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2023-11-29 02:13:49

    "microwaves cook food using invisible rays of energy" do you see how dumn you sound. the food gets cooked because its spinning. which is also why glonal warming is happening so everybodt listen up we need to start pushing against the earths rotation or else were all gona get cooked


    i can tell that some of yall arent pushing cus nothngs happening. cmon we need everyone or else it wont work pls signal boot this


    quick shout out to all women @ maternity ward for all their efforts.


    to all the moms out there this ones for you


    Im just gonna lay it out that im honestly pretty scared that things are going to blow up. To have everything totally set up (without help from the people in question) and secured we need to raise another $570 (this includes potential airport fees and move in fees for the apartment as well as some i still need for elecricity). Please please help us we're doing our best and we've worked so hard and we're so close please help. We're two disabled trans women and a cat.

    This is the last post I'll make about this

    Cashapp: $cmder

    PayPal: https://PayPal.me/agieocean

    Venmo: agief

    Edit: realized were likely going to have to stay at a motel the night we arrive

    Edit: had to buy our last groceries here

    $532/$670 raised

    Deadline: 12/01/23

    Electricity: Raised

    Airport fees: Raised

    Move-in fee: Raised

    Motel cost: Raising


    We like have to raise $500 to cover all the bullshit thats left idk if we can do it but please if theres ever been a time to help me its now