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    Where can we find more of your stories after the new rules

    I will be posting stories on the Shoesession forums, maybe on reddit, and maybe here (if they’re still allowed? The policy says erotica is allowed, but the policy says a lot of shit that they aren’t following so idk)

    Future of Tumblr

    Hey everyone, it looks like the new Tumblr policies are pretty well going to shut this blog down, so I wanted to take a minute to post about where to get some good sneaker content in the future. I’ll still keep my SFW blog up and running, but stories and links and stuff are probably going to move over to either the Shoesession forums or one of the sneaker subreddits. r/chickswearingchucks and r/girlsinsneakers are both great. I’ll also be available on Kik (allstarchucko) and Pornhub (allstarchucko). 

    To all the other sneaker blogs out there, send me your Instagram, reddit, Pornhub, etc. usernames so we can keep sharing!

    Girls’ Night

    Hey guys, here’s a fun little story I decided to write. I’ll get back to the Converse Magic stuff, but I’m looking to throw in these little stand-alone one shots as well. Enjoy!

    Girls Night

     “What are you doing home?” Scott heard his fiancé call from the kitchen as she walked in the back door. They were in their mid twenties and had moved in together a little less than a year ago. He heard her set some groceries on the counter and walk toward the living room. He always knew where Stacey was in the house because she was the type who always wore her shoes inside. “What happened to that work thing you were supposed to go to?” She said, standing in the doorway, hands on her hips.

    “Moved it to next week.” Scott shrugged. He was kicked back on the couch watching TV.

    “But it’s girls’ night!” Stacey said with a tinge of disappointment. Scott held back a smile. She was cute when she pouted like this. She was standing with her arms crossed, wearing some torn and faded jean shorts, one of her old sorority tanktops, and of course, a pair of Converse All Stars. Today they were an older pair of white lowtops, but Scott had long since lost track of how many pairs she had. Stacey was one of those girls with a special shelf rack just for her sneaker collection. When they had first met he thought he remembered her saying she had 70 some, but by now he figured she must have over a hundred. It was inconvenient for closet space in their small townhouse, but they were cute enough, and it was a fun quirk that made his fiancé unique. She wore them with everything.

    “Listen, Jenna and Beth are coming later. We’ve had it planned for months. So you’ll have to make yourself scarce.” Stacey said, rolling her eyes and walking back to the kitchen.

    “Seriously? Babe, I wanted to watch TV.” Scott said with some disbelief.

    “I promised them an evening with just the girls,” Stacey said apologetically as she put away a few bottles of wine in the fridge. “We’ve got wine and snacks and games all planned out.”

    “I like games,” Scott said jokingly. Stacey rolled her eyes with mock annoyance and threw a bag of chips at him.

    “Can you just stay downstairs?” She asked sincerely. “Please, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Scott pretended to think about it before agreeing. She gave him a quick kiss and started shoving him out of the kitchen.

    “Fine, fine, I’m going.” Scott chuckled as he grabbed his can of soda from the coffee table. He had another TV downstairs in the den, and he didn’t really have a problem playing video games by himself all night while Stacey and her friends braided each other’s hair or whatever. Just then, they heard the back door open.

    “Hello hello!” the voices called. It was Jenna and Beth, two of Stacey’s closest friends. Jenna was taller with dark hair, while Beth was short, athletic, and blonde. Scott knew them both pretty well. They weren’t the collectors that Stacey was, but he noted that they were both wearing Converse too. Jenna had some black hightops she had been wearing for years, and Beth had light blue lowtops. Scott was glad that his fiance was so hot (he constantly joked about punching above his weight class) because her friends were very cute and might have otherwise caused a problem.

    “I’m just leaving!” Scott called as he headed down the back stairs. The wedding planning had already gotten stressful, so he was glad Stacey was going to get a night with her friends. He booted up his computer and sat down for a solid evening of gaming.

    About two hours had passed, and Scott paused his game. He had long since finished his drink, and he had forgotten to bring a snack with him. His stomach grumbled and he looked toward the stairway. He could probably make it to the fridge and back downstairs without the girls noticing, he figured. They would probably be too distracted by whatever romantic comedy they were watching. Quietly, he slipped up the stairs and gently turned the knob. Sure enough, as he cracked the door he could see that the kitchen was empty. Some music was playing from the living room and he thought he heard his fiancé’s voice. He creeped out the door toward his target but paused when he rounded the counter. There was a clear view into the living room and he wanted to make sure nobody was looking. He thought about how funny it would be to tell Stacey about this little covert mission later, and how much she would appreciate him upholding the sanctity of Girls Night.

    He was distracted, however, by what he saw in the living room. He had expected to see the back of one of the girls’ heads over the top of the couch. Instead, he saw a long slender leg and a white sneaker dangling over the top edge. His fiance’s light brown hair was hanging over the left arm, indicating that she was laying down. Even stranger was the pair of feet in black hightop Converse that were sticking off the right side. It looked like Jenna was kneeling or laying face down on the couch too. A strange thought ran through Scott’s head, and he moved instinctively toward the living room, craning his neck to see what the two were up to. Caught up in the moment, he forgot to pay attention to his surroundings. Suddenly he felt a hand reach from behind him and plunge down the front of his pants. He jumped and started to shout out, but another hand shoved something into his mouth. It was soft fabric with a strong, salty taste. The hands clasped around his slowly swelling cock and over his mouth, keeping him from spitting out the fuzzy wad in his mouth. He felt himself getting pushed toward the living room.

    “Oh ladies! We have a little guest,” he heard Beth say from behind him in a singsong voice as she led him toward the couch. Stacey and Jenna both sat up from the couch. Scott had a clearer view now and his eyes widened. Stacey had her shirt on but had discarded her shorts and panties and had been laying sideways on the couch. Jenna had been kneeling on the other end of the couch with her face buried between his fiancé’s legs, and she was topless. Her boobs were way bigger than Stacey’s, and her lips and chin were glistening. Scott also briefly noticed that there seemed to be a few more pairs of shoes scattered around the floor and coffee table next to the wine glasses and snacks.

    “Tsk tsk tsk,” Stacey said with a wry smile “I told you to stay downstairs.” She scolded as she stood up and set down the wine glass she was holding. Jenna bit her lip and eyed Scott. “But I guess you’ve decided to come join us.” Scott had never seen this attitude from his fiancé before. She was mischievous, commanding, and confident. Not to mention the sexy swagger she had as she walked toward him. “You should know, Girls’ Night has very specific rules. Namely, the girls are in charge. No complaining. If you’re good, you’ll get rewarded.” She used one finger to lift his shirt sexily. Beth had to let go of his mouth to let Stacey pull his shirt completely off, and he tried to talk through what he was realizing was the dirty sock crammed in his mouth. It came out muffled and unintelligible. “No no no, we can’t have that” Stacey chided and put her hand over his mouth again. Reaching down she slipped off one of her white lowtop Converse. Lifting it up to her face she put the shoe to her face and inhaled deeply from the inside. “Mmmm, this should do,” she said, and placed the opening of the shoe over Scott’s nose and mouth. Beth kept a tight grip on his cock, which to his surprise was like a lead pipe in his pants. Scott took a deep breath of the sweet, sweaty sneaker and felt his cock throb a little more. Stacey pressed the shoe firmly against his face and he felt her begin to wrap the laces around his head. A moment later she backed away and Scott realized that the shoe was now firmly secured in place. He had no choice but to breathe through his fiance’s white chuck, and there was no way for him to talk or spit out the sock with the shoe over his mouth. He was stuck.

    “Now let’s have a little fun!” Stacey said to the other girls. She took Scott firmly by both wrists and pulled him over to the couch. “Wait, one more thing” She added, and popped off her other sneaker. She placed it in Scott’s left hand and wrapped the laces around his wrist once. Taking his other wrist, she had him hold the shoe with both hands and quickly wrapped his other wrist. He was unable to do anything with his hands except grip the sneaker. With a solid shove to the chest he stumbled back onto the couch next to Jenna, who reached into his pants as well and began to stroke his member. Stacey quickly undid his zipper and yanked his pants down and completely off. “Have at him ladies, I’ve got to get a new pair of toys” Stacey said slyly. Jenna and Beth immediately pounced. Beth pulled his legs around so that he was laying on the couch, and Jenna licked her lips. Straddling his legs, the brunette stroked Scott’s dick which was standing straight up at attention. She also began to fiddle with her shorts. Beth followed suit, stripping out of her white shorts as well.

    “God, this is what you’ve been keeping to yourself?” Jenna said as she slipped her panties off over her black hightops, eyeing Scott’s penis. Stacey giggled mischievously as she sat on the recliner and began lacing up some pink hightops. Scott had no way to resist when Jenna straddled him again and sank her warm, wet pussy onto his throbbing rod. He moaned into the sneaker tied to his face. He looked over at his fiancé, who was now watching from the recliner with a very pleased look on her face as her best friend fucked him. She spread her bare legs and revealed her dripping pussy, which she fingered seductively for him. His view was quickly cut short, however, as Jenna pulled his head up and buried his face in her large tits. Specifically, she was enjoying the feeling of Stacey’s white sneaker on his face rubbing her nipples while ground herself on Scott’s cock.

    “Hey, no fair,” Beth whined. “You gotta share the new toys.” Jenna rolled her eyes sarcastically and pushed Scott’s head back onto the couch. “Thanks! Here you go,” Beth said as she rounded the couch, and handed some gray lowtops to Jenna before swinging one leg over Scott’s face so that she was facing Jenna. She sank her pussy down onto the sole of the sneaker on his face and began grinding as well. “I got those gray ones last week. Don’t they taste amazing?” Beth said with a giggle as she rode Scott’s face.

    “Oh my god they’re delicious” Jenna gasped as she bounced on Scott’s cock. She used one of the gray sneakers to rub her nipple while she desperately licked the other. Her tongue ran up the rubber side and snaked around the shiny white toe. Putting the toe in her mouth she pushed it in as far as she could and sucked desperately. She even bobbed her head a few time, as though she were trying to deep throat a cock, before pulling it away gasping for breath. She licked up and down the sole over and over, never stopping her pace plunging her hot, moist pussy down onto Scott’s dick. Beth was performing similar acts with some navy blue lowtops. Stacey was very casually sipping her wine. She was also teasing her clit with one of her favorite black Converse. Every minute or so, she would lift the toe of the sneaker to her mouth and passionately lick it clean of her fluids.

    “Hmmm, this is so good,” Beth moaned as she furiously ground herself on the sneaker on Scott’s face. He could feel a few drops of fluid dripping off the side of the sneaker and onto his cheeks. “Oooooh I’m gonna cummmmm”

    “Mmmmm me too” Jenna cried out. She was now using both of the gray All Stars to massage her tits while she bounced on Scott’s cock as fast and as hard as she could.

    “Oooh, Jen, you should make a mess of my new sneakers.” Beth moaned. “Please drench my little Chucks”

    “Hnnnnn that’s such a good idea. God I want to mess up your cute little shoes” Jenna gasped. Setting both of the gray sneakers on Scott’s chest, she lifted herself up. His cock popped out of her but remained upright and throbbing. She pushed her hips forward and plunged her fingers into her dripping snatch as she began to shake.

    “Oh god yes!” Beth screamed as Jenna’s fluids sprayed onto her gray Chucks and began to soak into the canvas. “Fuck that’s so hot! I’m cumming tooooo” Sure enough, Scott felt her weight lift off his face, but immediately found his face being soaked by her cum too. It sprayed onto his chin and ran down the sides of the sneaker and onto his cheeks and nose. He had to close his eyes as she drenched his face. The two girls slumped to the floor, breathing heavily and giggling with pleasure. Beth reached over and took her sopping gray sneakers back from Jenna and began casually lapping at the fluids with her tongue as well.

    “Mmm, god those look so good, B” Stacey said from the chair. Scott was trembling as he looked toward his fiancé. He had just fucked her best friend and had his face ridden by another. His cock was so hard it hurt, and precum was oozing out in nearly a continuous flow. This side of her was unbelievably hot. She was still gently rubbing herself with the black sneaker. She caught Scott looking toward her and she beckoned with one finger. It was tough with the shoe over his face and his hands tied, but after some clumsy struggling he managed to sit up and then stand. He shuffled toward her, his dick still sticking straight out, until he got close enough for her to reach out and stop him with her foot, clad in a pristine pink hightop sneaker. “You see, baby,” she said in a sexy playful voice, “we have a lot of fun on Girls Night. You want to see our favorite thing though?” She asked seductively. Scott gulped but his dick was so hard and he was so desperate to cum he was willing to agree to anything. He nodded. “Mmmm, I’m glad.” Stacey said with a satisfied smile as she gently traced the toe of her sneaker up and down the length of his shaft. His dick twitched again and precum dribbled onto her sneaker. “Once we’ve had our fun then we’ll let you have your reward.” Lifting her feet she put both of her sneakers against his chest, exposing her pussy to him. However, she didn’t let him any nearer, so his cock was forced to throb in the air a foot away. Lifting her black lowtop to her mouth she coated the toe with her tongue before moving it back down to her crotch. Pressing the toe against her outer lips, Stacey’s mouth made a small o as the pleasure briefly broke through her confident seductive persona. Biting her lip she pressed the toe of the shoe harder against her opening. Scott’s eyes widened as he watched the toe disappear into her pussy. She let out a soft moan as the toe fully entered her, followed by the first row of laces. She slowly pulled it back out and revealed the canvas that had begun soaking up her fluids and the glistening rubber. When the tip of the toe reappeared, she began to push it back in. She was fucking herself with a shoe as Scott looked on in awe. Scott felt hands fiddling around the back of his head and suddenly the white sneaker was removed. He now had a much better view as Stacey shoved the black lowtop into herself over and over again. One of her feet in a pink hightop moved up and began to caress his face. Scott closed his eyes and savored the feeling of the smooth rubber as it pressed against his skin. He could smell the scent of fresh sneakers and he found that he loved it. He looked down and saw that Beth and Jenna had both knelt on either side of Stacey. They had each taken off one of their own sneakers and were plunging them into themselves too. Scott’s cock was on fire at this point and the precum was flowing fully as he watched the three women fucking themselves with their favorite chucks. The black lowtop flashed in and out of Stacey’s snatch as she began to moan. Jenna had shoved her black hightop into her cunt until the ankle patch was barely visible. Beth was expertly ravaging herself with her blue lowtop with short fast thrusts.

    “Aren’t you glad you came upstairs, baby?” Stacey said breathily. “Aren’t you happy you get to see what we really do with our Converse?” Scott couldn’t help but moan through the sock and nod furiously. Stacey bit her lip and put her feet back on his chest as she began to shake. Her eyes rolled and she pulled the sneaker out of her pussy fast. Scott had never seen her squirt in all the time they had been dating, but even over a foot away his crotch was sprayed with her juice as she screamed out in pleasure. She put the shoe in front of her pussy again as she squirted the toe and sent fluids everywhere. It was like putting your thumb over a hose, Scott thought. Even Beth and Jenna caught some of the spray, though they were distracted by their own orgasms which made a mess of their own shoes. Their moans echoed through the house. Stacey pulled her feet away and sat up straight, catching her breath. Scott saw the other two giggle to each other as they put their dripping sneakers back on their feet.

    “Well you were a very good boy, baby,” Stacey said, standing up and placing her hands gently on his bare chest. “So I promised you’d get a reward. You can break in these new pink sneakers for me. It’s the first time I’ve worn them so they’re totally fresh and clean. Oh, and you wanted a snack, so here.” She took the sopping black lowtop in her hand. Gently she removed the sock from his mouth and placed the toe of the sneaker in there instead. Scott opened his mouth wide and took the whole toe into his mouth. He sucked the rubber and savored the taste of Stacey’s cum all over it. Stacey then sat back and lifted her feet in the pink sneakers. She presented them just in front of his painfully hard dick. Beth and Jenna nodded to each other and leaned forward. Their lips met on either side of his cock and Scott bit down on the toe of the shoe in his mouth. Their tongues swirled around his shaft and flicked against the head that was already about to blow. With a final cry, Scott felt an eruption blast out of his manhood. A spray of cum splattered Stacey’s left sneaker from the ankle all the way to the toe. Jet after jet of hot jizz rocketed out over the pink Converse as Scott shook. He had never cum like this. It didn’t stop either. More and more spunk continued to squirt onto the new shoes, until he lost the power to reach the toes and then it continued to ooze out onto the floor. The shoes were plastered and the three girls squealed in pleasure. As his orgasm finally subsided, Scott’s knees buckled and he stumbled back and sank to the ground. He laid down and curled up, his hands still tied around the white lowtop, and the wet black lowtop still shoved in his mouth.

    The girls straightened up the food and glasses and got dressed as he lay there. He wasn’t even aware of the back door opening as Stacey’s friends left for the evening. He heard the footsteps of Stacey’s jizz-covered Chucks walking around the kitchen and with a whimper he realized that he was getting hard again. Even after the climax of a lifetime he apparently needed more. This time, however, there were no sneaker sluts around to help him out. Looking down (which was difficult with the shoe still in his mouth) he saw the sneaker that was binding his hands. Since his hands were tied to either side of the shoe the opening was still available between them. Reaching down he whimpered with relief as he felt his erection slip inside the shoe. Still laying on his side, he began to fuck the sneaker in his hands.

    “Oh, baby,” Stacey said sympathetically as she returned to the room. “Here, let me help you.” She walked over and pulled his hands away from his cock. He gave her a pleading look and she smiled kindly. “I know, I know,” she said, “one second.” Rolling him onto his back she straddled him and sank her wet cunt onto his dick. Scott’s eyes rolled back at the feeling. “Let me get these off of you. You did so good tonight.” She said warmly as she untied the laces on his wrists. As soon as his hands were free Scott grabbed the shoe in his mouth. But instead of removing it, he gripped it so that he could lick and suck it harder. The taste and feeling of it was driving him wild. “Oh you like that?” Stacey asked with a chuckle and began gently licking the side of the white lowtop she had just removed from his wrists. She was also gyrating her hips in the way she knew Scott loved.

    ‘Fuuuuucccckkkk” Scott finally rasped out as he pulled the sneaker away, his mouth free for the first time all evening. He began pumping cum deep into his fiancé while she gasped and began to climax as well. They came together and curled up on the floor. It took nearly an hour before Stacey finally stirred and helped Scott to his feet. She took him up and tucked him into bed, leaving a glass of water on the nightstand. She left to continue cleaning up downstairs. It was some time before she returned, and Scott was nearly asleep. He felt her slip under the covers next to him. “Mmmm, hey baby?” He mumbled. “I love you so much.” He rolled over to curl up with her, his favorite way to sleep.

    “I love you too honey,” she whispered. In the darkness of the bedroom she smirked. Scott pulled her close and he smiled as well. He could feel her naked body against his, but instead of her cold bare feet, tonight he could feel her wearing a pair of her favorite sneakers.

    Converse Magic- Chapter 8

    A new chapter!! Zoe gets in on the fun finally, and discovers what she can do. 

    Chapter 8:

                 Over the next two weeks, Zoe was at the store every day. True to her word, Chrissy had named her an assistant, so for a few hours a day Zoe would work in the back restocking shelves, taking inventory, unpacking new shipments, or watching the front counter while Chrissy ran errands. She had also opened up quite a bit, and spent a lot of time hanging around even when she was off the clock. Chrissy was pleased to see she hadn’t worn her Vans once since her first visit, and Melissa confirmed that she wore the monochrome black lowtops in her class every day. It had also given Chrissy the chance to really get to know her. Despite her shy demeanor, she found the Zoe was very bright, very sharp, and had a talent for art. 

                   Chrissy had put her to work making fliers for the store and drawing up posters for the windows. She had even created a kind of mascot for the store that she drew on all of the advertisements. It was a cute anime girl in a pretty school uniform wearing Converse. Chrissy was also very pleased to see Zoe developing a friendship with a few of the girls at the store. Rei was a cute girl with a gothy vibe who had dyed silver/gray short hair and lots of tattoos. Steph was a hipster redhead who shared Zoe’s love of beanies and flannel. The three girls shared a few classes and were often seen studying together.

                 Around this time, Melissa had also noticed an improvement in Zoe’s performance in class. She was working harder, was more focused, and was less afraid to ask questions. So it wasn’t unusual when Zoe and Rei approached her after class.

                 “Excuse me, Professor Taylor,” Zoe asked politely. “We’re having a little trouble with the last section in the reading. It’s just not making sense the way the other chapters did, and I was hoping you could sit down with us and go over it?”

                 “Of course! I’d be happy to.” Melissa replied cheerfully. “My office hours aren’t until tomorrow, but why don’t you two swing by the house this evening. Chrissy is making pasta, and there’s always too much. Swing by around 5 and I’ll be happy to help.”

                 “Really!? Wow, that’d be fantastic. Thank you Professor!” Zoe beamed. She bounced away excitedly in her favorite new black Chucks.

                 Sure enough, at 5 o’clock on the dot there was a knock on the front door. Zoe and Rei were waiting eagerly on the front step when Melissa opened the door. Melissa had changed out of her teaching clothes and was wearing faded skinny jeans with a white v-neck sweater and clean white lowtops. Her long light blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail, and Zoe barely recognized her.

                 “Hi professor!” Zoe said eagerly. “Wow, you have a lovely home!”

                 “Why thank you! Come on in.” Melissa said, pulling the door open and stepping aside. “But please, call me Melissa while we’re here. Chrissy hates people calling me Professor at home.”

                 “Only because you like sounding more important than me, Professor” came Chrissy’s sarcastic voice from the kitchen. Melissa rolled her eyes.

                 “I love your outfit. I didn’t know you wore Converse too.” Zoe said as they walked toward the living room.

                 “Of course! You’ve only ever seen me at work. Chrissy likes to complain that half the store’s inventory winds up in my closet anyway.” Melissa joked. “I love yours too!” she added, indicating Zoe’s mono black lowtops and Rei’s gray lowtops. “Never trust a girl whose best friend isn’t Chuck Taylor.” They all laughed.

                 For the next hour they sat in the living room going over the finer points of English Literature. They were only occasionally interrupted by a smartass comment shouted by Chrissy from the kitchen. Melissa had a hard time keeping her eyes off Zoe’s curves hidden under the flannel tied around her waist, and the stains on Rei’s sneakers that she recognized as cum (whether it was hers or her wife’s was impossible to say). Finally, after they had finished covering the chapter and their conversation had drifted to more philosophical questions of symbolism and metaphor Chrissy peeked her head in the room and announced it was time for dinner.

                 “Enough of the smart shit, let’s eat!” she declared.

                 “She’s just jealous she doesn’t understand a word of this.” Melissa said exasperatedly as they walked to the kitchen.

                 “Hey, I don’t need to know it. I’m a businesswoman!” Chrissy said with a laugh as she carried plates to the table. She had  black jean shorts with a white rock band tshirt with black lowtops. A towel was thrown over one shoulder while she cooked. “But seriously, girls, the best thing you can get yourself is a smart wife. Take it from me.” She kissed Melissa on the cheek, who giggled.

                 “She can be dumb as a board as long as she’s cute and wears Chucks,” Rei piped up. Zoe blushed and the wives laughed. “I can’t believe you’ve never had a pair before, Zoe.” Zoe blushed deeper. “They’re so cute on you. Right?” Rei asked the wives.

                 “Of course! But I’m biased. Everybody knows I’m a sucker for a gal in sneakers.” Chrissy said as she poured four glasses of wine. Zoe looked at the glass with worry. “Oh come on,” Chrissy said. “You girls are old enough for a nice glass of wine with dinner. You’re not going to get in trouble. Besides, I remember Rei at the last sleepover.” Rei winked at her. This seemed to comfort Zoe as they all began eating.

                 “So you all find Converse attractive too?” Zoe suddenly piped up timidly after a few moments of silence and silverware clinking. The wives shared an eager look.

                 “Of course!” Melissa said. “Chucks are hot.”

                 “Oh my god I love them!” Rei said. “I met my last girlfriend because I complimented her shoes at the bar one night.”

                 “Wow.” Zoe said, blushing even more. “I always thought they were really cute but I didn’t think anybody else did.” The rest of the meal was spent sharing funny stories related to Converse. Chrissy refilled their wine glasses at least once. Finally, Melissa stood and began clearing their plates. Rei and Zoe both stood to help.

                 “No, darling, I’ve got dishes.” Chrissy said, standing as well. “And Zoe I make you work enough as it is. You go relax. Rei, you stay. I need a hand and you made enough of a mess at the last sleepover that you owe me.” Rei looked briefly hurt, but then shrugged and agreed that it was fair. Melissa and Zoe returned to the living room and sat.

                 “So, Zoe, you told me once you had never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Have you met anyone special?” Melissa asked. Zoe blushed profusely.

                 “Everyone here is so cute. And I really do kind of have a thing for sneakers.” Zoe said quietly. She also glanced toward the kitchen before she answered.

                 “What about Rei, she’s cute. And those Converse are lovely.” Melissa said slyly before taking a sip of her wine. “You should ask her out.”

                 “What? No. She wouldn’t. Uhhh” Zoe stammered, completely flustered by the prospect. She looked back toward the kitchen. “I don’t think she’d want to.”

                 Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Chrissy had walked up behind Rei who was washing dishes at the sink. When she felt Chrissy behind herr she reached back and pulled down the waist of her shorts revealing her bare, welcoming ass. Chrissy had already unzipped and released her cock, which stood throbbing at attention.

                 “Hnnng I’ve missed this.” Chrissy whispered through gritted teeth as her cockhead popped into Rei’s asshole. The silver haired goth girl bit her lip and continued wiping the dishes, trying her best not to make a sound. “You always had such a tight little ass” Chrissy moaned quietly as she fucked the girl hard and deep. She kept her cock buried in Rei’s asshole as she handed her a few more plates. The girl obediently did the rest of the dishes bent over the sink while Chrissy plowed her anus. Chrisssy had taken her dishtowel and wrapped it around Rei’s mouth so that she could hold it like reins as she pounded. When Rei had rinsed the last cup, Chrissy groaned quietly one more time and flooded her asshole with thick cum. Rei slumped over the sink and plunged her hand into her shorts, shaking as she rubbed out an orgasm of her own.

                 “Shit, quick,” Chrissy whispered, and Rei lifted one of her feet. Chrissy yanked the gray lowtop Chuck off Rei’s left foot and stuck her thick cock into it to clean it off. Then she knelt and fixed her mouth over Rei’s dripping hole and sucked. Rei squeezed her legs together and whimpered as she came yet again from the sensation of the thick load being sucked out of her butt. When Chrissy had the last drop in her mouth, she dribbled it into the gray sneaker and stuck it back onto Rei’s foot. There was a squelching noise as the mix of cum and spit oozed around Rei’s foot and soaked into her high black socks. Chrissy quickly tucked her cock away while Rei slid her shorts back up with a giggle and mouthed “Thank you” to Chrissy. Chrissy winked and smacked her ass, shooing her back toward the living room.

                 “Can you girls believe that Zoe here has never had a real kiss?” Melissa asked as Chrissy and Rei walked in from the kitchen. Chrissy went to the couch and sat next to her wife, putting her arm around Melissa casually. Rei sat on the other couch next to Zoe.

                 “Aw, Zoe, no way!” Rei exclaimed sadly. “You’re so cute! How has nobody kissed you yet.” Zoe shrank into the couch, blushing furiously.

                 “If you could kiss anyone, who would it be, Zoe?” Melissa asked slyly. Zoe hid her face with her hands and shook her head. She didn’t want to answer the question. Rei put her hand gently on zoe’s knee.

                 “What about me, Zoe, do you want me to kiss you?” Rei asked softly. It was half playful, half serious. It was barely noticeable, but Melissa saw Zoe’s head dip once in a tiny nod. She may not have even been aware she did it. With that, Melissa saw Rei’s eyes flutter, and she jerked just a little. It looked similar to someone sleepy starting to nod off and waking themselves back up. It was just a moment, and when  it was over, Rei reached up, gently pulled Zoe’s hands away from her face, and leaned in. Their lips met softly but with a passion. Zoe’s eyes went wide and she looked as though she would pull away, but Rei held the back of her head and pulled her in deeper as her tongue began to slide into Zoe’s mouth. The wives shared an eager look with raised eyebrows.

                 “What else do you want her to do, Zoe.” Chrissy said very softly as the girls finally broke apart. Zoe tore her eyes away from Rei’s face and looked confused at Chrissy. “Whatever you want. Just tell her. Say it like you mean it.” Chrissy instructed delicately. Zoe mumbled something to Chrissy, looking at the floor. “No, to her. Say it directly to her. What do you want her to do?”

                 “T-t-touch me. D-d-down there.” Zoe mumbled. It was barely audible but she was looking at Rei when she said it. Rei’s eyes fluttered again and she leaned in to give Zoe a gentle kiss again, but this time her hand slid up the inside of Zoe’s leg. Her hand closed around the bulge that was growing in Zoe’s jeans and Zoe let out a whimper. Rei began kissing Zoe’s neck as she slowly undid the button on Zoe’s skinny jeans, and gently lowered the zipper. She revealed a pair of soft lacy cotton panties that were doing a poor job restraining a hard 6 inch cock and a small, tight set of balls. Rei’s fingers snaked their way past the pants and panties and wrapped around the fleshy rod. Zoe let out a louder whimpering moan. Not to be outdone, Chrissy started performing a similar act on her blonde partner.

                 “You’re a special girl, Zoe,” Melissa said softly as Chrissy kissed her neck and her hand slid into Melissa’s jeans. “I’ve had a hunch since I first met you. You have power. You’re a lot like us.” She added. Chrissy freed Melissa’s meaty dick and began stroking it while Rei did the same to Zoe. Zoe gasped loudly.

                 “You have…” She started, wide eyed and staring at the beautiful blonde professor with a huge boner sticking out of her pants.

                 “Yup.” Melissa said with a smile. “We both do. But a little different than yours. You see, we have both.” She explained, and to demonstrate Chrissy lifted Melissa’s cock and slid a finger into the dripping pussy right below it. Melissa closed her eyes and shuddered with pleasure. “Now, as your teacher I think we have time for one last lesson tonight.” She and Chrissy stood and approached the girls. Melissa took Zoe by the hand and Chrissy took Rei. “Tell her to get on the floor for you.” She instructed Zoe. The brit quietly did so. Rei’s eyes flickered and she grinned. She and Chrissy both got on all fours and presented their asses to their partners. “Now, just follow along.” Melissa said, stroking her cock up to full hardness. Zoe did the same, wrapping her hand around her somewhat smaller girlcock and adjusting her jeans and panties a little to make it more comfortable.

                 Kneeling behind Chrissy, Melissa slipped her fingers into the back of Chrissy’s waistband and peeled her shorts and panties down, revealing her bare ass and moist pussy. Zoe did the same with Rei, though not quite as skillfully. She looked at Melissa, who nodded, and in unison they both pressed their cockheads to the lips of the girl kneeling in front of them. As Zoe sank into Rei’s warm, wet cunt, she moaned and shook. Rei also bit her lip and moaned, feeling her friend’s girly dick enter her. Chrissy shuddered, but feeling her wife fuck her from behind was nothing new. Melissa showed Zoe where to hold Rei, and what angle to thrust and they were soon both fucking away at the kneeling women. Zoe’s whimpering cry of pleasure was nearly constant now as her dick thrashed in and out of her friend.

                 “One last fun trick.” Melissa said, panting between thrusts. She reached behind her and pulled off one of her clean white lowtop Converse. Zoe did the same with her monochrome black lowtop. Reaching forward, Melissa put her shoe over Chrissy’s face, so that each thrust of her powerful dick would force her mouth and nose deeper into her sneaker. Zoe’s eyes widened and she quickly did the same. Rei moaned into the black Converse and begged Zoe to fuck her harder. Zoe held the sneaker with both hands, pulling Rei’s head and giving her leverage to desperately fuck her from behind. With a final cry Zoe’s whole body spasmed and she fell forward onto Rei as she pumped cum deep into the silver haired girl’s pussy. There was a quiet squelching pop as her dick slid out followed by a white ooze of a massive load. Rei remained on the floor, shaking with her own orgasm but also in a total daze. Chrissy came from the pounding she was receiving from Melissa, and Melissa pumped her own load deep into her wife as well. She caught some of the load dripping out of Chrissy’s tight cunt in her own white sneaker before sliding it back on her foot.

                 “Now comes the real moment, Zoe.” Melissa said, putting her hand gently on Zoe’s shoulder. “You have this gift. You can use it. Tell her what you really want now. Not just a single action, but an instruction that will stick for good. Do you want to do this again?” Zoe nodded.

                 “So I can make her my girlfriend?” Zoe asked quietly, looking down at the quivering girl in front of her.

                 “If you’d like. If you really feel that way about her romantically. But it doesn’t have to be that formal. This gift is yours, Zoe, you can do whatever you want with it.” Melissa replied.

                 “I….I’d like to do this again.” Zoe said, her voice with its cute British accent shaking just a little as she directed her words toward Rei. “I really want to do this with you more. Uh, when-whenever I want.” She finished clumsily.

                 “That should do it.” Melissa said, leading Zoe back to the couch to sit with her and Chrissy. “This is just the start. The whole world is yours now, and we have so much we can’t wait to teach you.”

    Converse Magic- Chapter 7

    You read that right! After a 2 year hiatus, Converse Magic is back from the dead with a new chapter. 

    Chapter 7:

                 “So this girl didn’t respond to your command?” Chrissy said as she walked over to the couch. She was wearing only a soft cotton baseball tee and black hightops, carrying two glasses of wine. Her long dick swayed as she walked, only slightly engorged at the sight of her gorgeous wife waiting on the couch. Melissa was there with her long blonde hair down, wearing an oversized pink t-shirt and matching pink lowtop Chucks, and was watching a movie on TV.

                 “Yeah, it was so strange.” Melissa replied, taking one of the glasses from Chrissy as she sat down. Melissa curled up against her and put her head on her shoulder, getting comfy for the movie. “I double checked that Kayla was still responding afterward and she was. Do you think it’s a problem?”

                 “Hmm. I don’t know if it’s a problem yet, but this girl is definitely special.” Chrissy said as she gently stroked her wife’s hair. “If she is as lonely as she sounds, then maybe we can help her.”

                 “Well she’s been a really good student so far this year,” Melissa added, “but she is pretty shy. And I get the vibe that she doesn’t have a lot of money. Most international students are filthy rich but I think she’s here on some kind of scholarship.”

                 “Well that’s a shame. If she comes into the shop I’ll talk to her.” Chrissy sighed.  “Say what you will about our girls, they are all really supportive of each other. I’m sure she could find a few friends there.”

                 “Yeah, I suppose we could use our powers for good, so to speak,” Melissa said with a wry smile. Her hand slipped down and closed around her wife’s meaty cock, which swelled in her hand.

                 “Mmm I resent the suggestion that what we do isn’t good already,” Chrissy said slyly as her wife began stroking her. All these college girls spent so much time desperately trying to get off their dumb fratty boyfriends, few of them appreciated the art of a soft, tender handjob anymore. Melissa’s gentle hand slid along he full length of her shaft and squeezed gently at the head. She looked up at Chrissy, who leaned down. Their lips met softly as Melissa’s hand sped up. Her tongue slipped into Chrissy’s mouth and Chrissy moaned, setting her wine on the end table and reaching for Melissa. Her hand cupped one of her wife’s soft breasts under the pajama shirt she was wearing and squeezed gently, teasing her nipple in the way she knew Melissa loved. Sure enough, she felt a soft gasp pass her wife’s lips, breaking their kiss briefly.

                 The TV in the background was largely ignored as the two women’s tongues intertwined and Melissa continued pumping away at Chrissy’s throbbing dick. Melissa was familiar enough with her wife’s body that she knew what it meant when it started to twitch that way. Without breaking their embrace, she tapped the inside of Chrissy’s thigh. Chrissy got the signal. Shifting only slightly (her dick was firmly in her wife’s grasp) she pulled one of her feet in tight to her crotch. All her time at the gym had made her quite flexible, and she could easily rub her pussy with her heel if she wanted. When her foot in its clean black hightop All Star was positioned just under her pulsating cock, Melissa pulled away from their kiss and looked down. Chrissy moaned a little more and watched as her wife’s skilled hand milked ropes of cum directly onto her Converse sneaker. Chrissy spasmed a few more times and her chest heaved as she caught her breath. Melissa looked very pleased with herself. Leaning down she licked the remaining drips off of the head of Chrissy’s cock. She then seductively lapped at the globs of cum that had pooled on the clean black canvas and white rubber of Chrissy’s shoe, slurping up every last drop.

                 “Gotta keep them clean,” Melissa said sitting back and smacking her lips and taking a sip of wine coyly. She leaned back into the couch and began watching the movie again with a sly smile toying at the side of her mouth. Chrissy stood and took the wine glasses back to the kitchen. When she returned, she had only one full glass which she handed to Melissa. As the blonde took the full glass of wine and cocked an eyebrow, Chrissy slipped her hands between Melissa’s knees and spread them wide apart. Chrissy licked her lips as her wife’s pale, slender cock sprung up in front of her. Slowly lowering herself into a deep squat, Chrissy leaned forward and sank her mouth onto Melissa’s rod. As the head slid into Chrissy’s throat and kept going, two of Chrissy’s finger slowly plunged into Melissa’s pussy. Melissa stretched back on the couch and took a big sip of wine, enjoying the whirlwind of pleasure her wife was expertly delivering. She really, really enjoyed movie night.

                 The next afternoon, Chrissy was at the store as usual. A group of girls were working on math homework at one of the tables, and a few others were slumped in the comfy chairs reading or working on their laptops. Chrissy was leaning on the counter, flipping through a magazine and occasionally glancing up at the TV. She didn’t have much to do since all the girls here were regulars, but was snapped out of her stupor by the ring of the front door. Chrissy didn’t know the girl who walked in, but she thought she recognized the description. She had dirty blonde hair, black glasses, and a slouchy knit beanie on her head, and was wearing a blue flannel shirt with a denim skirt over black leggings with dirty Vans.

                 “Um, hi, my friend told me I could hang out here?” she said as she walked up to the desk. Chrissy recognized her accent as British immediately. She seemed unsure if she was supposed to be there.

                 “Hi! Welcome!” Chrissy said warmly, walking out from behind the counter. “Yes, you’re more than welcome to hang out here. I’m Chrissy,” she said, holding out her hand.

                 “Oh, uh, pleased to meet you, I’m Zoe.” The blonde responded, confirming what Chrissy suspected.

                 “Ah, Zoe from Professor Taylor’s class? I heard you might be stopping by. I’m glad you’re here! Melissa told me you were looking for a good place to hang and meet people. You’re in the right place. We’ve got a good group around here. You want anything in particular on TV? I don’t think anyone is watching right now.” Chrissy gestured to one of the sets of seats, inviting her to sit.

                 “Oh you know Professor Taylor?” Zoe said, sounding equal parts surprised and nervous. Chrissy nodded and sat in the seat facing Zoe. “She’s really nice, but sometimes she makes me kind of nervous. She seems strict.” Zoe confessed. Chrissy laughed out loud.

                 “Hah! Don’t let her scare you. She’s a sweetheart. She puts up the strict front for her colleagues.” Chrissy assured her. “You should see her when she’s here! You’d think she was still in college. She gets flirty after her third glass of wine.”

                 “Wow. I can’t imagine that.” Zoe said, sounding surprised. “Professor Taylor trying to pick up boys?”

                 “She better not be,” Chrissy said with mock anger, “I told her to cut that out the day I married her.” Zoe gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

                 “You two are…married?” She asked, whispering the last word. Chrissy chuckled again.

                 “The big shot professor and the owner of the local sneaker hangout. I know, it’s a match made in heaven.” Chrissy said with a smile.

                 “That’s so cool,” Zoe said with a sigh. “I didn’t know she was…you know…” she trailed off, blushing furiously.

                 “Gay?” Chrissy said delicately. Zoe nodded.

                 “I just haven’t met many other LGBT people here.” Zoe said quietly, glancing around.

                 “Oh honey, you’re safe here.” Chrissy assured her. “we have a lot of gay girls in our little community. Nobody is gonna judge.”. Pausing to think about Zoe’s words, Chrissy continued. “You said LGBT, not gay?”

                 “I’m uh.” Zoe took a deep breath. “I’m trans.” She was barely audible, and looked like she was going to shrink inside her clothes. Chrissy knew this conversation was delicate.

                 “Hey,” Chrissy said softly, “it’s fine. You’re not the only one.” Zoe’s eyes widened and she looked around again, as if she were trying to figure out who it was out of the girls on the chairs or at the table. Chrissy chuckled once more. “Try again.” She said with a kind smirk.

                 “Wait you’re….!?” Zoe gasped. Chrissy shrugged.

                 “I’m a lot of things. Anyway, this is definitely the right place for you. Where are you from?” Chrissy asked, standing up.

                 “L-London.” Zoe stammered.

                 “Very cool. They may wear a lot of Vans there, but here we are more of a Chuck Taylor crowd. Come here. Have you ever had a pair?” Chrissy said, beckoning her toward the wall of shoes.

                 “No!” Zoe said looking starstruck at Chrissy and the shoes. Chrissy was wearing her usual black leggings with a white tanktop, light blue open blouse with the sleeves rolled up, and matching light blue lowtops. “I love my Vans but I’ve always wanted some Converse. They’re so expensive at home.”

                 “Hmm. You look like a monochrome black kinda girl, or maybe white lows? Oooh, how about purple?” Chrissy led her around pointing out different styles. This was her second favorite part of the job. Zoe looked from pair to pair excitedly as Chrissy pointed them out, but her face soon sank.

                 “I uh, don’t think I can afford these.” She said, embarrassed. “I’m really sorry.”

                 “Hey, I get it,” Chrissy reassured her, “It’s totally fine. You don’t have to buy anything to hang out here.” Zoe looked relieved, but still a little sad.

                 Chrissy walked with her over to the table of girls and introduced Zoe. She was soon sitting with them and Chrissy noticed she was talking way more than she had before. The girls weren’t making her feel like an outsider, and they were soon complaining about professors and classes like old friends. Chrissy watched from the front counter with a smile.

                 A few hours later, Chrissy was sitting in one of the chairs watching TV when Zoe came over. She had packed her backpack and had it slung over one shoulder.

                 “Hey, uh Chrissy? I’m going to head home, but I wanted to thank you for everything. Is this place always open?” Zoe asked.

                 “Till 5 every day, unless we’re having an evening event. Stop in whenever you want.” Chrissy said cheerfully. Zoe smiled.

                 “Thanks! I’ll be back tomorrow, for sure.” Zoe said before turning toward the door.

                 “Hey, Zoe, question.” Chrissy said as she reached the door. Zoe turned. “Do you need a job?” Chrissy asked. Zoe’s eyes widened and she nodded.

                 “Perfect. You’re hired. You start tomorrow.” Chrissy said with a smile. Reaching over, she grabbed a pair of monochrome black lowtops off the nearby display and checked the size. “Here, call them a signing bonus.” She added, and pushed the shoes into Zoe’s hands.

                 Zoe couldn’t speak, but threw her arms around Chrissy in a surprise hug. Chrissy ushered her out the door and could hear her Thank Yous fade down the street as the door closed. Checking the clock, Chrissy flipped the Closed sign on the door and walked back toward the counter to close up.

    Sneaker Dreamgirl- Chapter 1

    That’s right, gang, I got a new story! Okay it’s not actually new, I wrote it a while ago but I’ve never posted it. After reading and tweaking it a bit more I really want to add future chapters. So for the moment this will be called Chapter 1! Enjoy!

    Ryan’s heart was racing as he watched the Arrivals board. He had checked that particular flight from Baltimore a thousand times, but he once more made sure that it read “On Time.” He had arrived early, and was pacing around the baggage claim area. He had gotten a few strange looks from the security guards and desk agents at the airport, but he didn’t care. There was a very important guest on that flight, and he didn’t want to risk missing the arrival.

                 It had all started several months before. Ryan had been spending his Saturday with his favorite pastime: watching porn. He perused his usual search topics, including “Teen,” “School,” “Cheerleader,” “Emo,” and “Gym.” In reality, he was looking for any video with girls in sneakers. His fetish for women’s sneakers went as far back as he could remember, particularly for Converse All Stars. Finding a video he liked, he quickly copied the link. Dropping it into a blog post, he clicked Publish before returning to the video. Not only did he want to share the video with his followers, he also wanted to keep a record of his favorite links, and a blog was the perfect place to do it. A chime from his computer made him pause the video and go back to his blog post. A small “1” icon was hovering over the message inbox at the top. The message had no subject, but was from a user called “Slut4Chucks.”

                 Over the next few days, Ryan was rarely away from his computer. It turned out that Slut4Chick was not just some random girl. She was possibly the girl of Ryan’s dreams. She was a wild girl who got just as turned on by sneakers as he did. She had found Ryan’s blog when searching online for other people interested in Converse. The few guys online who had seen her posted photos had all drooled over them. She had a particular affinity for Converse and loved teasing her followers with pictures of her licking, sniffing, and sucking on her naughty sneakers. She had kept Ryan entertained for weeks with her kinky shoe stories and wasn’t shy about the details. She had a thing for being dominated, despite her confidence, and loved the idea of other guys getting off on her and her sneakers.

                 Things had changed, however, a week ago. Ryan and Slut4Chucks had become good friends, sharing more details than they would with most strangers on the internet. However, Ryan lived very far away, and he assumed that Slut4Chucks was probably beating away creepy guys with a stick. It was to Ryan’s surprise, then, when he awoke one morning to a message from her asking if they could finally meet. Her lease was ending and she needed a place to stay for a bit until her new apartment opened up. Two days later, the plane tickets were booked. Ryan continued pacing the baggage claim. He couldn’t believe he was here to pick up a random girl he had only ever seen in sexy photos on the internet. He shuffled his feet in his favorite black hightops, hoping he had made the right decision.

                 He was snapped out of the daze as a group of travelers passed him, the first people off of a plane that had just landed. As he wandered down toward the mass of travelers grouped around the baggage claim, he saw her. Her brown hair was pulled back with a sporty headband, and she was wearing faded jean shorts and a white tanktop. It was a typical “comfortable traveler” outfit, but what Ryan noticed first was her worn white Converse lowtops. She wasn’t the only traveler at the airport wearing Chucks, but Ryan recognized this pair well. He was used to seeing them with her tongue running up the toe, or pressed against her face in one of her sexy photos. He couldn’t help but stare. She was looking around at the other people in the terminal, but she must have noticed his gaze, because she started to walk over to him.

                 “H-Hi, I’m Ryan,” Ryan stammered as she walked up, “You must be…”

                 “Jess. My real name is Jess,” she interjected as she dropped her bag and gave him a hug. As she held him tightly he heard her whisper in his ear “I hope you’re ready.” Ryan gulped.

                   It was about an hour drive from the Airport to Ryan’s house. They went over the usual smalltalk while they drove at first. Ryan was surprised at how easy she was to talk to in real life. Jess was sitting with her feet up on the dashboard, and Ryan was having a hard time focusing. As Jess hugged her legs casually, she ran her hands over the toes of her sneakers. Ryan bit his lip, struggling to keep his eyes on the road.

                 “Hmm, this travel has made my feet sore,” Jess sighed, slipping one of her Chucks off. She flexed her toes and eyed the sneaker in her hand. “Uh oh, this one is awfully stinky,” she cooed. She brought it to her face and breathed deeply from the worn shoe. Ryan put on the cruise-control, just in case. His cock was like a steel rod in his lap. He locked his eyes on the car in front of him, trying to take deep breaths and avoid crashing. He was able to keep it up for a few minutes, until he had to check his side mirror, and caught Jess with one leg on the dashboard, her sneaker to her face, rubbing her crotch furiously with her fingers. She soon started gasping and moaning. Ryan’s face was beet red, and his knuckles were white as he steered the car through town. He thought his dick was going to burst. Right as she plunged her hand inside her shorts, Ryan turned the wheel sharply into his driveway and hit the brakes. With a deep breath, he put the car in park.

                 “We’re here!” he said with a combination of excitement and relief. Jess reluctantly slipped her shoe back on as Ryan got out and carried her luggage inside. “So this is my place,” he said, gesturing to his living room. “Umm, bathroom is over there, bedroom is through there. Basement is uh, downstairs. I think that’s the grand tour.” He added. Jess excitedly peeked into the bedroom and walked to the closet. “Oh what are you up to?” Ryan asked as she pulled open the closet door.

                 “Bingo,” she said happily. She leaned down into the closet and started tossing Ryan’s modest collection of Chucks out onto the bed. “Can you please grab my suitcase?” she asked sweetly. Ryan wasn’t sure what her plan was, but he happily obliged. Sure enough, when he came back into his room carrying her bag, Jess was lounging on the bed. She had one of his old black hightops in her hand, and was lazily running her tongue up the rubber side. “What? They looked like they needed a cleaning.” She said casually, seeing Ryan’s stunned expression. Dropping the black sneaker, she gestured for her bag. She quickly undid the zipper and flipped the top open, and began pulling out pairs of Chucks.

                 “You brought all of these?” Ryan said with astonishment as she pulled out her gray hightops, followed by her white ones. “I didn’t think you even had this many.”

                 “I didn’t,” Jess said with a wry smile, tossing the hightops onto the bed with the others and grabbing a pair of black lowtops out of the bag, “I got a few extras special for the trip.” She added, digging through the surprising number still left in the suitcase. There were only a few sets of clothes in the otherwise fully packed piece of luggage.

                 “Oh man,” Ryan said, still trying to wrap his head around what he was seeing.

                 “What?” Jess asked, flopping back onto the now considerable pile of sneakers on the bed. She still had her black lowtops in hand. “I mean, honestly, what kind of sneaker slut would I be if I didn’t bring all of the naughty little Chucks at my disposal?” She said it, not in a babyish tone, nor in the kind of sultry voice you’d expect that kind of dirty talk. Instead, her voice was sincere and matter-of-fact, as though it was common knowledge that a good sneaker slut brings her own shoes with her. “So do you want me to clean all of your sneakers, or would you rather see me with my little black Chucks?” she asked. Ryan just gaped at her again, and she rolled her eyes sarcastically, and stood up to approach Ryan. “You’ve seen me do this all the time in photos and videos, don’t you think it’s about time you saw it live?” She held the opening to one of the black lowtops up to her nose and inhaled deeply while she looked Ryan in the eye.

                 “Alright, if you insist,” Ryan said, discovering his confidence again. “on the bed?” he suggested. Jess smiled and laid back down on the sneaker-covered bed. She began passionately smelling the black All Star again, closing her eyes and fully enjoying the rubbery foot scent. Ryan remained standing, watching in awe, not moving in fear that his cock may burst out of his pants. For now, he was perfectly happy just watching the beautiful brunette spread out on a bed of sexy sneakers while she worshipped the lowtop. At first she would just gently trace her tongue along the racing strip, but the more she showed the sneaker affection, the more intensely she worshipped it. Soon she was sliding her whole tongue up the sole and across the toe, as if it were an ice cream cone and she was trying to lick up the drips.

                 “You seem to be enjoying that,” Ryan commented with a smirk. Jess nodded quickly, never taking the shoe away from her face. Her hand groped around below her and she pulled a red sneaker out from under her on the bed. Spreading her legs, she locked eyes with Ryan and pressed the toe of the red Chuck against the crotch of her jean shorts. Her face was mostly obscured by the black Chuck Taylor, but Ryan could see that her mouth was hanging slightly open, and her eyes were almost pleading. Her hips pressed forward into the sneaker a little more, and she was rubbing small circles on her mound with the toe. The white lowtops on her feet struggled to find grip on all the loose sneakers on the bed, and her breathing was becoming heavy and fast. Ryan saw her bite her lip and heard a quiet moan escape her mouth as her rubbing became faster. She kept her wide eyes on Ryan and put the toe of her black shoe in her mouth. Her rubbing became quick and focused as she sucked hard on the little black lowtop. Her last moan was muffled as she shuddered hard. Ryan could see the waves of pleasure roll through her as she came.

                 “Well?” she asked with a smile as her breath returned. “Did you like what you saw?” Ryan smiled and nodded. “Good.” She said, her eyes narrowing. “There’s just one thing I don’t think you quite get yet.” Standing she slid over to Ryan, pressing him against the wall. Her soft hand gently caressed the massive rod in his pants. “When I say I’m a sneaker slut, I mean that I’m *your* sneaker slut. Yours to use however you want. I’m a very naughty sneaker slave, but you’re letting me have all the fun.” Her face was very close at this point, and she was nearly whispering. She punctuated her sentence with a gentle squeeze on Ryan’s rock hard member.

                 “Hmm, well we’re alone here, so as a sneaker slave you are wearing way too much.” Ryan said slyly. Jess beamed eagerly, and pulled her tanktop over her head. She dropped her shorts to the ground and kicked them aside with her white Chucks.

                 “Better?” She asked.

                 “A little more,” Ryan urged her. She reached behind and unclasped her bra. Her perky breasts popped out, as though they were just as excited as she was. “Okay, well since you had fun with your new shoes, I’d like to join the fun. Fetch them please.” Ryan felt himself getting more confident as he saw how much Jess enjoyed being bossed around. “And a real sneaker slave would do it on her knees,” he added. Jess excitedly complied, dropping to her knees and crawling to where she had left the black lowtops on the bed. She put the laces in her mouth and crawled back, the sneakers dangling from her mouth like an obedient puppy. As she returned and sat back on her heels looking up at Ryan, he casually unzipped his fly. Jess didn’t need any more prompting. She kept the sneakers dangling from her mouth and reached up to release Ryan’s throbbing cock from his pants. Her soft hands wrapped around his shaft and stroked him gently. It was ecstasy, but Ryan knew he had been too turned on for too long, so he didn’t have long. “Use the sneakers,” he ordered her. Obediently she lifted one of the black lowtops and slid it onto Ryan’s dick. Ryan moaned as the canvas enveloped his cock. Her hands wrapped around the sneaker and she looked into his eyes as she moved it, fucking his cock deeper into her shoe. Ryan thrust his hips in time, feeling her hands gripping his member through the shoe. “Hold the shoes up,” he said through clenched teeth. He was trying to hold on for just a bit longer.

                 “Oh no, you’re not gonna mess up my new Chucks are you?” Jess asked playfully, holding both shoes flat in her left hand. Her right hand squeezed Ryan’s throbbing shaft as he nodded. It only took a few strokes of her soft hand. The reality of the situation came rushing to him in an instant. Here he was, in his bedroom, with the gorgeous girl from the internet stroking his cock, holding a sexy little pair of Converse Chucks. With a final groan, his cum exploded out the head of his cock. Despite her halfhearted protest before, Jess aimed it down at her black sneakers. Rockets of thick cum splattered off the toes and coated the canvas. Some of the stronger blasts flew clear past the shoes and spattered her naked breasts.

                 “Leave the mess,” Ryan said, breathing heavily. “They look too sexy dripping like that. We’ll deal with those later.” Jess nodded, and set the cummy sneakers aside. Gently she wiped the excess mess off the tip of his penis, licked her fingers clean, and tucked his cock back in his pants. He led Jess, still mostly naked, with cum still dripping down her perky tits, into the living room where he sat. He allowed her to stand and fetch them water. He had cum so hard that his balls ached, but he was still eager to get hard and do it again. “Those look awfully worn and dirty.” Ryan said, gesturing to her white lowtops as she returned from the kitchen.

                 “Oh they’re my oldest pair, I wear them all the time.” Jess said, admiring her sneakers. They’ve been through lots of parties, tailgates, and walks to class. I’m just sad I never got the chance to really walk around with them really soaked in cum before they became too dirty to lick off.

                 “Well that settles it, then.” Ryan said matter-of-factly. Jess looked at him curiously. “We are going shopping.” He proclaimed. “I want to take you to the mall and get you more, and I’ll cum them all you want. Plus, this will be a perfect chance for you to show everyone what a dirty sneaker slut you are.” Jess’s face lit up and she clapped her hands with excitement.

                 “You mean I get to be your naughty Converse pet in front of a mall full of people?” She asked excitedly. “And I get new sneakers to lick and smell and wear while they’re full of messy cum?”

                 “Yup! So you’d better get dressed. Why don’t you start with your messy black shoes? I want everyone at the mall to see all my cum dripping off them so they can tell how much of a naughty sneaker slut you are.” Ryan told her. With a gasp and a squeal, Jess ran off to get changed. Ryan got up to stretch and grab his wallet and keys. When Jess returned, Ryan felt his tired cock start to stir again. She was wearing the same tanktop as before, but she had replaced the shorts with a denim miniskirt, and she’d laced up the black lowtops from before. The canvas was shiny in spots, and globs of white spunk clung to the toes and sides. Ryan snorted to himself. He had really blown quite a load on those shoes. He also noted that Jess had skipped putting her bra back on, and her nipples were definitely noticeable under the thin cotton tank. Climbing into the car, Jess took extra care not to transfer any of the slimy mess from her shoes into the car. Fortunately, she was so excited at the prospect of visiting the mall and buying new shoes that she stayed relatively well behaved in the car.

                 “So where should we start?” She asked eagerly as they walked through the automatic doors. Ryan decided they would start with a lap of the mall, just to check things out. Really, he wanted to see her in public with her nasty sneakers as much as possible. He desperately wanted to catch people staring. Unfortunately, the mess on her shoes wasn’t glaringly obvious if you weren’t looking at it. However, Ryan couldn’t stop looking at it. The way she tapped her foot while they were waiting for their soft pretzels was hypnotic. So was the way she leaned down and used a bit of pretzel to get some special sauce from her shoe. She made sure to look right at Ryan when she took that bite.

                 “Okay, I think it’s time for some real fun. I see a shoe store over there,” Ryan said, pointing. Jess smiled mischievously. Sure enough, it was a hip store that specialized in sneakers, so nearly half the store was taken up by displays of Converse of every style and color. She was like a kid in a candy store, looking closely at every pair she saw, squeezing the toes and feeling the canvas. “What kind do you like?” Ryan leaned in to ask quietly.

                 “The kind that are soaked with your naughty spunk, and that are on my feet while you use me however you want.” She said quietly back. The response took Ryan off guard a little and he snorted in surprise.

                 “Anything I can help you folks with?” Came the voice of one of the store employees. He was an attractive, stylish hipster.

                 “Just looking for some new Chucks. They’re my favorite!” Jess said excitedly. “I have so many pairs already, but I can always use more.” She waved one of her feet at him.

                 “Yeah, I see you’ve already got the classics,” The employee started, but he trailed off seeing the mess on her shoes.

                 “We’ll let you know if we need anything!” Jess said cheerfully. The employee smiled meekly and went back to his desk looking puzzled. “Why don’t you pick out a pair for me first.” She said, turning to Ryan, who was holding back a laugh.

                 “Well let’s start with the basics,” he said, leading her down one of the back aisles. Glancing around, he checked that the confused looking store clerk was still at his counter. The aisles were only shoulder-height. He found a pair of her favorite white lowtops. “Why don’t you try these, he said, pointing to the bench behind them.

                 “But I already know my size oooooh,” Jess replied, as it dawned on her what he was asking. Eagerly she sat down so that her head was just below the level of the aisle shelves and lifted one leg onto the bench. Ryan did a double take when he saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her short skirt. Pulling one of the white sneakers out of the box, she took a big lick of one toe until the rubber was shiny and wet. Then she pressed it against her bare pussy and let out a quiet moan. Ryan struggled to split his focus between shoe shopping, keeping lookout, and watching Jess get off with the brand new sneaker. She seemed to know exactly how to work the shoe to hit her most sensitive areas. Ryan supposed it came from lots of practice, which was quite a turn-on.

                 “You know you have a little bit of an audience?” Ryan said with a chuckle, and pointed down the aisle. Even though Jess was well hidden from the checkout counter, anyone looking through the glass front of the store would have a clear view of her fucking herself with a the shiny white All Star. This only seemed to spur her on, however, as she spread her legs and went at herself with more vigor, as though she were trying to put on a good show. She was doing a good job, too. Ryan’s heart was racing and he was ready to have some fun himself. He went and collected a few boxes and returned right as Jess shuddered to climax with the spare white sneaker stuffed in her mouth to keep her quiet.

                 “Well I guess we’re buying those, then?” Ryan asked playfully. Jess quickly sucked her juices off the toe before putting them back in the box.

                 “Yes please! What else have you got for me?” She asked.

                 “I want to see you in these,” Ryan said excitedly, pulling out a pair of classic black hightops. “The rest I will save as a surprise. I’ll box up your lowtops and you can wear those out of the store.” He watched eagerly as she laced up the hightops. The canvas was still perfectly black and clean, and the rubber shone brightly in contrast. The hightops showed off Jess’s long legs and looked incredible with her short skirt. They checked out and walked back out into the mall. Jess was practically skipping in her new sneakers. “Next stop,” Ryan said, pointing to a department store. He made a bee line for the women’s section. Finding a changing room, they made a short act of pretending that she was going to try something on, before they both slipped inside. The changing stall was a bit small, but they didn’t plan on having much personal space anyway. As soon as they were inside, Ryan sat Jess down on the small bench and lifted her legs. Her pussy was still glistening and she gently fingered herself while Ryan yanked his pants off over his own hightops. His cock was standing at full attention, a drop of precum clinging to the tip. Jess licked her lips, but Ryan knew her mouth would have to wait. He grabbed the ankles of her new black Chucks and pressed the tip of his member against her folds. She was red hot and dripping wet, and when he pushed forward her tight cunt sucked him right in. She let out a pleasure-filled whimper, and Ryan’s eyes rolled back a little. Her pussy was heaven, gripping his cock tightly, just begging for him to pound away.

                 Never one to refuse such an invitation, Ryan pulled back and rammed forward again. He gripped the ankles of her shoes tightly, and pulled them in to his face. He built up a rhythm fucking the sneaker slut’s juicy pussy while he breathed in the rubbery smell of her brand new shoes. Jess was folded nearly in half in that position, and her head was crammed at an odd angle against the wall, but she clearly didn’t care. She was being used like a sex object, and she clearly couldn’t have been happier. Every thrust into her wet, vicelike snatch seemed to elicit even more pleasure as she mumbled something quietly about being a naughty slut who needed punishment. Ryan couldn’t hear her exactly with his face pressed into the soles of her shoes, but he didn’t really care. He had never felt such an amazing feeling on his dick, and all he wanted to do keep fucking her. In his wildest fantasies, he wished he could flip her around, plow her in other positions, and make her scream in pleasure while making her use her kinky sneakers in a variety of ways, but it was only the first day, and the excitement of the day was too much. It took all he had not to blast his spunk deep inside her pussy, but Ryan managed to pull out and grab Jess roughly by the hair. Her open mouth eagerly greeted his dick, providing yet another warm, wet sleeve for him to enjoy. Holding her tightly by either side of the head, Ryan pushed his cock all the way into her throat and groaned as he pumped cum down her gullet. He let go of her head when she choked a little, and nearly half of the spurts of hot sticky cum sprayed across her cheeks and nose. What she couldn’t swallow dribbled down her chin, and some dripped onto her white tanktop. She sucked his dick clean and smiled up at him.

                 “Did I do okay?” She asked sweetly.

                 “Baby, you’ve never looked better,” Ryan said with a smile.

                 Unlike a messy pair of sneakers, a cum plastered face stands out in a crowd. So when they returned to the mall they got reactions from nearly everyone they passed. There were gasps and sounds of disgust, but it didn’t matter. The Converse freak and his sneaker pet walked happily, hand in hand, carrying their bags of new shoes, past the startled and astonished weekend shoppers. It was only day one, and they had a lot of kinky fun ahead!