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2020-12-04 19:00:51

    Hey i have this cool new idea and its called “people with chronic illness shouldnt have to weed out all sugars glutens alcohol and non organic oxygen and lose 50 lbs and excercise 25 hours a day before theyre deemed deserving of help or have their pain taken seriously or are allowed to even just live their fucking lives and talk about their illness without snide comments from ableds who don’t exercise and would never give up their daily 15000 calorie frappe with enough caffine in it to kill a horse’


    Let me be clear, this a call out for all abled people and that includes ableist af physicians who would rather make you jump through hoops for months than listen to what you have to say about your own goddamned pain


    when are male celebs gonna stop wearing boring ass plain black and white tuxedos and suits to award shows like step it up they all look the same I don’t care who made it. I wanna see some hunger games Capitol style fashion


    They need to take a page from John Boyega’s book. That purple suit. Hot damn.


    Not forgetting the all red, and the one with the blue blazer…….


    In case people missed the red suit and his blue look: 

    And then the gorgeous purple Decepticon one: 


    I see your John Boyega and would also like to add Michael B. Jordan 

    also, it’s not red carpet but I refuse to ignore these beauties:


    I need these suits


    can we have a word for when a pre-established, household name fictional character (sherlock holmes, hannibal lecter, the onceler) gets rebooted into a character people think is sexy and then the internet gaslights you into forgetting that they existed outside of the tumblr husband reboot version


    occasionally in the real world someone will mention the once-ler, the dr suess character who has existed since 1971 and is a personification of industry in a short, well known fable about the environment, and i have a crisis