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    Introducing Kit Connor and Joe Locke as Heartstopper's Nick and Charlie!!!! 💖🍂🌈

    I am so SO hyped to show you this photo of them in costume on set. Finding our Nick and Charlie was no easy task and I was VERY nervous about the search. These characters have been with me since 2012 (over a third of my life!!), and many of you since 2014 - they’re deeply important to me, and I know they are to many of you too. I knew that we had to find the perfect teen actors to play them or the show would fall apart. But we found them!! We really really did!! Kit and Joe are just amazing, literally so talented and sweet and funny and utterly Nick and Charlie in so many ways, and it has been so much fun getting to know them and welcoming them into the Heartstopper universe. I feel very lucky that they’re playing these characters who are so precious to me and many of you, and I hope you fall in love with them as Nick and Charlie as much as I have done!! Please join me in showing them some love and support today!

    I know many of you are eager to see who is playing the rest of the Heartstopper gang, so stay tuned for more cast reveals VERY soon… 🎬

    Castello Di Reschio Lisciano Niccone, IT 

    Now, after years of careful restoration, it has been transformed into a singularly unique Hotel  filled with wit, whimsy and effortless style. The Courtyard . Within the walls of the castle are two interlinked courtyards - one now encased in glass and starting a new life as the Palm Court. The other is a wonderful grassy lawn circled by impressive mature umbrella pines and cypresses.

    © reschio.com


    Just in case you forget this exists.

    It exists.


    With those “when you want to design a character but you don’t know color theory” posts flying around I thought this would be relevant again.




    there’s also Coolors website that gives you randomized palettes!


    Don’t forget ColourLovers, either! It’s a social media-esque site where you can browse tons of palettes and share your own.

    You can browse the most popular ones or search for certain colors, themes, and even specific hex codes!

    When you find one you like, you can download a wallpaper swatch of it and also select the specific colors it uses to look at more palettes that use those same ones.

    ColourLovers is my go-to for when I’m having trouble coming up with a color scheme! It’s also been around for over a decade, so there’s plenty to browse through.




    one day this comic will reach a million notes and then i’m going to quit my job and become a couch


    Huh? What’s this? I don’t remember ordering something that big.

    Oh, it’s a sofa? I already have one, though…

    Hang on, my job sent me this? Is this some sort of bonus or something?


    Huh??? It’s empty?? Then why was it so heavy…

    Oh hang on what’s this?

    I’m not sure I can reach it…


    Oh crap!!!!


    Everyone who isn’t reblogging this version is a coward and a villain


    world heritage post

    Minimzing Bullshit: Living in filth

    You know what?  If you’re a grown-ass adult there is no excuse for your toilet to be dirty or for you to have a floordrobe.  Get it together.  We don’t have a lot of extra advice about this except to Just Fucking Do It.  Clean as you go, don’t let messes pile up, and badger your family and roomies into pulling their weight.

     Some starting points:

    - Gather up all the trash from the whole house and take it out

    - Do the dishes and clean out the sink

    - Gather up all the laundry and wash it, or at least put it in the laundry area if there is already a load going

    - Sweep the floors

    If you can get through these four things, your home will feel about 80% cleaner. Minimizing dirt also minimizes stress.  Besides the fact that gross stuff is gross and stressful, angry cleaning is a great way to burn off some steam after a frustrating day.

    One great way to keep your house clean is to have fewer things.  If you don’t have a bunch of extra stuff, you won’t have a bunch of extra stuff to clean.  Minimalism is a journey though, so clean first if you are in too deep and start decluttering when you’ve got things more under control.  (Or just take a slash and burn approach and start throwing all your shit away. Whatever floats your boat.)

    See the links below to help yourself live a filth-free life:





    My hypothesis is that in like 10 years gen z is gonna have a big cult boom the way the boomers did in the 70s


    It’s already happening on tik tok. There’s a fun new thing going round that’s citing common symptoms of depression and anxiety as signs you’re about to have your awakening and that you are actually an alien and the reason you don’t feel right is because you’re home sick for your own galaxy. So that’s fun.


    agreed, and i don't mean this in a "haha gen z is so dumb they're gonna join a tiktok cult lmao" i mean that conditions are perfect for the formation of cults right now.

  • high unemployment and a lot of underpaying, pointless jobs = people are looking for things to do with their life, a purpose
  • skyrocketing cost of living = most young people will not be able to live on their own, meaning some will end up in a group living situation with people interested in recruiting them
  • it's a time of great cultural and political upheaval, nothing feels real, people are desperate for meaning and human connection. cults promise that
  • there is a new wave of acceptance and understanding for ways of life outside the norm, which is great! ...except for when cult leaders tell you abusive and controlling practices are just their culture, their religion, their lifestyle, their beliefs, their tradition, and if you disrespect it you are the problem
  • social media influencers have already shown us how easy it is to build a cult of personality and attract people from anywhere in the world who are interested in the exact brand you are selling
  • spirtuality is having a boom, as are things like astrology, crystals, tarot, meditation, energy... those things aren't bad on their own but they are often used as tools of cult spaces
  • wellness. i think a lot of people are already in wellness cults. you can make people do a lot of things in the name of "wellness" and a big factor of maintaining a cult is keeping members in a state of decreased cognition..... like say, with regular fasting
  • i think people are just unaware in general of how cults function, especially because the satanic panic was a big stupid false alarm that convinced the youths that dungeons and dragons or doom were gateways to cults, which are scary evil child murdering, satan-worshipping gangs. people don't know how to spot them in real life.