So my plane has been grounded in Abu Dhabi indefinitely and I've no way out. During the flight here, a wealthy Arab businessman on the plane kept subtly looking at me while adjusting his crotch and saying something in a language I couldn't understand. I just want to go home, could you help?

    During these troubling times it has left quite a few people in this exact predicament. Being stuck in a foreign country, one of which you don't know the language of is quite terrifying. Especially when you have men so blatantly checking you out and you don't know how to even say yes or no to them.

    First things first though, you know that you can't be leaving the airport without some kind of a game plan. You sit down in the terminal and begin scrolling through your phone. You'd only come to an Arabic country for your business trip. You didn't know the language or understand the culture, further more there was an Arabian man who kept uttering some of his native tongue toward you that you didn't understand. You managed to loose him once you made it into the terminal but something about him was strange. You had a wife back home in the states but his very presence seemed so compelling and you couldn't get him off your mind The way he looked at you almost excited you which was strange because you'd never felt that way about another guy before. You were taken aback by this feeling and put the though to the side. You decided to search for someone who could help translate the language and perhaps explain what you should do next.

    You start searching online for Arabic translators as well as getting information on the city since you have no clue where anything is. It wasn't long after that the sultry man came up to you. He now spoke fluent English and started asking you questions about yourself which took you back for a moment but his words ultimately drew you in. His accent was very exotic and you found your eyes drawn to him. When he asked if you wanted a ride to his hotel, you agreed and got into his car. You weren't sure why you were so okay with following this man but something just seemed right about it the way he spoke to you made you follow and you had no choice but to listen to his every whim. It was almost like your body was on autopilot and was being controlled by his words.

    Once you guys made it back to his hotel, you couldn't help but notice how he handled himself. He opened every door on the way up for you and even led you to the bed. It wasn't longer after he was undressing you and got down on his knees and spread your legs so he could take your cock in from its fully erect glory. Unsure how to react, you simply just laid back and let him have his way with you.

    You shuddered when he began sucking on your cock. You'd never been with another man, in fact the thought should have repulsed you. You'd only been into chicks and you knew that. However, this man's mouth felt so good. You moaned loudly as he sucked on your dick. You threw your head back from the sheer pleasure of his talented tongue.

    He pulled away and licked his lips. He then walked over to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of oil. He poured some onto his hand and stroked your dick slowly while staring into your eyes, a strange glint glowing in them. The oil felt strange on your skin and you watched in shock as the foreskin on your dick began to grow back, causing the head of your already erect cock to become that much more sensitive. You wanted to protest but words couldn't come to mind so you just silently laid back and let the man have his way with you.

    The man climbed into of you and slid your cock inside his ass and began riding you. Once again, you didn't think you'd enjoy this experience but as his ass clapped on your dick you couldn't help but to stare at his beautiful body. You watched with a deep fascination as he rode your cock and your skin started to become more tan as your muscles began to swell and grow. Abs popping to life and your chest growing out into the perfect pair of pecs. Muscles you'd never had before. You could feel your balls slap against his ass as they grew into the size of small oranges and began filling with strong potent cum. The perfect dusting of body hair began to grow all over your chest, arms and legs. Your cock became larger still and reached its full length, stretching his ass to new limits.

    You were shocked when you heard the man speak to you in Arabic. You opened your eyes to see him staring at your new body and grinning with excitement. What was even stranger was you understood his native tongue now and part of you knew if he uttered even an ounce of English at you that you'd never be able to comprehend it. It didn't faze you though as he continued riding you, even as your brown hair started to grow out and become messy and black, a few strands falling in front of your eyes. It wasn't long after that your face began to change as well and take on a new form. He leaned forward and kissed you passionately as he continued riding your cock. You let out a rough grunt into his mouth as he bounced up and down on your dick. Your lips grew plump as your jawline sharpened and a dusting of facial hair appeared around your chin and grew along your jawline into well cut side burns. Your eyes turned into a deep hazel that anyone could lose themselves in. You truly had the body of an Adonis. The chiseled kind of body they'd make a statue out of.

    Everything that was the old you and your old life started to fill into your huge balls, being churned into cum. Once you came it'd be as if the old you never even existed. You tried to resist as much as possible but it was too late. You were already caught under his trance so all you could do what let it happen.

    You looked up to him and felt your cock shoot thick ropes of cum deep inside your lover's ass. He screamed in ecstasy as he felt you erupt inside him, knowing he had sealed you in your new form forever.

    You fell back onto the bed and looked at this handsome man who'd taken you captive. Not that you knew that though. In your mind he was your beautiful husband. All memories of your past life had faded and your world would revolve around him now. Your work will notice that you're gone and your wife will try to discover what happened to her husband but you'll have disappeared without a trace. You weren't the American you'd come there as anyhow. You were now in your native land and with the man who'd keep you by his side from here on out. How could they find you anyhow when your essentially in the body of a sex god now who's only desire is to discover when he drops his next load?