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2021-04-22 11:12:41

    i learned that the world record for the loudest thing ever shouted belongs to an Irish female teacher who shouted the word “quiet” at 121 decibels, the equivalent of a jet engine (x)


    oh my god?


    Okay please read this whole article because there is important information in ther, including;

    1. She never yells at her students- her record breaking 121 decibel shout happened during an event she’d been invited to. She was defending her title after setting the previous shouting record during a competition at a church camp, where she got to 119.4 decibels 

    2. The only reason she entered the first competition was because her twin sister had entered and was about to win with a shout of 119.1 decibels. 

    3. They took her to an expert to try to understand how she shouted so very loud and his conclusion was that her supernatural volume was fueled entirely by her need to beat her sister. 


    That’s just how siblings are.

    behold. my quite specific dni list

    dni if: you cannot do long division, play idol gacha games, like white chocolate, like anime men, have your permit/license, can ride a bike, use snapchat, take prozac, know what baldi's basics is, use ibis paint, listen to hozier, have over 400 followers, have never read an x reader fic, wear vans, your queue tag is a pun or a saying or whatever, are active on twitter, have considered moving from tumblr to twitter, have a nature aesthetic, don't think mcdonalds is good, can play rhythm games successfully, don't use a vpn, have remade more than once, can make gifs, don't know what sweet tea is, are under 5 feet, have never played an instrument at some point in your life, have ever made a "how about you get among some bitches"-esqe joke, rb people's promos but don't follow them, don't like broccoli, play/have played csgo, you know anything about astrology, your first name and last name start with the same letter, you have a car from the years 2004-2013, are good at first person shooters, main yellow in among us, don't know what the capital of belgium is, have never listened to pearl jam, are the first kid to be dropped off when you are being taken to school, wear contact lenses, like the feeling of velvet


    Transgender lesbian woman tears gender stereotypes apart in viral video

    You have probably heard it before: “Wearing a dress does not make you a woman!”

    Over at twitter, Eva, a lesbian transgender woman, published this amazing video in response, showing the world what kind of stupid stereotype this is (embedded above).

    Eva writes:

    Jokes aside, early on in transition I would worry so much about if I wasn’t trans enough because I genuinely enjoyed some of the ways I was masculine before I came out.

    Re-contextualizing that through the frame of lesbian masculinity has made me feel so much more at ease, and it’s made me so much more comfortable with those parts of myself than as I ever did trying to express them as a man.

    I love my shoulders. I love my arms, my muscles. I love wearing suits. I love being tall. I love having a deeper voice. I love having a strong jawline. I also love having long hair, gentle curves, and painting inch long wings over my eyes. I love being trans 

    Via LGBTQ Nation.