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    theory: White Republican Jesus is a different species than the Original Jesus, but is highly invasive and has driven og jesus out of many habitats. it is this same "White Jesus" that was carried over on the boats of the pilgrims and, along with smallpox, had devastating effects in the region

    White Republican Jesus can be easily identified due to its pale coloration. if you spot one in the wild, make sure to notify your local ghostbusters

    Everyone else stop following me right now I need to be alone with Anon


    Nothing pisses me off more than autistic folks who know the history and STILL choose to refer to themselves as having Asperger's. Sorry, you don't Get to reclaim that word. Hans Asperger was a Nazi, and especially if you're a white gentile, you don't get to "reclaim" it. Sorry. You don't.

    Sincerely, an autistic Jew


    And like, he wasn’t just a Nazi, he was a Nazi whose specific job was evaluating autistic kids to decide if they should be murdered or not. The difference between asperger’s and autism is just the arbitrary criteria he had for which children lived and which ones died.

    You can’t ‘reclaim’ the term Asperger’s, because the whole fucking point of the term is to say some people with a certain handful of symptoms shouldn’t be lumped in with the rest of us autistic people, because they’re fundamentally better for having that specific set of symptoms. It’s a term that prioritizes stepping on your own community to cater to neurotypicals (and yknow fucking nazis in case anyone forgot that part). There’s no reclaiming that can happen here; if someone says they have Asperger’s, I feel very unsafe around them, because I’m rightfully afraid they’re going to look down on me for being autistic.

    Stop using Asperger’s. There’s no excuse.

    the american goldfinch is a small member of the finch family native to north america & mexico. the males are brightly colored with distinct black & white markings during the breeding season, but during the winter, they molt to look similar to the females; brownish with dull yellow markings. the american goldfinch is grainivorous and their diet consists almost entirely of seeds; thistle seed in particular is a preferred food.


    Coyote fact ? Coyote facts ? A crumb ? Plwease ? Coyote ?

    coyotes are naturally social animals, but their pack structure is a LOT looser than wolf packs are and so it's not at all unusual to see a coyote living and hunting alone!

    but what IS unusual is that these lone coyotes will sometimes partner up with other animals for hunts who are... definitely not coyotes.

    not even canines, in fact!

    yeah that's right, sometimes a coyote will straight up find a fucking american badger and decide, HEYYO, it's the Burt to my Ernie! the Frog to my Toad! the Jelly to my crunchy-style Peanut Butter! let's go kill something together, new best friend.

    and then they do.

    the way it works is that the odd couple will find a group of burrowing prey animals, like ground squirrels or prairie dogs, and start digging them out of their holes.

    the prey is confounded- if they break out of their holes and flee, the coyote will use its superior speed to run them down, but if they stay put, the badger is just going to pry them up out of the damp earth and eat them anyway!


    nothing. they just get eaten. badger/coyote duos are FAR more effective hunters than either animal could hope to be on its own.