god i love dying in the witcher 3. not because i have to do part of what i was doing again but because i love to just. imagine the funeral.

    like i always picture them burning geralts body at kaer morhen and giving him a eulogy n shit n i always imagine they'd just lowkey roast geralt the entire time. like.

    "here lies geralt of rivia (or geralt eric roger du haute-bellegarde), the butcher of blaviken, the white wolf. who walked the path for 138 slutty, slutty years, during which he was part of many important political plots and wars and fought bravely and valiantly. geralt of rivia, who fucking died because he was fighting three (3) drowners and couldn't eat his raw onions fast enough. he was not very smart."

    or "here lies geralt of rivia, who died because he jumped off of a 6-foot ledge as a shortcut and didn't know that that would fucking kill him. we don't know how he managed to die from that, either."

    or "here lies geralt of rivia, who, after fighting off 15 men and sustaining minimal damage, set a barrel on fire for funsies, didn't step back far enough, and fucking blew himself up. may he rest in pieces. godspeed you absolute idiot."

    Linked Universe Zine

    6 months of work, and 100+ participants later, the Linked Universe Zine is finally finished! It is free, downloadable, and full of AMAZING work! Please check it out! 


    This zine is a gift and a thank you. Thank you to the LU Discord for being a home and a family. Thank you to the fandom for being a wonderful community. This zine is our gift to you all! Enjoy it as much as we did creating it! 

    Thank you to those who participated, this could not have been accomplished without you. 

    Finally, thank you to Jojo. Without you and the world of @linkeduniverse , we wouldn’t have a zine to make. We wouldn’t have these lifetime friends and wonderful memories. So thank you Jojo, and please enjoy this gift from us to you for all you have done! 

    This has been a wonderful adventure! <3 

    Jaune: Oscar was beaten, kidnapped, missing and for all we know dead. Yang is experiencing some deeply rooted trust and abandonment issues without anyone from her team around. And Ren is full on having an existential crisis.

    Jaune: So turns out, for the first time I am the most mentally stable member of a team, and if that's not a bad omen I don't know what it is.

    Whoa! A comic! And it’s an annoyingly long post! Sorry about that.

    Nothing particularly original about this comic (I’m sure it’s been done a million times before). My Breath of the Wild comics are drawn with the mindset that Zelda is the playable character, not Link *cough* do it Nintendo *cough*. If this comic bummed you out, if it helps any, this comic is a prequel to this sad Zelda comic (where Fi is there for some reason).

    Normally it takes me a long ass time to draw a high end comic like this, but I got this done way faster cause I did all the sketching in Photoshop and then did the line art and other stuff in Clip Studio Paint rather than doing the whole comic process in Clip Studio Paint. For the sake of reference, this comic only took a week to draw where as the last time I drew a comic this fancy it took me an entire month.

    Put your legs on my shoulders!

    yes I listened to a dirty parody, cover, of put your head on my shoulder and this is what came to my mind XD (there were like thousands of grammatical errors, I am really sorry, I have corrected them, sorry for taking so much time, I will try my best to don’t make so many mistakes next time, lol XD)

    hope you like it, to listen to the song click here

    bonus: meanwhile, Husk in the room nearby can’t sleep