cpr and defib
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2021-09-26 04:25:07

    “Are you beginning to feel the effects of the gas, or is your body just feeling a bit tired?”

    Ummh, I think I just feel…tired?

    “Are your eyelids flickering, or is it just too hard to keep them open?”

    Just flickering, I think… I think.

    “Do you feel you limbs going numb, or is your head just feeling a bit fuzzy?”

    Fuzzy? Or.. umh… right. My head…

    “Does having your limbs strapped down make you feel helpless, or are you completely secure?”

    I think.. I think both? Maybe? Where

    “Are you finding it harder and harder to think, or are you just relaxing completely?”

    Hard to… relax…. b-both? Where amm I?

    “Are the drugs winning, or are you losing consciousness?”


    “Are you falling under trance, or are you just becoming deeply asleep now?”

    sl sle ep -ing??

    “Are you ready to obey me completely, or will you do exactly as I say?”

    “…Good girl”

    Thanks soooo much to @bannableoffense for helping be the catalyst for this drawing. Her double-bind inductions are, well, inspiring : D