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2020-01-07 00:36:17

    Masha The Hero


    They forgot the part where the ambulance actually stopped to let the cat in


    oh good I was worried


    What a good cat. What a kind cat. How can anyone not love cats they are so good and loving.


    they also forgot the part where they only found the baby because masha was screaming her head off bc she knew this baby was in danger. she went around outside the alley the next morning and yelled at passerby until she got one to follow her to the baby. she kept him warm all night and then made sure someone found him. she was adopted after this bc she was a stray and is in a loving home and is a hero


    Hero cat


    Thank you, Masha, you’re such a good girl.



    Kittens can’t regulate their own body temperature. That’s why they pile up.

    Cats see us as colony members.

    Masha saw a kitten that was on its own, no mommy, no other kittens to cuddle with. She instinctively knew that was a cold kitten. She knew that a kitten alone on a cold night was very likely to die. Because a kitten would have died too.

    So, all she was doing was what any good colony member does - protecting the abandoned kitten. Then when the abandoned kitten’s mommy didn’t come back, she called the rest of the colony for help.

    People have this bizarre idea that housecats don’t have a social sense. They do, and it saved this kid’s life. And possibly Masha’s too, as life on the streets is dangerous for a kitty.

    We say “good dog” all the time, but Masha was being a very, very good cat…not just by human moral standards but by feline ones.


    May Masha and the baby live the best of lives ♥


    Always Reblog Masha.


    A queen

    God is a woman confirmed

    The duality of her oofT

    Happy Birthday to my ult Hyojin!!!! You have shown us throughout the years that you are a strong woman that can work through anything that comes your way. Now relax and enjoy your 27th birthday ❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣