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    KRSNND these TAGS


    if this happened like 5 years ago people would be losing their shit, now it’s just like “oh yeah another thing”


    California monument’s gone now


    What the fuck even prompted that lmao


    according to wikipedia it the youths viewed it as anti-christian, promoting illegal immigration and linked to the antifa movement


    That random metal pillar? Yeah that’s antifa


    This happened yesterday

    Somelne on twitter pointed this out and I think I have a theory

    As i said this is only a theory of mine and I might be completly wrong

    So these scenes in the opening suggest that s8 the infinity will have something happen to Langa. But i do not believe it will be a sad ending (or at least I hope not)

    My theory is the Langa and Renki will "split up“ in either the middle or towards the end of the story and ADAM (blue haired joker looking villain that is voiced by Dio‘s VA) might have something to do with it.

    So as of now we know almost nothing about Adam aside from

    -probably the main antagonist

    -seems to be loaded with cash given the furniture and technology he has

    -seems like he has an interest in Langa after he beat Shadow

    -this screencap from the trailer has Hisoka vibes

    We also know Langa is looking for a job that pays well to support his mother, so maybe Adam will try to split Langa and Reki from eachother with the promise of a well paying Job? Again this is just a theory or more so speculation I could just be reading too much into the opening sequence and Sk8 the infinity will stay this action filled love letter to skating and nothing will happen to Langa or Reki. But do feel free to tell me your opinions and theories.