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    one of the big concepts I learned in therapy that has been fucking revolutionary for me is the concept that sometimes u can just feel feelings and they don't have to mean anything.

    like, I can just be sad about something for a little while because it feels cathartic and helpful to let myself be sad, and it doesnt have to mean anything or change how I act or treat people.

    like sometimes u just need to feel an emotion in order to process and work through things, and sometimes it just feels good to let urself be sad about a silly or little thing. and then once its out its over, uve experienced it and now it is done so u can move on.

    and I dont have to derive greater meaning from it or do anything about it. i was just sad for a few hours and now i feel better and that's all that matters.

    You know what. Neopronouns are cool and sexy. When people realised that the language that best described them didn't exist, they made their OWN WORDS. THAT'S PUNK AS FUCK. Also honorable mention to trans people who named themselves stuff like cactus or star or eldritch horror. I love you. You have my entire heart. People who reclaimed their dehumanisation and turned it into something that would make them happy and piss off bigots? Radiant. People who use microlabels and xenogenders? Gorgeous. Every unconventional trans person on the planet? Amazing. Never let anyone tell you you're "making the community look bad", cause you make this community whole.

    Its weird to me that I'm the only person who can handle certain kids just because they have adhd and autism. Their parents were like "how'd you get them to stop having a meltdown?!" Like????? Don't fukin get mad yell at or pressure them??????

    Get them to do a different stim instead of yelling "dont pull your hair!"

    Dont get mad speak in a soothing voice.

    Dont force them to talk, use yes or no head nods.

    Give them time to calm down and DO. NOT. COUNT TO TEN!!!!! EVER!!!!!.

    If they dont want to do something slowly build up and re introduce the thing they have to do dont say straight you have to do this now.

    Sit down a nice foot away from them. standing in front of them freaks them out and looks intimidating, just generally dont be an asshole to your kids wtf


    We forgot about it


    I once signed up to participate in a study on how depression affects memory, forgot I was meant to go do it, and when I emailed to apologise to the PhD student running it she basically told me that a) she was very used to this happening and b) the weird irony of her theories’ correctness making it very difficult to arrange proving them had by now gone from infuriating to hysterical


    I went to the Grand Canyon when I was depressed and I literally forgot the whole thing. Like, the only reason I even know I was there is that I have photographs of myself standing in front of the Grand Canyon with dead eyes but i have absolutely no memory of it

    People talk about depression like it’s just being sad all the time but straight up your brain stops working and sadness is just one of the many, many consequences of that

    something I started to realize a few months ago is that “becoming a better person” isn’t born from hating yourself and anxiously striving to do better.  it isn’t particularly glamorous or dramatic.  it’s just work you do while also taking care of yourself, things like:

    -being mindful enough to recognize why you act certain ways -being honest about your baggage -resisting the compulsion to “be perfect" -recognizing the importance of your own wants and needs -educating yourself on issues that pose a stumbling block for you -googling things like “how to talk to people” (you can google how to do anything, even very simple things, and I recommend it) -identifying what behaviors you’d like to change in the future -being prepared to wait rather than seeking immediate reassurance/forgiveness for your own comfort


    anyway thnx for letting me ruminate about this on ur dash, hope you’re having a good day.


    When we start to talk about morality it becomes so fucking clear this society never escaped an innately christian way of looking at things.


    You really don’t have to overcome your darker nature and be a good person. You don’t have to work for redemption. Guilt is not a virtue, pride is not a sin. You aren’t in need of saving. You’re already worth the life you are living and don’t have to earn it.


    Pleasure and leisure are not shameful. Laziness does not exist. Rest is worth it in and of itself. Plenty without labor should be celebrated. The world does not need to be improved, owned, or controlled by powers secular or ecclesial.


    pretty shitty how baseline human activities like singing, dancing and making art got turned into skills  instead of being seen as behaviors

    so now it’s like ‘the point of doing them is to get good at them’ and not ‘this is a thing humans do, the way birds sing and bees make hives’.


    What’s sad to me about this is that I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they “can’t” do art, or dance, or sing. That because it’s turned into a profitable vocation, and thus has some implied heirarchy to it (ie: there are ‘master artists’, and ‘professional singers and dancers’), people feel shame for not “living up to unattainable standards,” when in reality, art for humans is very therapeutic and good for the soul.


    Pedophilia is bad should not be a radical statement.


    No really, please reblog this if you can, because this site in general, but fandom spaces especially bad for this, to the point where people are genuinely afraid of harassment they may face for saying ‘Pedophilia is a bad thing and you probably should not encourage it’ or for calling it what it is. Fandom spaces are also especially bad for screaming about how it’s ‘just fiction’ when we know damn well that fiction impacts reality.


    In case anyone feels like continuing to argue this post, I have multiple real actual pedophiles telling me to ‘deal with’ their attraction to children and being allowed to produce content with it for said children to read so like, this is a serious problem.

    I mean you can find them in the notes. Real pedo’s are comfortable in fandom spaces because they know y’all will defend them now with ‘but that’s just fictional, they would never do it in real life!!’


    @ anyone who excuses pedophilia in any way: Get the fuck off my blog, you’re disgusting and you’re not welcome here.


    I don’t know why this still has to be said but pedophilia is gross and has no place in this safe space I have created. also, if you’re a pedo apologist or try to give them a space in the LGBTQ+ community you’re disgusting.


    Be aware of the term “MAP”, which stands for Minor Attracted Person. There’s a whole thing on twitter with “MAP Pride”. They have a flag and try to spread “MAP positivity”, and want to be recognised in the LGBT+ community. Last I heard (6+ months ago) they also indicated their stance in profiles by using peach emojis, but obviously everyone can use them so that’s not reliable. There are a lot of reliable articles about the issue around.

    Stay safe.


    a singular scuit. just one. 


    an edible cracker with just one side. mathematically impossible and yet here I am monching on it.


    ‘scuit’ comes from the french word for ‘bake’, ‘cuire’ as bastardized by adoption by the brittish and a few hundred years ‘biscuit’ meant ‘twice-baked’, originally meaning items like hardtack which were double baked to dry them as a preservative measure long before things like sugar and butter were introduced. if you see a historical doccument use the word ‘biscuit’ do not be fooled to think ‘being a pirate mustve been pretty cool, they ate nothing but cookies’ - they were made of misery to last long enough to be used in museum displays or as paving stones

    ‘triscuit’ is toasted after the normal biscuit process, thrice baked thus the monoscuit is a cookie thats soft and chewy because it was only baked once, not twice

    behold the monoscuit/scuit


    Why is this called a biscuit:


    when brittish colonists settled in the americas they no longer had to preserve biscuits for storage or sea voyages so instead baked them once and left them soft, often with buttermilk or whey to convert cheap staples/byproducts into filling items to bulk out the meal to make a small amount of greasy meat feed a whole family. considering hardtack biscuits were typically eaten by dipping them in grease or gravy untill they became soft enough to eat without breaking a tooth this was a pretty short leap of ‘just dont make them rock hard if im not baking for the army’ but didnt drop the name because its been used for centuries and people forgot its french for ‘twice baked’ back in the tudor era, biscuit was just a lump of cooked dough that wasnt leavened bread as far as they cared thus the buttermilk biscuit and the hardtack biscuit existed at the same time. ‘cookies’ then came to america via german and dutch immigrants as tiny cakes made with butter, sugar/molasses, and eggs before ‘tea biscuits’ as england knew them due to the new availability of cheap sugar- which is why ‘biscuit’ and ‘cookie’ are separate items in america but the same item in the UK the evolution of the biscuit has forks on its family tree