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    “See? Didn’t I promise I would make you more beautiful if you just let me take control? You were just a shy plain wallflower before you found me trapped in this gorgeous red choker. Now look at how hot I’ve made you, you’ll be the most popular girl in school in no time.” Hissed the possessing spirit into Jessica’s mind.

    “Wow you’re right I feel so... mmmmm sexy. But do you think I could take back control now?” Jessica said feeling a little worried and she was right to feel that way as the spirit didn’t even seem to be listening. It was too distracted by the body she now controlled.

    “In fact who cares about the school? We’re so far beyond caring about what the people in that dump think. A goddess like us doesn’t have to waste time with those losers anymore. A body like ours needs to be worshipped.” The spirit purred. Jessica could feel herself slipping away into some dark void the more the spirit spoke.

    “Yes you’re right but do you think I...” Jessica said but her voice got quieter and quieter until it disappeared altogether.

    “Oh poor Jessica. Someone like me does not serve, they lead with a manicured fist and a high heel boot. Thanks so much for your body, or I should say MY new body!” The new Jessica said with a cackle as she surveyed every inch of herself vainly.

    “Don’t worry though dear, one day you’ll be able to have your fun just as I do now.” She said stroking then removing the red choker from around her neck. She could almost hear the screams of anger from Jessica from within. The anger would fuel her corruption and lust for power, the spirit knew from experience.

    She would drop the choker off at some charity shop on the way to the club, knowing that one day it would find a new owner.

    Ice Queen

    Maddy had been having a tough time of college due to her bitchy forever partying roommate Michelle.

    It hadn’t always been like that. Michelle had once been just as studious, just as socially awkward as Maddy but after she came back from winter break she was a totally different person. Not just in her demeanour but also physically she now resembled all the typical sorority girls on campus. Big tits and a big bitchy attitude to match.

    So much so that she quickly climbed the ranks of the the most popular sorority, Alpha Phi, and became president. She hardly ever stayed in the dorm anymore but would drop by occasionally to pick up mail or pick on Maddy.

    Maddy ignored her the best she could during these times and focused on her studies but whenever she heard someone at the door dread would enter her mind.

    It was why she crept slowly to her dorm door that someone just knocked on. In the past Michelle was known to knock to draw Maddy to the door to play a prank on her while all her bitchy friends laughed so Maddy was justifiably cautious.

    However as she looked through the peep hole she saw nothing. She opened the door and saw a box waiting for her. It was addressed to Michelle and was labeled with a big sticker that said “Ice Queens.”

    Maddy brought the box inside and set it down on the table. Normally she would just put Michelle’s mail in the corner and think nothing more about it but this was intriguing her for some reason. She had to know what was inside and would worrry about resealing the box later.

    She ripped it opened to find dozens of wrapped ice cream popsicles and a note that read: “Thank you for trying our transformative product sample! We just knew you would love it and decide to join our team! We look forward to the new customers you will make for us. Please accept the permanent position by having a special Ice Queen on us.”

    Her face was puzzled until she made the connection.

    “So this is how Michelle is so hot and bitchy now, she joined this stupid multi level marketing scheme and duped a bunch of girls into buying these ice creams. She probably said they make you lose weight or some nonsense and then used the profits for surgery and new clothes.” She picked up the box and decided to throw them out. What Michelle was doing was wrong and no matter how scared Maddy was of her she had to protect other girls.

    However just as she got to the door she felt her stomach growl. It had been hours since she had anything to eat and deserved a treat for all the studying. Besides she was going to throw them out anyway.

    Setting the box down she grabbed the top ice cream, ignoring the image of a crown on it. She ripped the wrapper off and found the glistening white ice cream underneath. She gingerly began to lick the popsicle immediately loving the taste.

    Within seconds she was taking long slow licks of the popsicle, ingesting it bit by bit. She moaned as she licked and licked. “Should it taste this fucking good?” She thought to herself.

    Her body was starting to tingle all over the more she indulged in the the ice cream. She began to bring it in and out of her mouth faster and deeper. The more she did the more her body tingled until she couldnt stand it anymore and shoved her free hand in her pants.

    Her eyes instantly rolled into the back of her head as her hand made contact with her wet clit. She moaned in a primal way that made her fell naughty and bad.

    “Oh fuck what am I doing!? This is weird, I need to end this.” She moaned but couldn’t bring herself to stop touching herself or licking the ice cream.

    A voice in her head was telling her this was wrong, that something here was wrong but as the last drop of the popsicle slithered down her throat that good little voice melted into the background and a new more dominant voice emerged.

    “Rip off your jeans you dirty slut and I’ll help you achieve your full bitchy potential!” The new voice told her and Maddy did as commanded. She knew she shouldn’t but she was too busy lost in her orgasms to care.

    Now free of her constraining denim she used her free hand to grope at more of her body, a body that was changing.

    “Yessss feel how rough and weak your legs are, wouldn’t you like them to be strong enough to wrap around any man?” The voice said implanting the image in Maddy’s mind causing her to moan further.

    “Fuck yesssss please! They need to be perfect for bouncing up and down on his cock. Oh god what am I saying this isn’t me!” Maddy moaned as she felt her legs become smooth as silk and strengthen to allow the athleticism she was imagining.

    “It’s not you yet but it will be! Now don’t ignore your tits as you finger yourself dry! Feel how small and pathetic they are. If they were big and round what would you do with them?” The voice said causing Maddy to fondle and squeeze her chest.

    “Mmmm I would stick a big fat cock between them and jerk off the guy lucky enough to get my attention. No no no, this is all the ice cream’s fault, it’s corrupting me and making me sound like Michelle.” Moaned Maddy to herself in a voice increasingly similar to the one in her head as her tits grew to meet her new needs.

    “Michelle? Please you’ll be better than that pretender, after all you ate the special Queen Cream! Being a bitch now runs in your veins! You can’t fight it, I can feel your body craving the power! Now, tell me how would you finish him off? Prove you are worthy of being an alpha bitch, a real ice queen.” The voice encouraged but Maddy was already close to finishing already.

    “I would suck him off until I had all his cum in my mouth and swallow it all whole. Once I did that he would be mine forever. I would be his Queen and he would be my servant! Oh fuck yesss! That sounds so fucking good! No more fighting, I want this! I want to a cold heartless bitch! Make me an Ice Queen!” She screamed as her pace quickened until she came hard, twitching as she did.

    As she lay there panting for a moment, revelling in how bad she now felt, she could feel the final changes sweep across her body. She could feel her nails grow long and to a point. She could feel makeup settle on her face. She could feel her once tangled hair, straighten out like silk. Her mind reflected on all her now wicked thoughts and how she couldn’t wait to make them become reality.

    She stood up and stretched out her transformed body and took a long look at herself in the mirror. As shocking a transformation she had gone through, the most evident change was in her face. Her kind features had warped into a steely gaze that demanded fear and respect. She allowed herself a cruel smile.

    “Mmmm so these fantastically evil ice creams are how that slut Michelle seemed to transform over night into a hot bitch. Too bad for her there can be only one alpha on campus and I’ve taken that position. I’m sure she’ll understand.” Maddy said laughing to herself evilly.

    As if willing it into existence Michelle suddenly burst into the room looking more like her old nerdy self. Panic crossed her face as soon as she saw the transformed Maddy before her.

    “Maddy you bitch! Give me my Ice Queens this second or I’ll-” Michelle began but Maddy swiftly punched her in the stomach causing her to topple over.

    “Or you’ll what loser? I’m the the big bad bitch around here now and I’m never giving it up especially to the likes of you.” Maddy said stepping over Michelle to raid her former roommates wardrobe for something more fitting her new style and finding just the right revealing outfit.

    “In fact as the new Ice Queen on campus, and soon to be president of Alpha Phi, I’m going to make sure you never get to experience being an evil hot bitch again!” Maddy said laughing as she took the box of remaining Ice Queens. Maddy gave Michelle one more kick while she was down and left the room briefly only to return seconds later.

    She knelt down to Michelle and took her keys from her pocket.

    “Can’t be forgetting the keys to my new sorority now can I? Oh and the name’s Madison now. So long loser.” Madison said finally leaving Michelle for good.

    Weeks past and eventually Michelle dropped out. She tried in vain to get her hands on an Ice Queen but Madison kept true to her word that Michelle would never taste them again.

    As for Madison, business was booming. Once word got out that any girl could become to stone cold bitch, for the right price, she had a constant stream of clients wanting a taste of the infamous Ice Queens.

    And seeing as Madison was the only permanent Ice Queen around the other girls had to keep paying her to stay hot. She loved the money but she loved being a bitch even more. So when a girl couldn’t pay up she revelled in eating the Ice Queen right in front of them.

    “Oh sweetheart I’m sorry but if you can’t pay up then I’m just going to have to have it instead. God you’re so ugly when you cry. Tell you what? How about you watch me fuck your hot boyfriend and his roommate and after I’ll let you lick my pussy, that way you get to taste a real Ice Queen.”


    Teresa had always hated wearing glasses but was too scared to get the corrective eye surgery to fix her poor vision. Which is why she jumped at the chance to try experimental new glasses that promised to give perfect 20/20 eyesight with just a few weeks of wearing.

    They came with a warning that they may appear to distort objects viewed through them but when she first put on the black chunky frames she didn’t notice anything different thankfully.

    After a week with them though she did notice her tits appeared bigger, her body slightly thinner and even her hair seemed lighter.

    “Wow the distortion in these glasses sure make me look... good.” She said tracing her fingers down her body. She knew it had to be a trick of the lens messing with her head but the changes felt real too.

    Another week passed and she had gotten so used to how she looked through the glasses that she barely remembered how she looked before she had them. She had long since ignored the tanning of her skin, the lengthening of her nails or the lightening of her hair.

    In fact she started to embrace how she looked more and more by using more makeup and buying move revealing clothes. She loved how she was looking and would spend long periods of time just looking at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t the only one as she started to notice men eyeing her on the street more and more.

    “This new shirt should have even more heads turning.” She said joyfully taking in her reflection in her new low cut top.

    That very day she had no fewer than 5 offers of dates from men she met. It made her feel even hotter than the glasses were already doing to her.

    She had never had so much attention in her life. It was so intoxicating that she agreed to go on a date with each one of them. In her entire life she had never been on five dates with anyone and now she had men practically begging her.

    “Oh they are going to beg for me they get a load of me in this outfit. Fuck I can barely keep my hands off myself.” She said taking a picture of the herself in the clothes she had bought that day.

    “In fact they should be fighting over who is worthy enough to take me out. I shouldn’t have to waste my time on four losers. Mmmm what a delicious idea.” She said to herself as a fiendish plan began to take root in her mind.

    She posed for another picture and snapped her most sexy look. In her phone she started a message group with all five guys and sent the picture to them all with the sentence: “All of you want a piece of me but only one of you can, so whoever can get here first will claim their prize. Go!”

    Teresa went outside and sat in her porch chair like a queen on a throne waiting for her suitors to arrive. Just as she hoped they all pulled up within seconds of each other and just as she hoped they started to brawl with each other, vying for her.

    She knew what she was doing was wrong but the more she watched the more she got turned on and the less she cared. However as she looked at the men drop off one be one, bested by the clear alpha, she found her eyesight begin to blur.

    “Stupid glasses, why am I even wearing these? My eyesight is perfect, just like me.” She said ripping the glasses from her face and throwing them aside.

    She watched as finally one man stood victorious. She looked upon his bulging muscles with lust and knew in that moment that her decision for this competition was the right choice. He looked over to her with a primal want in his eyes and she simply winked at him letting him know he could claim his prize.

    The man lifted her off her chair and took her inside while her glasses lay on the ground waiting to distort someone else’s worldview.

    One Week

    Day 1

    “Finally we have defeated Ms. Anastasia that evil big breasted bitch. I knew the secret to her long life, beauty and power over others were these hoop earrings. Thank god you were able to resist her charms long enough to distract her for me to take them from her Frank, you’re the best boyfriend ever. I still can’t believe she just turned to dust when I removed the earrings from her! I’ll take these home and destroy them once and for all or my name isn’t Vicky! I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

    Day 2

    “Frank you’ll never guess what I found while researching last night. These earrings have more power than even Ms. Anastasia knew! They could help change this world for the better. No of course I won’t put them on, I’m not that silly but I haven’t destroyed them yet either, more research must be done!”

    Day 3

    “Do I look different to you? I don’t know? Like maybe thinner? Prettier? My boobs too feel bigger. Must be my imagination from the stress of trying to figure out these earrings. They are proving harder to crack than I first thought but I’ve been researching night and day, keeping them by my side, finding a way to use it for good. I could really use a release. This may sound weird and unlike me but could you do me a favour? Could you finger me? I could do it but I could really use your handiwork. I want to feel you pleasure me.”

    Day 4

    “Revealing? Yeah I guess my outfit is a little revealing but I like how it makes me feel and look. Plus don’t act like you don’t have your eyes all over me, drinking me in. The earrings? Oh yeah I’ve taken a break from my research as it was burning me out, but don’t worry I keep them on me at all times. Speaking of taking a break, how about you come here and quit your questions to use your mouth for a better purpose.”

    Day 5

    “I had to wear them to try and understand the power Frank! My research was going nowhere and I needed a first-hand experience. It’s no big deal it’s only for an hour to see what they are capable of, plus look what it’s done to me. I look more mature and more gorgeous than ever, it’s hard not to look in the mirror all day. Look at my big beautiful tits, I’m sure you’re happy with those. Plus I feel more confident, more assertive and now I have a better understanding of their power. Look why don’t I put your mind at ease by giving you a little treat. Help me by unzipping those jeans of yours.”

    Day 6

    “Yes I’m still wearing the earrings but I need to. I understand the power much more when it is flowing though me. Plus look what’s done to me, I’m practically a goddess! None of the bitches in this school are anywhere near as hot as me now or as powerful! What do you mean I’m sounding like Ms. Anastasia? I’m nothing like her, I have complete control over the earrings, look I’ll show you. Look at my breasts Frank, aren’t they glorious? You’re finding them entrancing aren’t you? You’re forgetting all about Ms. Anastasia aren’t you? You’re forgetting all about the magical earrings. They are just a regular pair of earrings that I’ve always owned. You are my loyal boyfriend who will do what I say always. So let’s test your loyalty, I command you to lick my pussy!”

    Day 7

    “Frank you’ve been doing an excellent job of rounding up all these fools who would dare speak out against me, you’re the best boyfriend ever but some of the jocks need some convincing by me so I’m going to let them fuck me until they are my willing servants. I knew you wouldn’t mind. I know you won’t remember but you were wrong about me being like Ms. Anastasia, I’m so much badder, hotter and more powerful than she ever was. You’re the proof because she couldn’t even brainwash you. I will show this world thst she was just the appetizer or my name isn’t Ms. Victoria.”

    Impulse purchase

    Getting home Vicky suddenly found it strange that she had bought the corset in the second hand store. It was certainly not the kind of thing she would usually if ever wear. It was black and tight and looked like something an uber mean cruel bitch would wear, not something a good wholesome girl like her would be seen in.

    Yet as she emptied her shopping bag on the bed and the corset dropped out, she suddenly felt that pull to have it on her body. It was the same pull that got her to buy it in the first place.

    “Oh it couldn’t hurt to try it on just for a second, then I can return it.” She said removing her sweater and bra and wrapping the black leather around her chubby frame.

    “Wow this actually looks great on me. I could actually pull off the evil bitch look if I wanted too, except my boobs don’t quite fill this out.” She said with a slight frown when suddenly she felt her breasts tingle.

    “What the- oh my.. oh god.. oh yesssss.” She moaned in ecstasy as her tits started to grow larger pushing up against the leather material of the corset.

    “I don’t know what the hell just happened but I kinda like that it did.” She said looking at her new rack in the mirror. Deep down she knew that there was a dark power behind her sudden boob growth but she couldn’t stop herself from trying some more.

    “If I really wanted to look the part of a mean queen then I would need a slim tight body the envy of all women.” She said with excited anticipation and was not disappointed when her body began to reshape into a slim supermodel figure. The corset pulled tight around her stomach giving her a perfect hourglass shape as her butt plumped up and her legs and arms became athletic.

    She couldn’t help but drink in her new beauty. She was captivate by her new look she didn’t even have a second thought about the moral implications, instead she wanted to push it further.

    “Oh fuck this feels amazing. Like a bad boys wet dream. I look so naughty but I not quite the evil Goddess just yet. I need a cold cruel face to finish the look.” She said with a purr. Moments later her hair transformed from its dirty blonde to her black. Dark make-up covered her luscious lips and piercing blue eyes.

    Warmth seemed to drain from her face as she looked upon her finished transformation. The formally good Vicky was unrecognizable and in her place the cruel mistress Victoria stood. she adjusted the straps on her corset to better display her perfection.

    “Much better, no more little pathetic girl. With a body like this I’ll have men eating out of more than just my hand.” She said with a smile to herself and an extra squeeze from her corset telling her that she was ready now.

    Breaking points

    Jen was at her breaking point with her daughter Lisa. It wasn’t that her daughter was a bad girl, far from it in fact. No what had Jen at the end of her rope was that poor Lisa came home everyday crying about being bullied at school by the popular girl Savannah.

    Jen had had enough and decided to take matters into her own hands by using an old magical family heirloom, a pair of hooped earrings, to allow her to possess Savannah. Her plan was to possess the spoilt brat and give her daughter a brief break from the torture.

    However entering the 18 year Savannah’s body gave Jen feelings she hadn’t felt in years. She felt stronger and more athletic in the head cheerleaders body but also had a newfound level of horniness that had long been sapped from the 40 something.

    How could she not feel that way, after all she was now the hottest girl in school and it gave Jen a profound sense of power and entitlement. As she stalked the corridors of the high school with her gaggle of like minded but most definitely beta bitches she couldn’t help but be intoxicated by it all.


    “God you’re so pathetic Lisa, why don’t you run home to Mommy? Oh that’s right she abandoned you and your loser Dad, that’s what I would of done.” She said to a crying Lisa months after taking control of Savannah. Her cohort of mean girls laughed with her as let a cruel smile crossed her face as Lisa ran away sobbing.

    She told her self at first as she continued to bully and belittle Lisa that Savannah couldn’t just do such a rapid personality change, that people would be suspicious and so had to keep up appearances. However the more she did it the more she secretly enjoyed it.

    Jen did genuinely try to fight against the bitchy personality that slowly infected her mind over the first few weeks but the more she gave in to becoming Savannah the more she loved it. Her breaking point was when she let Savannah’s boyfriend Todd rail her one day after practice in the locker room. As she came she felt the alpha bitches mind wash over and consume her own.

    If there was one thing she learned about breaking points it was that they led to great things.

    Undercover Bitch

    Officer Lindsay had been, at first, apprehensive to try the police department’s experimental mind swapping machine. Once she had been placed in the body of Melissa, the wife of the powerful and corrupt businessman Frank, she soon found her feelings change.

    Her mission was to go undercover as his wife and leak information to the squad but after a day she found her allegiances begin to switch. Melissa’s new body was just so sexy and bad that she couldn’t help but slip into the role of bitchy trophy wife. She spent her first break to the bathroom fingering herself to climax just thinking about it.

    “Fuck I’m just so god damn hot now. Ohhhh it makes me feel like such a bitch, I love it!” She had moaned in the bathroom of the mansion she now lived in.

    She tried on all of Melissa’s clothes and jewelry, loving how it felt on her. How a tight red dress and impeccable makeup made her look so powerful. She was drunk on the feeling.

    It was even worse when Frank returned home from work and she saw the insatiable lust in his eyes for her. She needed to have him, to taste him.

    She seductively took off her clothes as she walked to their master bedroom but didn’t even make it to the stairs before Frank made his move and they fucked on the floor.

    As Officer Lindsay she had learned of how evil Frank was and it disgusted her but as Melissa it made her turned on to know what a bastard he was. As they both climaxed together she knew her days being Lindsay were done.

    After sex she spilled the beans to him of who she was but pledged unwavering loyalty to him. She wanted them to become the most powerful couple in the city and Frank was only too happy to have her as his double agent.

    She provided the cops with information that only help strengthen Frank’s grip on the city and soon enough he had more bad cops in his pocket than there were good in the department.

    He returned home one day and surprised Melissa with the news that he had even tied up the loose end that was ‘Lindsay’. She was gone for good.

    “Oh baby, she’s been gone for a long time.” Melissa said with a smirk as she repeated her seductive walk to the bedroom knowing she wouldn’t get far.


    Tori had been experiencing bad foot pain recently and was desperate to find something that would help her poor feet.

    Through the grapevine she heard that the company she was working for was developing new shoes that would not only feel great but would cure chronic foot pain.

    Sneaking into the lab late at night she took what she thought were the prototype pair. In reality she had take a pair of enhance-me boots that could change someone’s body and mind.

    Getting them home she of course thought it was weird that foot pain fixing shoes would look so slutty but she was desperate to fix her problem so decided to ignore the warning signs.

    Slipping the boots onto her feet she should of known then and there something was up as she felt them latch onto her legs with a vice like grip.

    She threw her head back in pleasure as black energy pulsated up from the boots across her entire body reshaping it.

    Her skin became suddenly sun kissed forgetting the years of neglect from being in an office everyday. Her hair became sliky straight, thick and long.

    “Ohhhh fuck yessss give me a tight body when will drool over. I want them to beg to speak with me.” She moaned as a new sense of superiority and arrogance entered her mind. The hotter she became the colder her heart was. She loved it.

    Her tits expanded onto from their previous A cup and her face covered in dark makeup giving her an icy cold look.

    The lab boys had been joking around and decided to set the boots to transform the wearer into a cruel mistress one that craved power and Sex but never imagined it would actually be tested on someone. They had inadvertently created an Uber Bitch.

    “Oh that’s much better now. With these marvellous boots I will soon control that little company of mine and have those geeks make me enough boots to create an army of loyal sluts. But for now it’s time I broke these in and introduced this pathetic town to their new mistress, mistress Victoria.

    Stepping Up

    “What the hell just happened?” Cassie said to her equally dumbfounded boyfriend Paul after having seen his bitchy step mother Madison suddenly disintegrate into dust before their eyes.

    Just moments before, Madison had been mocking the couple for not being more sexually active like her and Paul’s dad, Frank. She often did this to the two of them but completely disappearing sure was a new wrinkle.

    Paul walked over to where Madison had been standing. On the ground was the necklace she had been wearing.

    “I feel like this has something to do with what happened.” Paul did picking up the expensive jewelry.

    Cassie nodded. She had seen it come loose moments before Madison dissolved and the more she thought about it the more she realized that she never saw Madison without the necklace on.

    Just then the two of them heard the front door beginning to open.

    “Shit that’s my dad, quick take this and go put it in their room.” He said shoving the necklace into Cassie’s hands and lightly pushing her in the direction of the bedrooms while he rushed off to intercept his dad.

    Cassie didn’t know if it was the hightened tension of the situation but she suddenly felt her heart beat a lot faster, her adrenaline skyrocket and also strangely turned on. She rushed into the master bedroom just in time to hear the front door close.

    The room was a tribute to vanity and wealth. She knew that most of it was down to Madison’s control of Paul’s father. Ever since meeting him Madison had Frank wrapped around her finger.

    However Cassie barely registered she was even in the room. She instead found herself staring intently at the necklace. She was never one for jewelry but found herself nonetheless stroking it lovingly.

    “Sure a beautiful necklace, would be a shame to not give it a try at least.” Cassie said in a trance like state as she lifted the necklace to her throat and felt the cold diamonds against her skin. She shivered in delightful anticipation.

    The necklace closed with a snap and Cassie felt the full weight of it on her body for the first time. She looked in the mirror and gingerly touched the glistening stones. That’s when she heard the voice. Madison’s voice.

    “Ah my plan is working a lot faster than I expected, I should of gotten rid of my old host years ago.” Madison’s voice said in Cassie’s head.

    “What do you mea- ohhhh what’s happening.” Cassie said suddenly feeling a change happening within her. Before her eyes she could see her body begin to shift and transform. To an outside observer it looked like it could be painful but to Cassie it was anything but.

    “Ohhhhh god what’s happening to me? Why does it feel soooo gooooood?” Cassie said moaning with pleasure.

    The fat on her body started to shrink and disappear replaced with instead flawless smooth skin toned to perfection.

    “You’ve just joined a very exclusive club my dear. Club Madison. Soon you’ll be a goddess living a life of luxury and hot sex. You’ll love it.” Madison spoke as Cassie’s skin tanned. Hair dropped from her body everywhere below her neckline.

    “Mmmmm that sounds perfect for hot slut like me. What am I saying? A hot slut like me? I’m not some uber bitch.” Cassie said at odds with the pleasure she was feeling.

    Her hair darkened and curled at the tips giving her and elegant yet sexy look. Her facial features shifted into more sharper but gorgeous angles. She also aged up looking more and more like Madison by the second.

    “Not yet but you will be. That old host was starting to get past her prime, 400 years is a long time after all. You’ll take over from her as if nothing even happened.” Madison said with a laugh.

    Cassie’s tits slowly inflated up and out, she couldn’t help but give them a squeeze causing her to softly moan.

    “Yesss all her money, clothes and makeup will be mine, not to mention her hot husband and his big manly dick. No this isn’t right, what about Paul?” Cassie said in between the orgasms assaulting her pussy.

    Hee nails became long sharp blades which she used to stroke her new tits, loving the sensation. Finally her clothes seemed to melt together into one long sexy black dress.

    “Paul is loser, a beta. You deserve a real man, an alpha like you. Just look at yourself.” Madison said aggressively.

    Cassie tore herself away from the orgasms she was having to take a look at her transformed look. She could no longer see any remnants of herself in the reflection and and only saw the bitchy Madison staring back.

    She threw her head back suddenly as vast quantities of memories entered her head. Centuries worth of manipulation, lust and power filled her once innocent mind. Her head slowly dropped back down with a newfound evil smile across it. Usually she would cower at the sight of Madison but now she was the evil bitch and she loved it.

    The Madison voice that had been whispering to her was now a part of her, her new sub conscious eagerly encouraging all her bad thoughts and naughty desires.

    “Mmmm yessss I’m Madison now, a true alpha goddess. Why would I ever fight this?” Said the transformed Cassie now embracing the Madison persona as she lovingly admired her new form.

    All feelings of love for anyone except herself were now foreign memories to her. Cassie was a weak little girl compared to the woman she was now. She strode confidently put to the living room to see Frank and Paul talking.

    “Paul I don’t have time for your crazy stories about your stepmom dissolving into thin air, look Madison is right there.” Frank said gesturing over to his wife standing in the hall.

    Paul looked to see and found his mouth drop open at the sight of Madison. She looked more youthful but no less bitchy. Madison revelled in his expression but even more so in Frank’s lustful grin.

    She sauntered over to him and gave him a deep kiss. She whispered into his ear to go wait in the bedroom for a gift that he could soon unwrap, she wanted to talk to Paul for a moment.

    As soon as Frank disappeared into the bedroom Paul seemed to snap out of his shock.

    “What did you do with Cassie you bitch!” He said in a hushed but angry tone.

    “Cassie? You mean you’re pathetic loser of a girlfriend? Oh she’s never coming back. I’m Madison now baby and I’ve never been happier! You’re not going to say a word about this or you might find yourself in trouble for Cassie’s ‘disappearance’.” Madison said with a cruel laugh.

    “Now be a good little step son and go jerk off to me. Oh god I’m such a hot little bitch aren’t I?” She said turning around and heading to her new bedroom and as much as Paul didn’t want to admit it, he was looking forward to jerking off about her.


    I'd love to see a story where a girl is dumped because she isn't taking good enough care of herself and is too nice. So she goes for a series of procedures/methods to make her more bitchy and vain. Each time he's more interested, but she still isn't enough. At the last procedure, she is finally his perfect ideal of a spoiled, entitled bitch only in it for his money. She bankrupts him in short order and leaves him in a screaming fit when he can't pay for the latest trifle she just HAS to have.

    Now that sounds pretty good! I think I must just take a stab at that.


    Roxy has finally realized what it was that made her bully, Sarah, evil. It was simple really when she thought about it. It was her beauty and wealth. It made Sarah feel untouchable and she acted accordingly. Roxy knew the only way to get her off her back was to remove all the attributes that caused her to be evil in the first place.

    Thankfully she had just the spell to do it. Unfortunately she didn’t read it very closely and once she had removed Sarah’s beauty and wealth they needed somewhere to go. Roxy being the person who performed the spell became the new vessel for them.

    She threw her head back and moaned as her body shifted and changed as Sarah’s bitchy beauty entered her.

    Her body tightened and moulded into the perfect cheerleader physique, just as Sarah’s had been. This included large enhanced tits bought by Sarah’s rich father. Her face too fixed into a bitchy ice cold look.

    The world around her then started to shift as her family now became the richest in town. Her house quadrupled in size and her closet filled with expensive sexy clothing.

    She had started to panic as it all began but as memories of being the hottest, most spoilt girl in school flooded her mind she found it hard to worry about anything other than what to wear that day.

    “Haha this is unexpected but definitely a better outcome. I was right though, being gorgeous and rich was why Sarah was so mean and bad because Roxanne is about to follow in her footsteps.” Roxanne said with a cackle she chose a tight but expensive outfit to wear.

    She loved how she now felt and looked but knowing she had the ability to take other people’s most evil qualities made her wet with joy. 


    Lily was trying to distract herself with the graffiti written all over the bathroom wall. It was covered in seemingly random words like ‘sexy’, ‘rich’, ‘fat’, ‘cool’, ‘famous’ among many others. She was only fixating on them to focus on anything other than the loud club beyond the door that her roommate had dragged her to.

    She didn’t even know why she agreed to go in the first place, nightclubs gave her such anxiety. Deep down she knew she said yes because she wanted to make friends and have fun and let her hair down once and awhile but she was too self conscious about her appearance and how much of a nerd she came across to strangers.

    “I wish I fit in with this kind of place.” She said to no one in particular. However within seconds she found herself feeling dizzy. She stood up to try and get her balance back but it only made it worse. The words on the wall around her seemed to be spinning.

    In actuality what Lily didn’t realize was hidden in the graffiti around her was an ancient spell that could grant any wish, if spoken aloud.

    The graffiti seemed to jump off of the walls and start to spin around Lily. The more it did the more she felt her body tingle. Suddenly some of the words rushed to her skin and absorbed into her body. As each did she felt her body react to them accordingly.

    The word ‘sexy’ hit her first and she threw her head back in ecstasy as she felt her body begin to change. Her tits exploded outward making her shirt rip. Her skin bronzed giving her a head to toe perfect tan. Her hair lightened from its dull brown to an almost platinum blonde.

    “Oh god what’s happening to my body? I look like some trashy slut, I don’t want this!” She cried as her body settled in place just in time for the word ‘rich’ to hit her next.

    Her ripped shirt suddenly transformed into a tight leather minidress with a matching leather purse which filled with cash and credit cards. Next flashy jewelry wrapped around her wrists and fingers. High heel pumps nearly made her loose balance as they gave her six inches more in height. Finally expensive makeup covered her face giving her a to die for look but she wasn’t happy.

    “No no no this can’t be happening! I’m turning into one of those spoilt party girls who practically live here!” She said almost close to tears as the final word of ‘bitch’ circled her slowly before diving onto her.

    As it did she could feel it rewrite her brain. A bitchy calm was falling over her as previous worries melted away. New dark desires filled her mind erasing her the wholesome thoughts she previously had.

    “Oh fuck yesss that’s better. Why did I fight against this? I’m now the hottest and most spoilt bitch in this club. I don’t only fit in here, I am the Queen.” She said with a smirk at her reflection in the mirror.

    She noticed on her arm were the words Sexy Rich Bitch tattooed and she ran a long red nail over it lovingly.

    “What a perfect tattoo for a perfect woman.” She purred as she posed in front of the mirror getting herself wet. She couldn’t wait to see the look on her soon to be ex roommate’s face when she emerged looking like a goddess. Liliana was born.


    Carla couldnt believe that even after a year she was still stuck as the assistant to Frank the CEO. Worse still was she had been roped into helping him with all his extra marital affairs.

    She would book the hotel rooms, buy the expensive gifts, take the wife’s calls of worry. She felt so dirty about it each day that she finally threatened to expose him if he didn’t stop. He promised he would. He told her he was leaving his wife for a new mystery woman called Carmen.

    He instructed Carla to go to the hotel to make such the champagne was on ice and the special gift he had bought was there.

    She arrived and found the room to be the bridal suite, much more extravagant than what he would usually do for his girlfriends.

    Laying on a seat in the living room was a sexy little black lingerie number with a small card that said ‘wear me’. Carla was used to seeing such gifts for Frank’s mistresses and always looked upon them with disgust but seeing this particular item filled her instead with envy.

    She still had an hour before either of them arrived so decided it was time she had a little fun from this arrangement.

    First to come on were the long black nylon stockings that went up to her thigh. She gave them a satisfying snap once in place. Next she put on the black corset like lingerie and loved how it felt against her skin. Finally she put on the matching heels that came with the outfit.

    She stood in front of the floor to ceiling length mirror and admired how she looked but also suddenly felt how wrong it was.

    “What am I doing? If Frank found out he’d kill me! I don’t know what I was thinking, this is wronnnnggg.” She said moaning all of a sudden as she felt a change ripple across her body causing her to throw her head back in ecstasy.

    “What’s happening to me? It has to be the lingerie. I. Must. Take. It. Off.” She said struggling to think straight as her mind and body were being attacked with immense pleasure. Her bones started to creak as her body began reshaping itself.

    “It would be a shame of you to take it off after all the work I’ve done to make it.” Said the familiar voice of Frank as he entered the apartment ahead of schedule.

    “What.. do you... ohhhh fuck... mean?” Moaned Carla fighting the changes she could feel. The once loose fitting bra section of the lingerie became strained under a sudden increase to her tits.

    “All the previous affairs I was having was just my way of building the perfect woman. I would get them all to wear the same lingerie you now wear. It would copy all their best attributes. Beauty, intelligence, personality was all stored in that simple fashion piece. You are now receiving the fruit of my year long labour. You’re welcome.” Frank said taking a seat to enjoy the process.

    Carla moaned further as she felt what he said come to pass. Her body turned several shades darker, her hair cascaded down her back becoming full and thick, her ass turned plump and round.

    “Oh fuck yessss I fell so hot. I feel the bitchy souls of all your sluts merging with me, it’s making me soooo wet! No what am I saying? Why are you doing this to me?” Carla said unable to stand from the changes and falling onto the nearby seat.

    “I hired you for this exact reason. You have no friends, no family but you have ambition. You have a craving to be the best and now I’m giving you the chance to be the best, the best woman, the best alpha, the best bitch. Embrace it and throw away what it means to be Carla. Becoming Carmen!” Frank said rising out of his seat drunk on his own speech with a rising cock in his pants to match.

    Carla meanwhile was finding it hard to argue. She did want to be the best and now she could. She could be more than a hot piece of arm candy to him, she could be his Queen to his King.

    The despicable minds of all his mistresses where urging her to succumb to become the epitome of bitchdom, how could she refuse? Her body was already accepting her fate as her changes began to wrap up. Her body toned to a gym goddess and her face caked in perfect makeup.

    “Yessss you’re right! I want to be the envy of all women, I want them to feel insignificant in my presence. I want men to drool over me knowing they could never have what you’ll have nightly. Of fuck yesss Frank I give in. I want this! I want you!” She moaned allowing the new, meaner persona of Carmen to take over.

    An ease washed over her as confidence filled her very being. She no longer had doubts, fears or anxiety. When she was the perfect woman why would she have any?

    “Mmmm what do you have to say about your handiwork my love.” Carmen said in a sultry voice. Frank grinned as he knelt down on one knee and produced a ring from his pocket. The large diamond sparkled in her eyes as she gazed upon it, coveting it immediately.

    She smiled a wicked grin as she stretched out met manicured hand for him to slip the ring on. She loved the way it looked and couldn’t wait to have similarly expensive jewels adorn her body, but for now she would let him wear her in the way she was now craving. 

    Bad Bandana

    Nina was in her mind having a bad hair day. She was suffering from particularly bad bed head with her lockes pointing off in different directions. Worse still she was running late for work and didn’t have time to shower.

    She didn’t have a hair tie to speak of so dove into the box of her ex-roommates belongings. Her roommate Jennifer hadn’t been seen in six months so Nina had packed up all her things. She would of been worried for Jennifer but Nina knew that she was well capable of taking care of herself.

    In fact Nina knew of plenty of guys that had been intimidated by Jennifer. She had a type of confident air and striking beauty that instilled all around her to treat her like a queen, Nina included which is why she was kind of happy she was gone even if it meant she had to pay more rent.

    The closest thing Nina found in the box that could suit her needs was a white bandana.

    “This will have to do I suppose.” Nina said wrapping her hair up as best as she could with it. Her hair seemed to become tame as she tied the bandana in a knot. Her hair now fell perfectly around her face, it even looked more shiny and thick than before. She couldn’t help but smile as she looked in the mirror.

    “Wow that really helped. I look pretty cute.” She said admiring the look she was pulling off. However something didn’t sit well with the word cute she had uttered.

    “Do I want to look cute? Why not hot or sexy?” She said drifting over to her closet to find something a little more risqué to reflect the mood she was now feeling. However she found it all to be lacking very quickly.

    “Ugh I’ll never turn heads with all these Church clothes. I need something more daring, more adventurous, more... Jennifer.” She said spying the open box she had retrieved the bandana from.

    She hungrily ripped open the box allowing the contents to spill onto her floor. Jewelry clanged to ground and she eagerly picked up all she could wear. Golden hoops now hung from her ears, an expensive chain adorned her neck and a simple but beautiful bracelet wrapped around her hand.

    “Mmmm yesss these look great, only the best for me.” She said vainly taking in herself.

    Next she picked up a tight looking denim romper, something she would never dream of wearing before but she couldn’t help but picture how good she would look wearing it on her slim body.

    “Oh god I’m getting wet just thinking about how hot I’ll look with this on.” She said speaking lustfully and out of character while quickly undressing from her conservative clothes.

    As she slipped into the romper she felt it cling to her body tightly, tighter than anything she had ever worn. It made her almost feel nude how it showed off her every curve. She particularly liked how well her cleavage looked.

    “Oh Nina you naughty little bitch don’t you good enough to fuck.” She said having lost all ideas of modesty. The bandana was sucking all the goodness and purity out of her body by the second.

    “Fuck I look so goddamn hot, I’ll have guys creaming over themselves just to talk to me, if I let them of course. Hmmm but something’s missing, I don’t feel like the full bad bitch I ought to be. Oh yesss these will do.” She said with a purr picking up a pair of expensive sunglasses from the ground and putting them on.

    As soon as she looked at herself in the mirror her look became ice cold. Suddenly she was filled with immense superiority and callousness. She loved it. Her transformation to a mean bitch was complete.

    She left that day in search of men to wrap around her finger and treat her like the goddess she now believed herself to be. She was never seen at her job again after that day.

    Within a week she was infamous around town as a man eater who had all the male population enthralled by her. She even developed a clique of other bitchy women which led her back to finding Jennifer.

    The two quickly became friends through their similar interests of cock, money and power and became roommates once again, only this time in a much more expensive apartment.

    As for the bandana, it had quietly slipped off her head soon after her transformation knowing it had extracted all the good it could from her as it had done to Jennifer, confident in the knowledge the world was now one goody goody girl lighter. Soon some other pure soul would find it and a new bitch would rise....

    A Borrowed Coat

    Mary had just wanted to borrow one of Julia’s, her sister, coats as she had left her own on the bus but knew she had to wait for her mean sister to be out of the house. That wouldn’t be much of an issue thankfully as she seemed to be with her rich boyfriend Tom most of the time anyway.

    The biggest problem would be choosing a coat from the plethora of choices. Ever since she started going out with Tom, Julia had become a gold digging shopaholic obsessed with her looks and so had amassed a collection of slutty and expensive clothes.

    Skimming through the options Mary was suddenly pulled towards one in particular. She didn’t even know the coat she grabbed was the most expensive one but something about the luxurious fur coat was calling out to her. She also didn’t know that this was the very first coat Tom had bought Julia.

    As soon as the fur touched her skin she felt a change ripple through her body. At once she heard bones crack and bend reshaping her into a new tighter form. She could of thrown the coat to the floor but she felt a longing in the coat that felt good. The coat needed her.

    “Mmmmyyyy sister has neglected you hasn’t she? What a fool she is.” Mary moaned as the changes accelerated. Her once flabby stomach became flat and defined. Her weak chubby limbs became comparable to a gymnasts and her tits grew larger becoming the perfect pair.

    “Fuck yes make me a hot bitch like my sister! No! Make me even hotter and I’ll never neglect you!” Mary cried as the coat responded by becoming even tighter around her body giving her an envious physique and pushing out her boobs even more.

    Her facial features warped into a face a model would be jealous of and a butt that they would be proud of. The coat melted away Mary’s clothes replacing it with a white and black tight swimsuit. Mary looked upon her new body with joy but another emotion was bubbling under the surface consuming the joy piece by piece. It was a feeling of vanity and superiority.

    “Mmmmm thank you my wonderful coat for remaking me into what I truly deserve, an alpha bitch even hotter and meaner than my loser of a sister.” Mary said lovingly touching her curves.


    “Mary?” Said a voice behind her she knew to belong to her sister’s hunky boyfriend. She turned around slowly to allow him to take her in from head to toe.

    “Mary? No Mary is gone, you can call me Mercedes. What do you think of the new and improved me Thomas?” She said strolling over to him like a lioness sizing up her prey.

    If she were going to be this hot from now on she would need to be wrapped in only the sexiest of clothes and would need sugar daddy to bankroll her new life. It would be the icing on the cake to steal her sister’s man.

    She found no resistance in Thomas as she embraced him with a deep kiss. In fact she quickly found Thomas’ hands removing her swimsuit as she undid his belt.

    Within a few minutes Mercedes was riding Thomas like a wild animal, which seemed appropriate as they only piece of clothing on her now was the grey fur coat. At one point Thomas could of sworn he heard her roar in ecstasy. 

    As they lay on the bed of Mercedes’ sister post sex awaiting the return of Julia (at Mercedes insistence, she wanted to see the delicious look on her sister’s face), Thomas thought quietly to himself about what a worthwhile purchase the magical coat was.



    “Oh she’s in here somewhere but if you want her back you’re going to have to make her cum back.” Said Gloria with a purr to Sean. However it wasn’t actually Gloria, it was her bully Michelle who had taken over her body and turned it into a temple of bitchiness.

    Michelle had died to the day exactly one year ago but had found a way back through a pair of her old earrings. Poor Gloria found them while cleaning out Michelle’s old locker at work and couldnt resist giving them a try.

    Michelle quickly took over Sean’s shy and kind girlfriend transforming her in a matter of seconds.

    Michelle’s big fake tits were now bolted onto Gloria’s slim frame. Her lips now resembled Michelle’s infamous cock sucking pair. Her hair was now sleek and long, a far cry from her usual messy nest and sharp long nails adorned her slender hands.

    In short, she now looked like a porn star version of Gloria.

    “What do you mean you crazy bitch?” Sean said spitting venom at the slut controlling his girlfriend like a puppet.

    “Well you see there is one catch to my possession. As long as I wear these earrings Gloria is paralyzed and I take full control but if Gloria’s one true love can make her cum it will awaken her and she will once again be in control of my body.” She said with a curled untrustworthy smile.

    “It’s HER body! Why are you telling me this? What’s the catch?” Sean said quickly losing his patience with her.

    “Well if you’re not her one true love then her soul will become trapped in the earrings and her body becomes mine forever. I’m willing to take the bet that you’re not, but are you?” She said with an evil cackle.

    Sean couldn’t believe the situation he was being put in but he had to get Gloria back. He loved her more than anything else and knew he was her soulmate so started to strip off his clothes.

    As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Michelle had turned Gloria into one hot piece of ass. Although he didn’t want to give her the satisfaction, Sean was now rocking a fully erect cock.

    “My my isn’t someone happy to see me.” Michelle said grabbing his cock in her hand and stroking it slowly. Sean batted her hand away.

    “Quit it, let’s just get this done you bitch.” Sean growled.

    “Mmmm yes sir, I love when a man takes charge.” She said as she hiked up her small dress to reveal her pantyless pussy. Sean felt his cock stiffen even more looking at it.

    He wasted no time as he slipped his cock into her wet pussy. Michelle actually gasped.

    “Oh fuck where have you been hiding stud, I should of got with you when I was alive.” Michelle moaned.

    “Shut up you nasty slut.” Sean said while pounding her pussy. Was it always this good he thought to himself.

    “Yeah that’s right baby I’m a nasty slut, I’m your nasty slut. Oh Sean this is so fucking good don’t stop!” She cried as she rode his dick like a pro.

    For his part Sean started to get lost in the euphoria of the sex. He began kissing her neck and loved the way she smelled of expensive perfume.

    “Oh fuck this feels so good.” He said as he grabbed and squeezed her tits. He felt a power he never felt with Gloria. He felt Michelle want him, lust for him and it made him feel good, even a little arrogant.

    “Ohhhh yeahhhh baby a little more. I’m so close to cumming. My god your amazing.” She said shoving his face into her tits and loving how it felt.

    “Gloria is that you?” Sean managed to muffle from her big tits.

    “Forget that loser, make me cum you big dick bastard. If you do, this pussy will be all yours forever. I’ll be your big titted bitchy girlfriend and you can be my bad ass stud of a boyfriend.” Michelle screamed getting close to orgasming.

    “Yeah screw Gloria that frigid bitch. No what am I saying? Fuck you evil bitch, you’re so fucking hot you’re messing with my head. Gloria is my soulmate!” Sean said wanting to stop but finding himself unable to.

    “I’m your soulmate baby, I know you can feel it. You’ve been tied down by that goody goody for too long. Join me and let the bad boy loose. Oh fuuuuck Sean I’m gonna cum all over your big cock.” Michelle moaned as she wrapped her legs around him.

    Sean didn’t want to fight anymore when he was being offered a beautiful goddess on plate. He knew she was manipulating him to keep the body but he didn’t care, he only wanted Michelle now.

    “Oh fuck yes Michelle you’re mine now. Your body and soul belongs to me!” He said confident and powerful enough to make Michelle cum hard.

    “Fuuuuuuck baby I feel it, I’m taking this body! My body!” She moaned as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. As they reached their climax together the earrings magically unclipped and fell from her ears.

    “How do you feel Michelle.” Asked Sean.

    “In control.” She said with a purr making Sean’s dick stiffen again.

    “Round 2 huh? Well how could I say no to my soulmate?” She said slowly rising up and down on his dick.

    From that day forward the couple were rarely seen apart. They were the envy of everyone in town. Gorgeous, feared and powerful they had everything anyone would want.

    However one thing they no longer had were the magical earrings that kicked it all off. They had been misplaced in their move to a bigger house. But they didn’t worry about that, Gloria wasn’t a threat. Or was she....


    I just wanted to say I recently found your blog and am addicted. I love how much you corrupt good people to be sexy evil characters. Would luv to see your take on turning Robin into a new harley quinn some day. Is there a secondary site with all your stories that we can search for different tags on?

    Thank you so much I am flattered :) I rarely do a m2f but might give it a shot at some point. Tumblr is my primary site and I do tag them with the appropriate corruption such as “corrupted clothing” “corrupted jewelry”. I have be meaning to go back through them all and tag them more comprehensively though but finding the time to even write is hard lately.