I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin. —John the Savage, Brave New World

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2021-06-08 16:47:50

    can you talk about being intersex and cis? how do you know if you're cis or trans when you're intersex? i promise this isn't meant to be rude i'm just a little confused as to how gender works when you're intersex. thank you so much.

    I’m cis because I’m afab and still identify as a woman. If I was afab and identified any other way, I’d be trans. I’m intersex because my body itself has a mixed bag of secondary sex characteristics and hormones.

    The label “intersex” itself isn’t a gender identity as much as it’s a way for people with mixed or ambiguous sex characteristics to define that experience. There are cis men and women who are intersex, trans people of every kind as well. I’m sure there are intersex people who just identify as intersex entirely but most intersex people I’ve met still identify as male, female, or nonbinary. Because your body doesn’t determine your gender identity.

    Also, the opposite of intersex is perisex. You can be cis or trans, while being intersex or perisex. If you’re not intersex, you are perisex.


    Y’all can reblog this actually

    Nobody knows anything about intersex ppl so like. Learn things and educate others so people like me can feel less isolated and alienated by other queer ppl lol

    actually you will not enjoy hearing this but you literally have to abandon your self deprecating humor. besides the fact that it can drive people away you literally are only hurting yourself by constantly making jokes that further cement the idea in your head that you are not good enough. I do not care that you think its a good coping mechanism it is absolutely not and you need to start challenging negative thoughts instead of feeding into them.

    9/11 has been funny for a long time. the vast difference between the government telling you that you should cry about a couple thousand americans dying for 20 years as if it’s the biggest tragedy in human history and as if they actually care about human life and then proceeding to show a sociopathic disregard for human life at best and insatiable bloodthirst at worst cannot be squared away.

    9/11 isn’t about human beings dying. the reason why the government shoves it in our face every single year and tells us to care is because of what they want it to represent, which is an attack on “america”, and they want to use that to justify wholesale slaughter of innocents overseas and perpetual imperial empire. 9/11 is a quasi-fascist myth about national trauma.

    and now we live in a pandemic, where the same number of people who died on 9/11 die every single day because of the negligence and greed of the very same government who tells us to cry about it, and there is no reconciliation. no attempt made to explain this. there is an active movement to downplay it or to redirect blame to china, once again fueling our imperial ambitions.

    so it is safe to say now that 9/11 is a fucking farce. I don’t even know how they’re going to be able to sell that narrative anymore because they’ve completely shown their ass. you officially have permission from the government to never ever have to give a shit about 9/11 ever again. enjoy.