LAPORTE, TX — A stay-home mom was arrested for letting her children ride their scooters in a cul-du-sac in front of their home. Police say Tammy Cooper was endangering the children because her lawn chair wasn’t close enough to where they were playing. She was handcuffed, put in an orange jumpsuit, and thrown in jail for 18 hours. She has already spent $7,000 trying to defend her case. The children were taken to Child Protective Services and interrogated.


    What the hell when I was a kid I would leave for 5 hours and my parents wouldnt even know where I was it was like lord of the flies. 


    I’m sorry, but in the 90’s, your parents bought you rollerblades, strapped them to your feet at eight in the morning, pushed you out the door and told you not to come back until dinner.   


    It’s hugely important, with female character arcs, to manifest development without changing the character.  Would Elle be the same Elle if she started dressing like Vivian and acting like Enid?  Do we really want Elle to abandon her sorority friends and hobnob with the East Coasters?  I love dearly that while Elle does take some measures to fit in with her Harvard peers, the conclusion is that it’s simply impossible.  Her goal is not to fit in with them, but to achieve comparably to them.  She buckles down, devotes her time and brain power, and works hard to be in the same league as her peers.  But even when she endeavors to dress like them, she ends up wearing a shimmering smoking jacket and fashion glasses.  Ultimately, the film’s message is that Elle only has to be Elle to succeed.  When she’s on her date with Warner in the first scenes, she wears a bright pink dress - her power color.  And when she walks into the courtroom for her last scenes, she wears a bright pink dress - her power color.  Elle hasn’t changed; her power has only shifted.

    - CINEBLOGGO: Legally Blonde


    people assume you’re joking when you say Legally Blonde is a feminist movie

    but it’s one of the BEST. FEMINIST. MOVIES.

    HEY! LOOK!
    It’s my brand new Ultimate Whovian dashboard style!

    Now you can add all the Doctor Who awesomeness to your boring dashboard and make your tumbling experience FANTASTIC!


    Since I know most of you are like me (and by that I mean INTP), I broke down the theme into seven separate modules, so you may mix and match anyway you want, with any other styles you want! These fuckers are totally compatible with everything! I swear!

  • [Module I]— Gallifreyan Icons
    The actual words transliterated into my favourite Gallifreyan style.
  • [Module II] — TARDIS key Selector
    The classic TARDIS key. I never got why they stopped using this layout, it’s beautiful.
  • [Module III] — Timecracked Logo
    I might add more options on later versions, but for now, just avoid getting into the glow.
  • [Module IV] — Doctor Who Icons
    HOME — The TARDIS! 
    INBOX — A hypercube: my rendition of the Time Lord mail thingie as seen in The Doctor’s Wife. 
    HELP — K-9: The Doctor’s little helper =) 
    SETTINGS — Bowtie: because he’s always fixing it. 
    LOGOUT — A Dalek: because EXTERMINATE!
  • [Module V] — Return to Top
    Modified 11th’s era TARDIS logo.
  • [Module VI] — Sonic Screwdriver Cursor
    10th’s Sonic Screwdriver with mouseover action =]
  • [Module VII] — TARDIS Dashboard
    You can choose from two delicious flavours: a) a serious Tardis pattern (this is the one I use, because I’m serious. HEY I AM!) and b) The TARDIS flying over the Impossible Galaxy!
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    Have fun, and please, leave me your impressions and suggestions.
    (But mostly tell me how awesome I am, please)