No. YOU DON’T GET TO DO THIS AND SLIP UNDER THE RADAR. Anyone who’s seeing this, I beg you to reblog. I want as many people to see this shit as possible.


    this is really true tho!!! my uncle was a cop in NY & FL and they taught him to shoot first if he had to. anytime a cop feels threatened (and they basically teach cops they’re always threatened) they can shoot. its rlly sick psychological torture shit to help create a police state tbh


    Also! Click here to contact his organization and remind him of the blood on his hands. These are his murders too, and everyone involved deserves to feel the weight of guilt. 


    Please… Please tell me… This was scripted…


    Can someone transcript this?



    Middle-aged white man in a grey button-down with black glasses speaking in front of a classroom of older teenagers: Hey, guys, listen up, I just wanna take a second to address because I know there have been some complaints with the pronoun issues and I just want you guys to know that I’m working on it. I respect all of you and your lifestyle choices, and in fact, last weekend I even went to the district’s mandated Gender-Bread Man Training.

    (Flips slideshow to a picture of the gender-bread person)

    Male-presenting student, loudly with their hands cupped around their mouth: It’s a Gender-Bread Person.

    Man, shouting: WHATEVER! WHATEVER! I went to the training, okay?! All I’m asking in return from you guys is for you to stop calling me a boomer! I’M NOT A BABY BOOMER, YOU GUYS! I’m NOT A BOOMER!

    The class, in unison: Okay, Boomer.




    just to add some background, the tiktok is from the teacher’s account, he’s making fun of boomers who are actually like this, please don’t attack him for letting his students have fun at his expense