully sent him. Now, as long as someone has set up kodi or similar, grandpa can watch it on his tv and it just feels like cable.

    8) On why torrents in particular have declined in recent years, see here. It’s a big subject and I didn’t cover all of it, but the main reason is that people had access to easier methods to get what they wanted (some legal and affordable, some illegal and free), so they didn’t need to learn how to torrent. Ergo, they never did. There’s more of course, and there’s definitely a cultural shift too, but that’s a very long story so let’s not get into it. The linked post also includes some thoughts on why torrents aren’t dead and doomed just yet, and ooh, I forgot a very important one: you can’t stream photoshop.

    To summarise, internet piracy is NOT more difficult, unreliable, and unsafe today than it was 10 or 20 years ago. For reasons why people (young or otherwise) seem less versed in it, please look elsewhere. I have thoughts on that too, but this is already a very long post, so I’ll just leave you with the best kind of thought. I’ll leave you with a doubt:

    ARE people less versed in piracy? Are they really? Or is it simply that 20 years ago, internet users were computer geeks by definition, whereas now everyones online? Perhaps the percentage of skilled pirates in the general population remains more or less the same, and the only thing that’s dropped is the percentage of skilled pirates to total internet users. I can’t be sure without statistical evidence, but it’s a possibility.


    You can literally google “watch _____ free online” and find most movies but the third result just download Adblock or popup blocker and you’re golden it truly couldn’t be easier


    I’ve been meaning to make a piracy masterpost for awhile and what better time than now?

    Materpost: A curated Githup tutorial of links to more torrent sites, software, VPNs, uBlock origin filters, ect. Basically everything you could ever want starting out. Do be warned though it doesn’t appear to have been updated in awhile so a few of the links are dead.


  • Vimm’s Roms: NES era->ps3 era roms and emulators to play them. Has user ratings on games. Cons: slow download speeds.
  • NxBrew: Switch roms/game updates/dlc
  • nsw2u: More switch roms. Check here if nxbrew doesn’t have the game you’re looking for.
  • Hshop: 3ds games/updates/dlc. Very well organized and sorted by console region. Bonus ability to generate QR codes to scan with homebrew to begin download directly on your console.
  • Oldgamesdownload: Old 90’s-2000’s PC games and some gamecube games. Technically, all of the games here are abandon ware, meaning the original company/creator doesn’t sell nor make money from the games anymore period. If you’re into that.
  • Fitgirl repacks: Heavily compressed PC games, and other various consoles. Small downloads and faster speeds for the size of the games. Somewhat limited game selection.
  • Steam unlocked: Steam games with easy-to-use installers. Check here if fitgirl doesn’t have what you’re looking for.
  • Steam Underground: A user forum for piracy support, usually about installing cracked games. Does have some scattered PC game downloads.
  • Google doc of Skyrim SE creation club content.
  • Amiibo life: Amiibo bins, can be loaded with some homebrew to load in games without any external source, or, if you buy writable NFC cards, you can make your own free amiibos.
  • Books:

  • Library Genesis: a good all-in-one ebook finder. Has books, magazines, scientific papers, ect. Well organized and able to sort by Author, Genre, ect ect. Almost all books in .epub format
  • Calibre: Not piracy but a free software for reading said .epub files, and other ebook formats. Good for sorting your books.
  • Sci-Hub: Research papers, academic books, pdfs, ect. Helpful for collage students.
  • IT ebook: eBooks about learning programming languages.
  • audiobookbay: Audiobook downloads.
  • Booksonic: Audiobook streaming.
  • 5e.tools: Dnd player’s manual, guide, ect.
  • Books on learning various languages.
  • Mangadex: Manga, Doujinshi.      
  • Headspace sleep audio.
  • Various books and manuals.
  • Streaming:

  • ustvgo: Free streaming of live tv, has most US cable tv channels.
  • tutturu: Spiritual successor to Rabbit, allows you to stream your screen with friends.
  • Yes movies: Movies
  • Kimcartoon: Cartoons/animated movies
  • aniwatcher: Anime
  • animedao: Anime
  • Computer software:

  • getintopc: Wide selection of pc (mostly windows) software of all sorts, and different versions. Can personally vouch for the site, I’ve gotten Photoshop, Maya, and Sony Vegas from here over the years.
  • Other:

  • the eye: An archive of old roms, OS systems, roms (non nintendo), comics, books, ect, ect. Cons: No search function and slightly hard to navigate.
  • 1337x.to: Torrent site for movies, shows, games, comics, ect.
  • ThePirateBay: The classic.
  • Recorded broadway musicals. Verying quality.