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    She had told you that she was going to give you a chance to earn some release. She would titty-fuck you, but you had to earn it. 10 kicks.

    After that, she said she needed to take her shirt off first. 10 more kicks.

    Then she still had the bra on. 15 kicks.

    When the bra came off, she covered them with the hand-bra, but told you she was done with the kicking. Now she was going to knee you in the balls. 20 this time. You started to argue, and she reached down for her discarded clothes, saying that she could just forget about the whole thing if you wanted. You assumed the position and took the blows.

    When she was done with those 20, she uncovered.....one tit. 20 more knees for the other one.

    Finally, she was completely uncovered, and she told you to sit down. You saw it coming when she demanded more hits before she would touch you with her breasts. You had already taken 75 hits. You were kinda committed. What was 25 ball slaps compared to that? Excruciating, that's what it was, but you were so close.

    When that was over, she laid her tits in your lap, one on either side of your shaft, and she just sat there, not moving. You should have seen that one coming. Her price for actually stroking your dick with her tits: 2 full minutes of squeezing your swollen, bruised, blue balls. It hurt worse than all the rest of it combined, but she promised to stop playing games. No more ballbusting.

    When it was over, she congratulated you, reminded you that you had permission to cum, then started stroking your cock with her big, soft, voluptuous tits. She spit on your dick to lube it up and it wasn't long before the pain took backseat to the pleasure.

    She played around with it, having fun. She teased you, she went slow. At one point she held you on edge for at least 10 minutes. Then.....she stopped.

    "I said you had permission to cum. I never said I would make you. You just sit there until you go soft, and we'll get you locked back up."


    "You just keep your balls right there," (not that you had a choice, with the flat bar of metal clamped to the counter holding them there) "I'm just going to go get a few toys."

    After poking and prodding and whacking your balls for a while, she got turned on. She climbed on the counter, legs spread, and put you inside her. Thankfully, there was a small gap between her legs, right where your balls were.....but it wasn't quite big enough. She was sitting on your balls while fucking your dick, and it was quite possibly the most painful thing she had ever done to you. She didn't have to worry about you cumming first. You did, however, go limp before she was ready to be done.

    She looked down, gave a playful pouty face, and wriggled her ass on top of your balls one last time before getting off of them. She slid back a few feet, then laid down with her legs spread. The message was clear. She expected you to climb up on the counter (laying down on your own balls in the process), bury your face, and finish her off.


    "I don't think you realize how much you just fucked up. This whole chastity thing your girl is into is the best thing that ever happened to me. Last time I was horny, and you cheated on your girlfriend to get me off, you gave me all the leverage I need over you. Now, I'm horny again, and if you don't fix it I'm going to go straight to her. I'll tell her all about you and your little indiscretions, and we both know your balls might not survive THAT. So from now on, every time I want to get off, you're going to find a way to make it happen. Like I said, you're fucked. You have 2 mistresses now, and if she finds out about me you're super-fucked."


    Hands tied behind your back. Head locked between her powerful thighs. Balls tied tight to the frame of her bed. You had no choice but to give up the login to your Tumblr, just like you had no choice but to kneel there and suffer as she scrolled through your posts, learning everything she needed (and more) to dominate you. You were excited. You were thrilled. You were terrified…..


    17 months since your last cum. Right when you were about to blow, she looked you dead in the eye and completely busted your right nut.

    12 months later your remaining ball was really full and needed release. Scarred by what happened last time, you didn't want to lose the last of what makes you a man. Cock still got hard every time you looked at this, remembering that day. Ruined testicle on her face.