i am a white beta boy who knows his place. i am inferior to Women and Alpha Males. i am inferior to the Black race and defer to them. i have served as a domestic servant to several Superior Women. i would welcome the chance to serve as a domestic to an older or retired Lady who needs help round the house. i am obediant, respectful and diligent. All i ask in return is that you treat me as an inferior beta boi and amuse yourself at my expense.Iam in the UK and are only interested in genuine players please.

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2020-09-22 18:54:34

    Daily Affirmations for losers.

    Say all these things to yourself out loud, especially when you’re hand-humping.

  • I am a loser.
  • I deserve to be humiliated for being a loser.
  • I will never satisfy a woman.
  • I am beta.
  • I have a small penis.
  • Women are disgusted by My small penis.
  • I will serve.
  • I belong on My knees.
  • I will never compare to Alpha Males or Alpha Females.
  • I love being humiliated.
  • Every woman knows I’m a loser.
  • I’m addicted to humiliation.
  • Repeat this over & over until you can memorize it perfectly.

    “Good boys! Now this test will examine your endurance and discipline - you’ve all been given a blue pill to make you extra horny, but which of you will crack first and try to jerk off? To add a little incentive, the penalty for being the first to disobey and touch your cock is a month locked up in chastity… however, to make things even more interesting, the last boy to cum gets 6 months locked up… lets begin shall we…”