My innermost submission to others...
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    My Begging letter PT8.

    After they fell asleep I slept on and off suffering in the bondage position they had left me in, During the night sometime around 4am I was woken by light shocks that were growing in strength not enough to make me cry out just hard enough to have me whimpering, unbeknownst to me they were both up naked, Mistress Mummy was hanging up the remainder of the urine from the water fountain that she had put into a bag then sat it in the sink with boiling water to heat it up, this would add an element of Deeply bitter taste every time The new Slave swallowed it down unfortunately for Babyslave Mistress Mummy had woken feeling Not only Very Dominant But extremely Dirty....As she pushed the Tee peace to the neck of the bag with the sprung loaded valves this allowed for a second liquid to be lifted by the first fluid passing the valve, All she needed to do was prime the valve with a syringe 💉as she hung up the bag she pushed the second tube from the rebreather box on the floor pulling on the large syringe she watched Smiling as the wee ball in the clear valve port spun around rapidly pulling the discoloured liquid from the box up to meet the valve, Then pushing the syringe backwards until the tube from the box was 3/4 of the way discoloured & the last 1/4 was stale urine, pulling the syringe away she felt the growing heat between her legs.

    At that point Master Daddy had returned with a bag full of ice in a bucket putting it down by Babyslave he softly whispered “Ready Sweetheart?”...

    “Fuck yes Darling time to up the pace for Babyslave”

    She took away the mask from sissy’s face closing the valve to prevent any smell, then lifting the cock dummy gag this to had holes fro the rubber throat ties to fix it in Babyslave’s mouth. She patted sissy’s chin, then pushed it lightly down..Babyslave Opened Widely ! Sissy was learning, she fed the cock dummy feeder down the rubber laces until the foam ring slipped behind Babyslave’s teeth, as she did Master Daddy pulled the over head belt tightly again making Babyslave bite down on the foam ring sealing the mouth shut !

    Next he fitted the rubber bag to the rubber Oring around sissy’s neck making a seal. Mistress Mummy giggled lightly as the wheel on the valve started turning & whimpering came from the hood, Hot urine now passing out all the holes in the cock dummy Babyslave would know it had been heated up as it was over body urine temperature. Inside the hood they could here Swallowing as each time sissy swallowed the dummy would simply refilled from the bag...but worse still Mistress Mummy watched as the discoloured fluid went further up the tube, in a few minutes Babyslave would get her first taste of the new mix...

    She nodded to her husband who emptied the ice into the rubber bag surrounding Babyslave’s headie..He closed the rubber seal on top only the tube protruded from the rubber bag a large hole at the top let air in the space between the ice bag & sissy’s face at the front the only place the bag had no contact with the inner hood.

    They kissed each other & went back to bed for a couple of hours as they wanted a 7am start as Mistress Dee was arriving at 9am & all had to be prepared for her playtime !

    As they worked on me in silence I found this part terrible as when they spoke I got a strange comfort from it even though they were being Wicked & Dominant....But this ? I could only await my fate...that’s when I felt her soft finger tapping my chin then push it lightly down...she wanted my mouth open, the pressure from the strap over my head had released, so I opened Wide to please her, I jumped in the bondage as the 4” cock Dummy was fed into my mouth as it went quite far back but it also had something at its end ? She forced this part past my teeth till it seal my mouth open around the plastic guard on the outside I knew it was attached to something as it kept moving for a short time then I felt it get hot as suddenly stale urine filled my Mouth! But it was way too hot to be fresh, Tears now starting Again as I resigned myself to drinking there “Golden nectar” Wondering why it did not make me feel sick ? Or even nauseous? It was just simply horrible that was all....

    Then suddenly something crashed around my head then tightly pulled its self against my hood all but the front were my face was.... slowly my head got cooler I found the swallowing became a task as my tiredness coupled with my cooling head making thoughts hard to focus....my lullaby I’m my ear buds sounding louder & more emotive, smack ! Wwaaaa’wwaaaaWwaaaa .... Smack !! Wwaaaah’Wwaaah !my head felt different but I was too busy Swallowing. Slowly my head started to get cold so much so my lullaby in the ear bud was making me cry...just the sound of it made me want to Cry...

    The next hour was spent Very uncomfortable & by the time I felt them removing the head wrapping & hood I was genuinely glad to be able to see them....

    Looking closer at the mirrors in front of me They we’re both dressed in rubber suits...This made me nervous....as they both set about putting the equipment away, the frame in-front of me was removed then Master Daddy set about unlacing the bondage pants, as they came loose I was suddenly aware how much the I had wetdiring the night,  but my rear felt strange tingling as the bondage was undone every part of my body aching as I swallowed the Now fowl liquid down mouthful after mouthful pashhed down into my tummy I was feeling very full now, slumping in the last of the ropes Mistress Mummy spanked my sore thigh Thwack! “On your Knees Crybaby Sweetheart We have much to get done so We Want Complete Obedient behaviour this morning Madam !....Now Gulp Nice & fast until I says Stop Cutenesses!”

    Still disoriented from the ice freezing & tiredness I started the first of my tears rolling down my cheeks....as I took big gulps of the horrible liquid formula forcing my tummy to fill even fuller ! This seemed to please them no end as Master Daddy undid the armbinder he patted my black leather rear to a dull thudding “Ok Crybaby Sweetheart All fours & follow us (he was putting the pink dog collar on me over the posture collar clipping the leash to that he tugged it up hard) Heal Crybaby !”

    I pushed my hood tightly to his leg whimpered then moved forwards with him in time with his steps...”Clever girlie Crybaby that’s the way, Look Mistress Mummy someone’s Very Obedient this morning.....(she giggled) But Am guessing we Will have to see how this morning goes won’t we Crybaby?” I nodded my hood covered head as best I could given the posture collar !

    Mistress Mummy pushed the box along side me the feed bag was now half empty swinging obscenely back & forth as we went to the white room, inside they removed the Special leather pants then the Nappy & my maids uniform the Nappy was put into a bucket, then Mistress Mummy remover all the sticky pads. I was so very relieved by this as the shocker therapy was Very unpleasant.

    I was made to stand up & hold the over head bar so they could again wash me as I did Mistress Mummy removed the feed gag, as Master Daddy took off my hood, I could now hear properly with the ear plugs out.

    Mistress Mummy spoke to me “Clever girlie Crybaby look at You !!! (She giggled as she put the water on I squealed!!) Hush Hush Crybaby Sweetheart we’re only going to wash Babyslave” I squealed due to the sudden sting from my rear as Master Daddy’s “Special Nappy” had worked it’s magic My rear was Red all Over an angry rash that would make any punishment Very painful !!! This was there intention all along as they had Plans for today that would make yesterday seem tame !!!!!....

    Mistress Mummy rubbed my rear “Open Wide Crybaby Sweetheart (she forced something wet into my cheeks Deeply) Clever Baby That Keep our girlie Quiet”

    She had fed me the pad from yesterday afternoon that had Master Daddy’s seed on it But it was now wet with hot urine !...relaxing now as they both washed me like the day before Very tender the warm urine from my catheter running down my leg she simply plugged it shut for now, smiling at me as the smell of the strawberry soap filled the air, after my shower drying off had me whimsical due to the rash as it was Very sensitive to the touch.

    Mistress Mummy opened a bottle of Baby oil then started putting it on my head to toe my whole body glistening in the bright lights.....

    “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s You all ready to Play with Mistress Dee so let’s get you into the play room Crybaby !”...

    I was Again led by my leash on all fours to the hidden door...as Master Daddy opened it I could see two figures inside dressed in red rubber catsuit’s Mistress Dee...But the other I didn’t recognise she was around five foot 4” heavy built with a Very muscular body she looked around her middle thirty’s But this was not what had me looking at her it was the huge green bag she was next to hung from the ceiling ! With a tube from it that had a double balloon retention enema tube from it with a strange steel base to it ?

    They all kissed each other ignoring me.....Mistress Mummy turned to me unfastened my collar & lead....”Now Crybaby Sweetheart You Will Do what You Are Told when You Are Told do I make myself Clear? (I nodded) Clever girlie Crybaby Don’t have us come back in until the girls are Done or there Will be Very serious Implications Crybaby !!!”....They Both simply left the room..

    I had not been alone without them both until now & this made me ever more scared as Even although they were Very WKD I had come to feel close to them,but this was different two new Dominant’s I had only met Mistress Dee to have my colonic, as she stepped forward kneeling to cup my chin she spoke..

    “Clever girlie Crybaby You just be Obedient & All will be fine.....Now this is Mistress Carla she is my partner You Baby Will Obey Her Ever Word First Time or things will get Very unpleasant for You Pain Toy !....Now crawl to the frame Time to get started Crybaby !!”....Mistress Carla was at the frame opening the neck hoop for me to put my head in, as I straddled the tummy bar Mistress Dee guided my ankles into the waiting rings cold metal shutting around my ankles I knew there was now No escape...prone on the floor in the framework they cuffed my wrists into the rings under my shoulders Mistress Carla without a word pushed the first balloon Deep inside me then inflated it fully, next she inflated the outer balloon sealing my fate...

    The metal part was for my cage this she pulled back clipping the two together she then ran a tube to my catheter! Any pee would now go up my rear !!

    Opening the valve green fluid flowed into me....she spoke as Mistress Dee got a special hood ready for me....”Crybaby Sweetheart this is a special mix that’s going to help make Baby Very emotional Mummy & Daddy Tell us your quiet the Crybaby But this Sweetheart is a whole different level we are going to really enjoy messing with your headie Crybaby!!” At that she rubbed my sore bottom “Shall we Spank Crybaby Mistress Dee to start her off ?”......Mistress Dee was kneeling at my face “what a great idea Mistress Carla...Open Wide Crybaby Sweetheart (she took out the wet wad giggling) Look Mistress Carla (she held up the cum & piss smoked rag !) Crybaby has been having fun, haven’t You Crybaby? (Wess Mistress Dee) Clever Baby Stay Open Wide!”

    She lifted my lower mouth guard pushing it onto my lower teeth firmly, next she lifted my upper guard pushing that in place also Mistress Carla handed her a long waxed looking strip ? This she fed into my cheek pushing firmly pushing so they were wedged behind the guards forcing my mouth to stay Open WIDE ! Mistress Carla handed her a second strip as she did the same with this long wax strip she spoke to me my open further & Fuller “Crybaby Sweetheart this one is from me the first one is from Mistress Carla say thank you Babyslave !”.....as I did Mistress Carla put a bowl underneath my chin.....looking me right in the eyes “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s to catch the liquid at this end Sweetheart!!!!!...

    My eyes suddenly bulging at her comments....They could not be serious right ? I mean it could not go all the way through Me...Could it ??......just as that thought hit me so did something else !  The wax strips weren’t wax, they had both spent weeks preparing them for using on me today, they had been toilet wipes over & over until they were so soiled they had become waxed then they had dried them out before starting Over! Tears ran from me now as I realised what Mistress Mummy had told me was true Today was to be Far Far Worse than yesterday’s harsh treatment.....

    Mistress Dee rubbed my Tummy “Let’s work this In much Deeper Crybaby Sweetheart......Aaawwww Look Mistress Carla there she is there’s CRYBABY!...spank her Mistress Carla!!” The spanking was not to harshly given by Mistress Carla it did have me whimpering but as the heat grew from this my tummy started making loud noises as small cramps started Mistress Dee lifted a corset putting it around my waist clipping the clasping together she spoke Mistress Carla had stopped spanking me to join her..”Crybaby Sweetheart Your Very Full but given that your pluggie tube won’t be letting anything out of you back there am guessing our Babyslave understands what coming next cutenesses” she started lacing up the corset ! Mistress Carla came to my face “No Crying won’t stop us cutenesses as we want to see our Babyslave in Tears ! So am going to spank you now ..But Crybaby not like before...No am going to spank you Very Hard & Painfully Then cutenesses we are going to take turns flogging that Cute botty....am sure we can find all manner of things to make sure Crybaby can’t sit for Days !!!”

    She went behind me & The spankings started heavyweight blows that had me Crying openly in moments....But as Mistress Dee did up the last of the corset a big cramp came..suddenly I felt fluid pass from me as I went to squeal !

    They both clapped as the enema fluid ran out of my MOUTH !!!!!!....As the cramping came more fluid flowed over my face into the bowl, tears mixing with the fluid As the room echoed with the sound of My spankings, at first by hand then a flogger a huge heavyweight one ! Next came a belt..they both took time between each stroke until my Struggling stopped before administration of the next painful spank, Last was a robber hoop This really hurt ! So much so Mistress Carla stopped it as Mistress Dee knelt Down at my head..”Come here You noisy girlie Crybaby”

    She pushed the new mask over my face as it approached me I could see it had a cock gag the balls were on the outer side ow as hollow ! I wrenched as she pushed it down my throat more fluid poured from me out it’s balls ! As she pulled the rubber taught, pushing the cone ovals up my nose ! The mask had eye holes quite large so they could still see me crying for them...on the outside of the nose cones were two long tear drop shaped plastic ovals with clear tubing from them around 3ft long thir tube she set to a small jar with what looked like a plastic round accordion bellow ?...she then looked up at Mistress Carla “All Ready Darling please continue...Baby is in shush Need of Training”

    The next whip from the rubber loop was given with such force I screamed for allI was worth rigging in the bondage framework.But only a dull sound came from me...”Clever girlie Crybaby that’s much better now Pain Toy !”...

    Just as it subsided Mistress Mummy walked into the room with a tray, this had two glasses of wine and strawberries & cream....she completely ignored my plight putting the tray Dow she spoke to the girls..”How is she behaving girls ?”

    Mistress Dee was first to talk “Not too bad Mistress Mummy...although I have just had to gag her with the cock gag but I used my new mask as you can see so she will realise shortly she should have Not been so noisy !”....Mistress Mummy gigged at her comment turning to look at the mask she knelt Down to look at the severe looking mask, again completely ignored my begging eyes & sobbing....just then Mistress Carla spoke to her “Mistress Mummy why don’t you stay there & have Crybaby look at you as I put her to sleep for a short nap ?”

    Yes wonderful idea Mistress Carla.....”Crybaby Sweetheart Look at Mummy...Keep looking at me ..No Matter What.. Ok Baby? (Ga’Ga) Clever Baby..Now !” She lifted a small fork hit it off her hand then held it to my ear...

    Wwwwaaaa, Wwwwwwwaaaaa, wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaa. WWWWaaaaaa.

    I started Crying out like a real Baby it could be heard even past the cock gag !

    I was imitating the lullaby !!! It must have been some sort of hypothesis & the fork was the key seed !

    Mistress Carla raised her arm high in the air gave a grunt pulling Down sharply!

    At number seven everything went Dark as I passed out to clapping in my ears fading into the distance......

    My Begging letter PT7.

    Nearly but not Yet !” As her words rang though my head I had not noticed Master Daddy leaving , he came back just as she was taking her clothes off with her back to me slipping on a black Lycra wet look top with a short pleated skirt bottom half that only just covered her rear. She walked to her hubby & took the black case from him with the tens unit, setting a small table at my side she set about plugging all the wires back into it. Master Daddy lifted what looked like a wooden half round table with a strange frame from it, this he put on the bed behind me then stood at my side ...he spoke “Now Crybaby headie as far forward as you can Cutie”

    I felt him fixing something to the heavy bed post behind me, then he pushed my chin up as my head went back my neck was met by something that cupped my neck from this he pulled a stretch rubber flap around my neck, then lifting the table part he set it to my neck clicking it home firmly. It felt Very solid around my neck, I whimpered again thinking they were going to feed me again & this was some sort of high chair type affair?....but he lifted a second frame and set it around me stepping back I could now see it was a set of small stairs !

    Happy with his task he turned & kissed his wife “That’s her set up Sweetheart am going off for a shower & the other thing we discussed for her Night Nights lullaby !”

    They both giggled as he left to shower....

    Mistress Mummy said nothing just set on the tens unit lifting the remote control, she then came up the steps stopping to remove the steel jaw clamp but not the eye ones, next she put some sort of cream from a small tube into my eyelids ! Then gently massaged My eyelids..my vision was now Very blurry & everything was getting darker..

    I was now genuinely scared again as I thought she was blinding me ! Next she removed the sponge...it was her climbing the step to straddle the platform that had made it go dark, her legs over my back..I could smell her sex at my nose “Open Wide For Mistress Mummy Crybaby & Make her nice & clean...That’s a Clever girlie licking the sides first I could feel the rubber laces in my mouth getting in the way,as if reading my mind she cooed “Mistress Mummy Hold these for You Babyslave, Now In you go nice & Deep Mistress Mummy is going to set the pace for you Cutie”

    I felt the pads come to life shocking me in a slow pattern I made my mouth & tongue follow it as I didn’t want to give her reason to shock me Hard, this seemed to Please her, as she started grinning her pelvis into my face over & over,then suddenly she clamped her legs around my head tightly, it was so tight I yelled !

    “Yes Crybaby..Squeal For Mistress Mummy....Do it Squeal You wee shit Pot !” The pads shocked me far harder as I squealed she shouted again “Crybaby YOU SCREAM FOR MISTRESS MUMMY OR NO AIR ...FIUCK TOY !!!....SWALLOW SWALLOW IT ALL EVERY DROP......YOU DIRTY WEE CRYBABY !!!!”...

    I was gasping for air as she sat back....”My My Crybaby so many tears...we’re almost done then Baby can rest for the night Cutie”

    She got down as Master Daddy returned from showering with just a towel around him, he kissed her & asked how I had behaved ? Smiling to him she said I had been a Clever girlie & had even went more poopies again ! I had not even felt it such was the pain from the shocks !

    Lifting the hood Master Daddy Spoke “Right Crybaby Let’s Get You Finnished Up As it’s been a long day & we need to sleep” he finally removed the eye clamps my eyes stung like crazy as I blinked trying to relive the sting, pulling the hood over my head “Close your eyes Crybaby!” He pushed the inner eye pads over my eyes then zipped up the rear as Mistress Mummy pulled the first of the buckles through tightly six in all down the rear, one over my eyes, one over my mouth that she had put the sponge back in with the taste of Master Daddy’s seed ! The last strap he did as Mistress Mummy left to shower, I was now alone with him, I felt tugging at my rear ?

    “Let’s Get your special pants done up properly Crybaby that’s it sob for me..But Louder or I can put Mistress Mummy’s machine on If your a Bad girlie? That’s better Clever Baby !!” The seat of the pants tightened more and more squeezing me uncomfortably, then the front did the same over my cage & Higgins tube, then under My crotch!

    I heard the door open as Mistress Mummy came in after her shower, he spoke to her ..

    “Hi Darling your just in time as Crybaby is about to get her Botty filled”

    Lifting a tube from the leather pants he started pumping a hand pump...

    I started crying as the rubber tube pushed its way up into my rear once inside it started to expand ! Looking at the gauge he chuckled “That will keep her nicely stretched as we really do need to work on her botty for her Big Toys”

    They both laughed as they got into bed...I hung still sobbing in my bonds my arms up my back were starting to hurt....Then I felt the bed moving They we’re making Love !!!!!!!! With Me trussed up to There bed post !!......

    As the shaking of the bed stopped I started to settle to just shallowing whimpering...

    Then I could feel something at my face ....

    Mistress Mummy very slowly & ever so gently pulled the rubber ties through the surgical mask slowly sealing it to Babyslaves face hood, nodding to hubby he put the small fan on in the box....then they both got gently into bed cuddling as they waited for the reaction from there New Play Thing.....it didn’t take long they could first hear Babyslave testing the bonds this became more rapid as the whimpering got louder again...she kissed him “Fuck Darling sissy is such a turn on...ave not met a Slave that cry’s so Much....Fuck it’s amazing!...listen there She go’s”

    As I pulled at the bonds trying to get away from the acrid stench invading my nostrils it was No good I slumped exhausted Crying myself to sleep, my arms felt like they were no longer attached to me ...Unknown’s to me they had lowered them slightly to avoid any damage till morning.....

    After all they didn’t want to break there New Toy....Sunday night?? Well that would be a whole different world Babyslave would have to come to terms with.....before sissy’s Big Decision, on Monday morning......but that was two days away...Babyslave had to get to then.....Debs put the light out listening to Crybaby as the lullaby started....

    Tomorrow morning she would ask two simple questions....Key words that would have Babyslave sing her lullaby in front of Mistress Dee....debs love showing off her new slaves to her friends.....She drifted off to sleep as the sobbing subsided.....

    My Begging letter P5 6.

    After the meal they both drank more wine watching Crybaby on the Tv kissing passionately as there lust for more Dominating took hold Mistress Mummy whispered into her husbands ear while nibbling on his earlobe “Time for us to get back to poor Crybaby she will be ever so pleased to see us Darling” They Both laughed out loud as

    Master Daddy playfully swatted his wife’s rear...”Your a Wicked Wicked lady deb’s !”

    They headed down the hall to the cupboard opening the secret door as it opened Crying could be heard inside as there new play thing bound to the frame was reciting the recording from the earphones.....They worked silently getting the next things ready for Playtime with “Crybaby”....finally All was set....slowly lowering the sound on the recording they stood waiting knowing sissy’s mind would play tricks on her...this would heighten the drugged state Sissy was in.....Mistress Mummy lent over lifting the headphones off....To the wet urine soaked silk mask bellowing faster....Fuck she loved mind games they made her so very horny !

    Babyslave was sobbing again ....as she spoke to sissy “There there Crybaby hush hush now....(she took his nipples teasing them) Hush hush.....Clever girlie Crybaby that’s it listen to my voice just that nothing else matters just my voice...there we go..Clever girlie much better...Now seeing as You have been a good girlie Crybaby we are going to remove your wet mask..would Crybaby like that ? (Ga’Ga) Clever Baby 💕a few things then we can get it off You Crybaby”

    Master Daddy was already removing the spray nozzle from the face frame, hanging up the tube on the trolly he wheeled it away, Mistress Mummy was removing the wires but left the pads in place for later as they had further plans for them at bedtime.

    Lifting the silk hood Crybaby blinked as the lights from the new spotlight shone in her face.....

    I was just so pleased to have the wretched urine mask off breathing deeply I was still weeping as Mistress Mummy stroked my cheek with her hand “Such a Clever girlie Crybaby Did you like your recording? (My answer was swift asI knew not to disappoint her..Ga’Ga Mistress Mummy) Clever Baby that’s good as Your Going to hear it each night like a lovely bedtime lullaby Cute...Now Master Daddy & I had a lovely meal & some Nice drinks, Now were all ready to have some More fun with our New Toy...So Open Wide Crybaby!”

    As I did Master Daddy put a steel set of surgical mouth openers into my mouth ratcheting them open so I could not close my mouth. Then lifting the two rubber tails from my mouth he slid an oval sponge up them till it was in my mouth it felt dry and hard on my tongue, he then tied a neat bow on the outer bit of the sponge as Mistress Mummy spoke to me “Now Crybaby Cutie this is a Real sponge so when it get wet it Will grow in size to fill Your Cute Baby mouth nicely, Now time to show you something”

    Master Daddy had a glass jar inside was green liquid he held it up as Mistress Mummy continued “This Crybaby is what is inside you from the enema, as you were a Clever girlie reciting your “Lullaby” the nasty shocks Baby was receiving were two fold to train You & to do THIS !”

    Master Daddy shook the jar & the green liquid turned to jelly !!.....They Both laughed at My shook of horror over what I had just been showed by Master Daddy, she rubbed my tummy “Aww don’t fret Crybaby only two hours left then we can remove your tube ! So yes Cutie Time to continue Your Punishment Crybaby”

    As she stepped away from me she lifted a glass jug putting it on a stool she squatted over it & started fulling it with wine fuelled urine a lot of urine I had never seen a girl pee so much ! As she zipped up her leather jodhpurs Master Daddy handed her a glass syringe a large one with a round ball at its end it must have held a pint at least, smiling at me she drew up the warm urine into the syringe, walking over to me as I started whimpering “Now Crybaby You have been sweating & Crying so much we need to keep you hydrated !”

    She put it to my lips running it around them as she let someone warm pee enter my mouth suddenly she looked Very Wicked at me ! “No Cutie not here am Afraid....(I was puzzled) Be a good Babyslave” She Push the round tip up my left nostril then slowly pushed the plunger ! The hot pee flowed up my nose coming out the other nostril ! But some was pouring down the back of my throat so I had to swallow, the pee running out of my nose was pooling into my mouth ! She nodded over my shoulder & I felt two fingers open my eye Wide ! As Master Daddy put in surgical eye lid retainers !

    I was Crying again Now gurgling Out Goo’Goo.....

    Still pushing more in she silenced Me “Quiet Babyslave just behave & let us Finnish up so we can get you out of the frame & then Master Daddy can Put Your Special Diaper On !” As she pushed the last of the pee in she simply refilled the syringe starting over....as I gulped down the pee wondering where my body was putting all I had been fed ?.....I was glad I was a big water drinker or I would have truly struggled......

    As she pushed the last of it in the sponge in my mouth had grown so much even if I had wanted to protest it had silenced Me !.....just then I heard Master Daddy unzipping his pants then the sound of him reliving himself !.....Mistress Mummy was beaming ear to ear ! “Crybaby Cutie you lucky girlie more golden nectar Potty girlie !”......

    As I looked at this beautiful girl pushing her husbands urine up. My nose Cooing & mocking me, the only thing going trough my mind a s I struggled to swallow was How much I truly wanted to show her my submission a so long held feeling of wanting to be owned for someone just someone to see the true sub in me....As I looked Deep into her eyes I burst out Crying..Not like all the Tears before Big flowing tears..Tears she knew All to well...she simply kissed my forehead “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s it Let it All Out....You have waited a long time for this Cutie Eh? (I Nodded) Clever girlie Babyslave Your wait is Over Your Going to serve us both Very Obediently & All our Friends too Crybaby, Now Let’s Get you out the frame & Prepared for the night”.....

    Master Daddy will You unfasten Babyslave”

    He was already at my face frame unbuckling the strapping As Mistress Mummy Let’s the ratchet straps off, they laid me back down,taking a foot each “ 1..2...3...I squealedas they pulled my sore legs from the binding clamps.

    I was now sitting in my Diaper legs out in front of me sobbing as Master Daddy put the frame away, returning with a huge leather bag it had buckles on it This he set down next to me.

    Mistress Mummy giggled then spoke “Handies up Crybaby” she removed my wet piss soaked pink maids dress the pvc glistening in the bright lights, it was put in a basket then I was pushed backwards as Master Daddy pulled my legs up in the air Mistress Mummy took off my rubber popper pants then My Diaper tapping the ballon End “Time to have this Out Crying won’t stop us Cutie over the pillows Crybaby” Master Daddy had put two heavy rubber pillows on the floor, so I crawled over them they both giggled “No Baby botty up in the air for us !” I shuffled forward into position “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s the way..Now spread eagle Cutie!”....I felt the air coming out of the ballon the the strangest feeling of my inners being pulled!

    Mistress Mummy slowly pulled the tube through the steel ring this kept the contents of Sissy’s rear inside as the tube was removed lifting the black hollow plug with the stopper inserted she pushed it home to another squeal from sissy, patting sissy’s sore bottom she spoke “over you come crawl to Master Daddy he has your special Diaper for You Cutie”

    Master Daddy was at a changing mat it had wine the Pooh characters on it,as I got closer I could see him at the huge leather bag...But it was Not a leather bag! It was a huge Diaper the “Bag” were bondage shorts with lacing at three points just like a corset ! He Patted the mat lay down Crybaby & give Mistress Mummy your leggies up in the air !” She was behind me now & took my ankles I winced as they were still sore....”Ok Crybaby Now you don’t look as tender so Am going to give you a Nice spanking to have You better enjoy your special Diapers!” Thwack ! Thwack !....I was spanked 50 times in total Master Daddy was Very strong this really hurt me !

    Still holding my ankles up in the air Mistress Mummy pinned my head between her legs “Keep still Now Baby!” Master Daddy pulled the huge mass under my rear it went high up my back,then he held my Higgins tube up, it was then I realised I was sore down there as I was desperately in need to pee. Shutting the huge front over he zipped up each side pushing the rubber flaps over each other he did up a second zipper then did up the four buckles each side.

    Smiling down at me he spoke “Ok sit up Now Crybaby that’s it (Mistress Mummy Let my legs go) Up we come..there we go ! Let’s just take a picture of you Crybaby” He took a picture with his phone laughing to Mistress Mummy “There just so cute on her !”

    I was now sitting around 18” off the floor !! Such was the mass of the bulky Diapers, black leather shorts that had a belt at the tummy & a thigh belt just above my knees All three Master Daddy had taken great pleasure over wrenching tightly ! All that was left was The lacing ! They took a rubber tube each Master Daddy tugged his & it came out the top of the pants, I could now feel myself wetting uncontrollably. Mistress Mummy took her tube & put a small oval to it with a button, she then kissed My forehead softly “Clever girlie Crybaby HERE WE GO !!!!”

    Pushing the button she laughed then pulled the tube as the small oval plug followed it out the rear of my Diaper. I now felt very strange inside I had not really other than feeling bloated been aware of my Filling but suddenly I was as my tummy started making strange noises?

    “Clever girlie Crybaby handies Up in the air Cutie!” She pulled on a baby grow over my head then had me roll on my side to fasten it between my Legs.sitting me back up she smiled WKD at me “Get on All Fours Crybaby Now & Follow us !”....

    Master Daddy opened the door as I crawled to it he had the dog chain & lead again “headie up !” He put it on tugging me to his thigh, I was taken up the hallway to a new room as the door opened I could see it was a bedroom with a Very large four poster bed, on the bed were some items ..rope, black pvc wrap, a Hood, a pair of high ballet boots & a posture collar..

    Mistress Mummy spoke “Crybaby this is our bedroom as it’s your first nightmare..sorry Night you will sleep with us..Now stand up and hold the bed post Crybaby!”

    As I did Master Daddy got one of the ballet boots it was bright pink, inside was a stocking This he lapped up my leg then pushed the boot onto my leg “push in hard Crybaby!” My foot slowly entered the boot it was Very tight ! Mistress Mummy was at my other leg putting on the tights then the boot, they both started tugging the lace binding so Very tightly I was Again whimpering

    My tummy was making all sorts of sounds now, this made them both giggle as Mistress Mummy smacked my huge rear “Hurry Now Crybaby lay on the bed Cutie...that’s it ..Now spread your leggies as wide as you can !..Clever girlie Crybaby that’s a good Babyslave” she was cuffing my ankles wide to the bed posts as Master Daddy took my arms suddenly hauling me over the edge of the bed making my legs taught “Over you come Crybaby Headie back ..All the way BACK ! Clever girlie Crybaby that’s it give Mistress Mummy your handies!”

    As she took my hands she sat on a stool behind Master Daddy put afoot on the bed frame & pulled me taught!

    I was now spread eagle on my back with my head over the edge of the bed, my eyes & mouth held open by the retaining clamps! As Master Daddy was now undoing the bow at my gag sponge slowly sliding it Out he adjusted the mouth ratchet two more clicks....It was theI gave a moan Thea whimper....

    Mistress Mummy tugged my arms “Don’t YOU FUCKING Dare go yet we WILL tell YOU when CRYBABY !!!”....

    Master Daddy took out his member lining it up with my mouth me slowly slid into my mouth short strokes at first the. Longer Deeper strokes as he did

    Mistress Mummy giggled “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s it Make Master Daddy feel Good....Tell me Crybaby Do You need to go poopies..do you ?...well if you sing your lullaby WE WILL LET YOU GO POOPIES !”

    Wwwwaahhhhh wwaaahhh wwwaahhhh “Clever girlie Crybaby Push Hard shot for brains !”

    As I let loose the huge load time after time I felt Master Daddy tense up pulling back he came hard into my mouth! There was so much of it as he did he barked at me “Crybaby don’t You Dare Swallow a Single Drop !!” He lifted the sponge pushing it up the rubber laces tied a knot again as My evacuation continued Mistress Mummy Let My handies Go “Put your handies behind your headie & Dont move them Crybaby!!”

    Master Daddy was taking the cuffs off my feet...”Up you get Crybaby....Up Now !” Sitting Up in such a big nappy was not easy, as I got up Mistress Mummy was at one of the bed posts, Master Daddy hand to support me in The ballet boots as I couldn’t walk in them “Back against the pole Crybaby..UP straight !' Mistress Mummy started binding my feet to the bed post tightly! As I looked forward There was a Full mirrored wall ! I could now see myself Pink ballet boots pink lace tights up to the huge black leather shorts over them was a Baby Grow this had strawberries all over it at its chest was a white frilly heart with the words in pink on a white background CRYBABY!!!”

    Indeed I was Crying....Crying hard with hot come in my mouth soaking into the wet pissy sponge as Master Daddy held up the arm  binder behind me MIstress Mummy barked “Handies behind you Crybaby Fuck Toy !”

    Master Daddy pulled it on tightly putting the strapping over my shoulders holding it firmly in place he set a rope to the eyelet at its end pulling my arms upwards till I whimpered.....she looked at me as the chest belt tightly tugged pushing the tail through the loop she kissed my forehead again...

    “Now Crybaby girlie don’t Go any where as am Afraid We are not done YET ..almost BUT NOT QUITE !!!”......

    My Begging letter Pt5.

    Master Daddy stepped to the other side raising the belt Diagonally across his chest the buckle & fold in his right hand at his tummy his left hand high in the air he pulled hard as the belt swished through the air in a Perfectly calculated arch, then contacting with Babyslave’s right arch of her sissy pink tight covered foot ! God how he loved being Dominant the rush from taking All control from a Slave then beating them to Deep Submissive Tears having them blubber & agree to All manner of thing They would never Normally agree to, Yes Looking at His wife’s face as Crybaby squealing cry’s echoed around the sound proof room they had installed in there new home, his member was already throbbing for a sexual release....looking at her hand dropping between her legs to stimulate the same passion in herself he knew they both would use Crybaby more & more....There Very unique way of Edging Themselves ! Building to have the explosive realise only this type of Dominance could bring them.

    But just then he was broken from his thoughts as his wife lifted a black leather box she said but one word to him “Yes ?”....A wide grin fell over his face “Yes Darling use the collar with it that way Crybaby will enjoy a facial too !”

    As I struggled for breath past the urine soaked silk something strange was happening I seemed to be able to hear them as if they were inside my prison of urine bondage control, that & I could feel them as if sensitive to the air around me ? My thoughts were interrupted by the swish then the crack as my left foot exploded in searing pain ! GOO’GOO.....GOO’GOO....Master Daddys reply was swift he simply upped the pace of the belt strokes to my arches ! This gave me No chance between squealing & Crying to utter Any Baby Words !

    Mistress Mummy giggled “That Keep you from silly pleading Pain Toy !” She had opened the leather box inside was one of her favourite Toys a very special tenns unit with rows of round white sticky circles waiting to do there magic, she lifted the first one this one was a ring the connector stud at its base she held up the new nipple ring a thick heavyweight ring, passing the sticky ring over it to encircle the nipple completely, she could feel her juices flowing now her own perverse Edging building within her ...she set the second one around the right nipple, lifting a solid circle she pulled the plastic pants at the crotch with the diaper wiped the wet pissy thigh with a paper towel then stuck the circle with its connecting wire to the top of Crybaby’s thigh, the other thigh got the same treatment as did sissy’s calf’s biceps & six up her tummy ! Pulling the pink pvc dress over them she set about connecting up All the wires to the unit.

    But she was not done lifting what looked like a inch wide dog collar it’s inside had a for around it of metal studs, this collar she put over the urine soaked hoodie at the top of Crybaby’s neck. Lastly she put ear phones on sissy this had there Toy Cry Louder as the silk clung much tighter due to the large head phones.....As everything went silent she switched on the tense unit & set it to mode 3.

    I was really scared now as everything had gone silent only my yelling from Master Daddy belting me sounded in my head, then I heard Mistress Mummy Very loudly in the head phones “Now Baby Girlie.....(My belting had stopped) Mistress Mummy & Master Daddy Are Going Off to have Our supper & some drinks, So You be a good Babyslave & listen to this recording as you listen you are going to receive small reminders of Obedience....follow the recording or things will getVery unpleasant Crybaby !...see you soon Cutie”...

    The ear phones went silent....but I heard nothing ?

    Mistress Mummy set up the tripod in front of Babyslave so they could watch the spectacle unfold as they ate supper displayed on the 80” wall tv in the dining room..she kissed her hubby....then they left to eat....

    As I sucked for air the urine sprayer clicking a spray of stale mist over the silk mask, I was sure I could hear crying in another room ? I tried to control my sobbing to hear..Yes it was getting louder & Louder ...It was a Baby Crying being spanked it got more and more hysterical..suddenly a voice came over the top of the spanking a robotic voice....Cry....Cry Now Baby....then the recording continued, suddenly I tensed up in the frame as I received a shock to my body from my calf’s to my face in rapid succession !....the robotic voice came again ?..Cry...Cry Now Baby...

    I suddenly realised what it wanted I WAS TO COPLY THE RECORDING..or I would be shocked but I was not fast enough, arching in the bonds this shock was far worse ! ....I Wailed Out like the two year old in my ears.....The robotic voice came again.....Baby Will Cry For Mummy & Daddy when Wet Or Dirty ...Cry..Cry Now Baby......

    They watched as Crybaby howled out bawling like a toddler  ! Fuck they could not believe this, yes they had to redecorate the dungeon like a nursery & buy all manner of adult baby furniture..But this ? This was truly something else he was a true submissive..years & years of deeply hidden submissive little feeling bursting to get out, feelings They would both pull from this new sissy Abdl..that & more much more he would do things for them far beyond his stories...They would make sure of it.....lifting her red wine she spoke to her husband

    “Cheers Darling..did I choose well or what” ......

    My Begging letter Pt4.

    They could not be serious could they ?......Mistress Mummy was removing the feed tube, the foam ring popped past my lips “Clever girlie Crybaby That was quite a feeling you took It stays Down got that Babyslave ! (I nodded....Thwack !) No Crybaby use your baby words ! (Ga’Ga Mistress Mummy) Clever girlie Don’t forget Again or there Will be a second feed Madam, let’s take this out for now so Master Daddy can get you set up ..Awww what’s the matter is our girlie scared ...are You Crybaby?”

    More Tears came as I told her Ga’Ga Mistress Mummy...They both giggled & simply continued.as Master Daddy came over with the silk pink hood this was a half hood with a zipper all the way around it, This he zipped to the head oval holding the back of my head, I could only now see there outlines through the pink silk face covering, as Mistress Mummy & him set up the sprayer in front of my face, But that was not what had me scared so mu it was the upturned water fountain bottle in the trolly it was Full of There urine ! Used old early morning urine as Master Daddy had told me while he put the pump on  !

    Suddenly I felt a wet spray in my face & the silk wet now moved in time with my breathing again they giggled as Mistress Mummy asked me a question “Crybaby Cute tell us have you ever been water boarded ? (Goo’Goo Mistress Mummy) Good Crybaby that’s wonderful this is going to be so much fun Cute..But Not For You Am Afraid Crybaby that’s it Breath Deep!”

    The silk was now clinging to my face bellowing in & out with each breath I had to open my Mouth Wide to suck air through it to breathe  ! Stale urine came with the air as I struggled to breath the urine would build in my mouth until I had No choice but to swallow it !

    Master Daddy was disconcerting the tube from the bagto my anal tube as it was now All inside me ...I was starting to feel very strange kind of emotional I just wanted to Cry & Cry I did...pleading Goo’Goo...Goo’Goo...past gulping & trying to get air....Mistress Mummy was at my nipples again playing,then I felt something cold ? She was pulling the front of the pink pvc maids dress down I had not noticed it had a plastic zip.

    The cool air hitting my chest gave me a shiver as she ran her fingers over the angry welts from the whip ! “Now Crybaby Cute I want you to hold Your breath for Mistress Mummy..Clever girlie Crybaby” Sweetheart can you hand me the gun please....thanks ..I heard them kiss..

    “Now Crybaby am Going To Pearce your nipples .Here we go Crybaby,”

    There was a bang then a white hot searing pain in my right nipple, then som tugging as she inserted a ring to it...”Deep Breath Again Crybaby here we go !”

    Bang ! I screamed as the pink silk bellowed then stuck back into my face stale urine passing into my Mouth ! Suddenly my right foot exploded in the same white heat spreading through my body as Master Daddy belted my Open arch hard “Louder Crybaby Sing for Us Pain Toy !”

    This pair were truly Dominant & they were just getting started....Why had I agreed to. no Safeword ? ....but inside my Diaper told a difference story as precome leaked from around the Higgins tube !!....I was lost in Deep Submission.....

    My begging letter Pt3.

    Now Mistress Mummy did tell you she was going to use your Fuck Toy hole worse than Master Daddy So Let’s Get started Crybaby”

    She lifted a steel specula covered in lubricant then pushed my cheeks apart slowly but relentlessly pushing on them as the steel disappeared into my anal cavity she smiled softly clicking them open further & further as my anus expanded I started whimpering in the hope she would stop but that was not to be the Clicking continued till I squealed into the feeder dummy biting down on it due to the pain “Hush hush now Crybaby we have much to do before Master Daddy gets back Cutie”

    Next she lifted a long strange looking rubber tube it looked around six foot long but was ribbed along its surface at its end was a steel cock around the size of my thumb holding the cock end she pushed it into my back passage mor and more she fed In until she encountered resistance “Now Babyslave just relax let Mistress Mummy All the way In Cutie !”

    She was now pushing past my upper colon, the tube making its way further into my lower bowels pushing to my upper intestine ! Mistress Mummy spanked me hard on my butt as I squirmed in the frame trying to relive myself of the uncomfortable feeling it gave me...

    “Naughty girlie Crybaby Keep still Or I Will Make You Stay still !” Her tone was Very sincere so I stopped squirming. Next she put what looked like a small rubber rugby ball to the end of the tube ?

    “Big Deep Breath For Me Crybaby..Clever girlie In we go !” I cried out in pain as it forced my anal walls outward & pushed me uncomfortably inside, she held its base As she pulled out the specula then gave it a twist ! In was now lodged firmly up inside me only the red end valve pointing obscenely out my rear !

    Lifting a rubber flogger in one hand & the tube from one of the bags in the other clipping it to the valve, I now felt hot liquid starting it’s journey inside me...

    “Ok Crybaby this is a Very special filling it’s going to be inside you for 6hrs then if Our girlie is good and has behaved Mistress Mummy will let you pass it out, it’s a mix of oils and drugs that are going to make our girlie Very sensitive to everything we have Planned for you Cutie, am Afraid It will be quite painful as it works it’s magic inside You Crybaby So Cutie Cry as much as you like....Ok Cutie? (Wess Mistress Mummy) Clever Baby....Now am Going to whip your Botty till am happy you will be sore in Master Daddys special Diaper, but remember to Hold still !”

    The first flog had Me yelp as she whipped me Very Hard by 50 I was indeed crying for her openly & Very Loud As I pleaded for her to stop...but she lifted the other tube & fed it to the dummy suddenly I had to. Swallow at an alarming rate, Mistress Mummy said nothing simply continued my flogging !!

    When Master Daddy came back into the room I was howling like a two year old that had just been Spanked severely !

    Tears & snot ran down my face, but still. She only stopped to kiss Master Daddy then resuming my beating ! At that point Master Daddy lifted a belt handing it to Mistress Mummy he put the flogger back up then went to my side I heard a clicking as my chest tightened ! He spoke “You were told not to move Crybaby here we thought our new girlie was going to be Obedient !” The tension from the three straps was incredible I had to take short breaths to just get air ! I was now getting truly scared of this pair what had I gotten myself into, then a strange thing happened Master Daddy started playing with my nipples through the pvc dress, he was Very good at it teasing & pulling as he spoke with me “Clever girlie Crybaby settle down Hush now Hush......that’s it Breath slow & Deep did you not mean to be Naughty?(No Master Daddy) Aawww good Babyslave did our Crybaby girlie just forget & do wiggles?(Wess Master Daddy) Ok Crybaby Cutie Let’s give you a chance then to be Obedient am Going To say some nice words & I want You Crybaby to repeat them Ok? (Wess Master Daddy) Clever girlie Babyslave here we go...Thank you Mistress Mummy Please can I have Another.....(Thank you Mistress Mummy Please can Crybaby have another) Clever girlie You remembered to use Your Name...Ok every time Mistress Mummy spanks you with the belt we want to hear you say that nice & clear past your gag, Master Daddy put the flow off for now as Your getting formula everywhere Cutie”

    Mistress Mummy raised her arm then I heard a crack as I screamed into the dummy gag....they simply stood there...(Thank you Mistress Mummy Please can I have another) Thwack....(Thank you Mistress Mummy Please can I have another) Thwack.....by the time Mistress Mummy was done my rear was covered in Deep Red welts from the belting..welts that would soon bruise up.

    Mistress Mummy ran her fingers over my rear, Master Daddy stopped the nipple playing & joined her as she spoke to him.

    “That will be ok for tonight or would you like it further down the thighs so the strapping hurts when She performs?” He kissed his wife “No Sweetheart that’s fine for now let’s just see to her top half then You can Play with her filling”

    They both seemed Very excited over something that was about to happen, this made me cry more again.

    Mistress Mummy knelt by my side “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s it you Cry all you want am Very pleased with your tears so far Cutie” this took me by surprise as I thought they were angry with my disobedience over moving ? She lifted a single strand whip this one was quite short “Now Babyslave am Going To whip your chest till You have lots & lots of lovely red welts to match your Botty As tomorrow we have a lovely dress for you to ware for your party ! & Mistress Mummy wants her girlie to look her best picture of abuse ! Deep Breath Crybaby !” Swish...Thwack !...she whipped from my tummy to chest !

    I was howling when she finally stopped, running her hands over my pvc maids dress the welts could be felt under it.

    Mistress Mummy started playing with my nipples “Hush Hush Now Crybaby slowdown with your breathing....that’s a Clever girlie..there there Hush now.....much better You like this don’t You Crybaby?  (Wess Mistress Mummy) Clever Baby I like making you sob....so As Master Daddy gives you instructions Crybaby I want you sobbing the whole time nice sobbing..sobbing like you Want  us to be WKD to our new Crybaby Do You...Do You Want Master & Mistress Mummy To Be WKD to you Crybaby girlie?”

    I took a huge stuttering breath past my Crying (Wess Please Mistress Mummy)...Crybaby did we forget someone? (Pweese Master Daddy Be WKD to Your Crybaby)..Clever girlie Cute...Seeing As You asked so Very Obedient...Master Daddy!”

    He knelt at my side removing the dummy feeding gag from the mask frame, a long string of saliva hung from it this Mistress Mummy wiped into my face with her fingers. As Master Daddy Spoke to me sternly “Open Wide Crybaby & Stay open until we say so. Pain Toy !”

    He had a long rubber lace ? Holding it in his hand I could see it was covered in lubricant. “Look at Mistress Mummy Crybaby” he pushed it up my right nostril more & more then with a pair of long surgical clamps pulled it from the back of my throat as I wrenched, he pulled it out around ten inches. As I looked at Mistress Mummy she was smiling down at me “Crybaby Your doing ever so well Cutie” Master Daddy lifted the other end of the rubber lace pushing it up my other nostril !

    Again pulling it out of my mouth, this time he tide both ends to the face frame.

    “All ready Mistress Mummy” they swapped places & I was told to look at Master Daddy. Mistress Mummy put on a black rubber glove then started running her fingers around my open mouth, I started salivating at her attention she would then use this to wipe over my face coating my entire face in my own saliva!

    Then it happened she poke to me sternly as Master Daddy had “Crybaby Don’t struggle Cute!” She pushed her fingers to the back of my throat as I wrenched, the third push made me gag so badly the content of my stomach that they had fed me was now running over my face, For the first time with them I started to panic ! But Mistress Mummy pushed her fingers to the back of my throat again making my gag followed by a warm rush over my face, I was now trying to blink it from my eyes to see..Mistress Mummy entered my mouth again, this time I did try pleading but there was only gargling sound as the last of my stomach contents made there way over my face...

    Mistress Mummy spoke to me “Clever girlie Crybaby is that you all done ? (I nodded as I was crying again) Good Babyslave Stay Open Wide..As am Afraid we’re Not Finnished here Yet ..Almost But not Quite Cutie”

    Master Daddy appeared with a New gag made of two O-rings one around 25mm connected to a second by two steel tubes 3” long to the second ring this was around 40mm.

    Lifting the two black rubber laces Mistress Mummy had untied from the face frame he threaded one into each tube slowly sliding the first ring into my mouth up the rubber laces towards the back of my throat ! Popping the second ring behind my teeth inside my mouth to a squealing from me ! He tied off the laces.

    Now even if I could have worked the gag past my teeth the rubber laces would not let me remove it !! Also my tongue was held back at the first ring so I could no longer talk !

    Mistress Mummy smiled at me..”That’s much better Crybaby as Cutie you won’t need to talk for the rest of the time with us, so let’s practice You Baby talk...Now Ga’Ga is for Yes......& Goo’Goo is for No.....let’s try that Crybaby say yes” They Both burst out laughing as I went Ga’Ga past the new steel gag !

    Master Daddy went for a long thick clear tube it had a funnel at its end, as he did Mistress Mummy pulled my Diaper back over taping it on then did up my plastic pants.

    Master Daddy & Mistress Mummy took a side each of the frame pulling it upright,I was now in a kneeling position. The tube Master Daddy had picked up had a leather strap with a metal ring circling the tube End this wide strap had what looked like a foam ring around the 2” tube projecting from it,This he pushed firmly into my mouth as Mistress Mummy pulled hard on the two straps behind my head As Master Daddy pushed my lips over the foam ring forcing it into my cheeks.

    Mistress Mummy stood in front of me now grinning like the cat that had the cream ! “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s You All Ready....Now while I was whipping the Cute Botty of yours in preparation for your night Diaper Master Daddy has in store for You, he was also preparing our Girlie her lunch ...Yes Crybaby the filling you brought back up was just a preparation drink, one that you have made quite the mess of yourself with Madam ! So this we want kept down as Mistress Dee went out of her way to drop it off....Master Daddy begin Please”

    He appeared with a large jug full of liquid...I burst out Crying deep soulful Crying......Goo’Goo....Goo’Goo GOO’GOO...GOugugugug...”Clever girlie Crybaby Swallow it all. Down Your such a Clever girlie Crybaby...Make us Proud to OWN You Crybaby....That’s it be Obedient”

    Master Daddy poured the entire contents of the jug into the tube right to the top of the funnel ! Mistress Mummy took my nipples “Mistress Mummy help you Crybaby....aawww Look Master Daddy So SO many Tears for us....Give her a reward Darling”

    Master Daddy took his engorged member out pulling my plastic pants open then Diaper he let loose pissing into my Diapers !!

    What had I gotten into ....as I swallowed..slowly my sobbing turned to moaning Deep slow. Moaning.....”Crybaby Cutie your a Dirty Filthy Thing ....Yes A Dirty Potty Toy.....we Cutie I think it’s time for your Punishment Now....Aawww Crybaby girlie did you think this was a Punishment ? No Cutie....this was just preparation Pain Toy !”

    Master Daddy was wheeling over a Cart.....No they couldn’t be serious? Could they ?.....

    My Begging letter PT2.

    On the way to there home a 45 min journey I managed to wet my diaper past Mistress Mummy’s constantly beating with the rubber hammer ! My now wet rear pad soaking with the seed from my anal use from Master Daddy was making its presence known! I had squealed as she put nipple clamps on me over the pvc maids dress as they were quite large & had sharp teeth.

    As the van slowed into there drive Mistress Mummy lent into my ear whispering “This is it Crybaby Sweetheart no turning back now a whole weekend as Sissy Crybaby Pain Fuck Toy 🧸..That’s a Clever girlie you cry for Mistress Mummy...soon Am going to have our New girlie Crying proper “BigBaby Tears” Won’t I cutenesses?” ...pardon Mistress Mummy can’t hear you !...(Wess Mistress Mummy) Much better we want loud clear replying or take what you get Madam !” She Open the van door Master Daddy had a wheelchair “In we get Crybaby so we can get you inside for the rest of Your Preparation As Mistress Carla & Mistress Dee just did the first of your Preparation Mistress Mummy & I will see to The next few treatments cutenesses, Off we go..Are you Afraid Crybaby? (I nodded) Clever girlie Crybaby that’s perfect as You have Good Reason to Be Afraid Madam ! !”

    Master Daddy pushed me up a slabbed path to There back Door Mistress Mummy opened it smiling as I was pushed inside a large kitchen I was left in the middle of the room as Master Daddy hung up the van keys, they both took there coats off then stood in front of my smiling as I looked on through tear smeared eyes.

    It was then I finally had a good look at them Mistress Mummy was around 5’7” with an athletic frame she obviously kept fit, she had on black leather pants with knee high black leather boots a white shirt that was quite transparent showing off the black leather bra beneath it made her stern look complete, she had both dark & light blond highlights in her long curly hair that fell around her shoulders in large curls, bright red lips that were now moving seductively in front of me her makeup done with a Dominant look to it !

    I was caught like a rabbit in car headlights as she lifted my chin in her hand..

    Crybaby concentrate cutie am not telling You this Again !

    “This is our home while here you will do What you are Told when you are Told, showing us both complete Obedience, as we told you there will be No Safeword here you will be Used as we wish for our pleasure.....If however You Are Obedient & Please us then that will Not go unrewarded Crybaby....So Let’s Get started Down on all fours & follow us ...Master Daddy?”

    As I looked up he had a dog training slip lead this was a simple chain slip attached to a short pink leather lead ! Slipping it over my head he positioned it up the back of my neck giving it a short “jerk” he spoke ..

    “Heal Crybaby Pain Toy headie at my thigh & Keep pace..off we Go !”

    This couple were truly Dominant & I was about to be on the receiving end of there one true pleasure in life...Breaking a Slave Together !!

    As I crawled at his side Master Daddy kept the chain taught so I was choking slightly with each rose & fall of my head at his thigh, Mistress Mummy opened a door to a small laundry room on the far wall were coats she pulled one of the coat hangers & the wall opened! Inside was a pink nursery ! With all manner of adult sized items a high chair, baby bouncer, pink rocking horse, lots of toys ....& a huge Adult Baby Cot !!......But in the centre of the room was a frame it looked like a pink foot stool the kind you used to get in a shoe shop but much larger there were straps hanging from it & at its base was a half round that had an oval padded cup, on the floor next to the frame were a few items...

    The other half of the round for the base & a steel frame that looked like a mask ? Also ther was two Y shaped bars with pink cuffs open at the ready, next to this was the part that had me stop in my tracks ! There was a stand hanging from this lots of items I recognised anal plugs all with rubber tubes from them,catheters lots of different sizes ! Gags of all shapes including a large bent cock one with veins over it ! Also two hooks projected from its To with red rubber bags around two feet long, but they were bulging Full of liquid !

    Master Daddy again jerking my chain Spoke “Ah ah. Baby in you come to your new room, Over to the frame & lay over it backwards neck in the half circle & Headie in the cup Cutie .....(I crawled into position) Clever girlie Crybaby that’s Very Good !”

    Mistress Mummy spoke “Now Crybaby girlie give me your handies under you, Clever girlie Crybaby that’s it Push them in here...Good Babyslave Hold still Now” she. Put straps tightly over my arms & wrists over the leather mittens I had just pushed my hands into then she had me lift up slightly as she fed two belts around under me encircling my chest one just at my armpits one just under my nipples, she fed the ends through ratchets tightening them slightly next she put one right at the top of my hip bone over my tummy again tightly Master Daddy joined her as she lightly spanked my rear “Leggies up in the air Cutie wide apart ! Clever girlie Crybaby that’s very good”

    They put the Y parts to the frame bending my legs at the knee over the Y part, next they both lifted what looked like a padded oar guide for a boat ? Putting one each into the Y upright, Mistress Mummy again Spoke to me ..

    “Now Crybaby Relax Don’t fight us...Master Daddy one..two...three...”

    I yelped as they pulled my lower leg out then backwards into the guides my ankles now caught in them they both put the straps on tightly !  My feet were now in line with my knees but out to the side of my thigh in an uncomfortable position, they kissed each other as Master Daddy Spoke “Be a good Babyslave for Mistress Mummy As Master Daddy has to get some things ready for you Crybaby remember Complete Obedience” he left the nursery closing the door behind him..

    Mistress Mummy held the second half of the neck circle pushing it over my neck to a loud Clicking she looked me right in the eyes “Don’t mind Master Daddy..I know your going to be such an Obedient girlie for me aren’t You Crybaby Toy...OPEN WIDE !! No WIDE !!!” She had the Frame mask but she had fitted a feeding dummy to its mouth part This was quite large the. Clear tube giving no secret to this gags intended use To feed Me something while in this upside down position!

    I started tearing up as she stood towering over me lifting a catheter tube one with an infallible inner balloon, laying it over my tummy she popped the rubber pants open “Did you wet your Diaper for Mistress Mummy in the van ?....(Wess Mistress Mummy) Clever girlie Crybaby let’s see how much Cutie”

    Lifting the tabs she opened the Diaper....”Crybaby Cutie that’s pathetic? That’s not a wet Diaper.....Don’t fret Baby MUMMY help you BABY !”

    She slid the catheter up inside me inflated the balloon tugging it as I whimpered she giggled, in her hand was a Chasity device ! This she put on me as she squeezed my balls into the tight ring she told me. “I know this is quite large but Mistress Mummy will soon have you into your proper cage (she held up a pink baby dummy shaped cage it was tiny !) Yes Crybaby You Will fit in this in. no time..after all Babyslaves like you can’t have a  Big clitte ..No a nice tiny clitte so All our friends can see your a Little Baby Girlie !”

    She laughed a WKD Dominant laugh as she clicked it shut the catheter tube poking out its end !

    “Now Mistress Mummy did promise to use Your fuck hole worse than Master Daddy So Crybaby Cutie Let’s Get started Pain Toy !”

    I so love this type of art work.... something truly Exciting about it as it not depicting a thin model stereotype Dominant & the way she has him immobile in the mittens harness & thigh to ankle cuffs with knee pads at the ready as she is going to have him crawl for her.......being spanked by someone like her ? Well where would you like me Mistress...😂👌

    My begging letter reply...

    I opened the letter attached to the box my hands shaking the whole time,opening the folded pink paper the page coming into view I read it...

    Very well done Babyslave, that was a lovely Begging Letter you wrote so

    given your genuine feelings we are going to let you visit us for a long weekend

    so the following dates You will choose one to serve us as our “Babyslave”


    Once you give us Our weekend date you Will use what’s in this box as described With No Exceptions ! This part is Not up for negotiations, as we will

    be checking that Our Toy is Obedient. You will Not be given a Safeword & will be at our Will as to how Your Training & Punishment are given (We will not harm you permanently or leave any lasting damage, other than the inevitable mental

    Tormented harm that we are guessing you can pull upon later when you feel the “Need within”....

    Now open the box.....Babyslave !

    Still reading the line over “You will not be given a Safeword” my mind now racing over the prospect of this type of Dominant Control, something I had always fantasised over but the thought of actually submitting to this ?

    So I lifted my small knife cutting the box open.

    Inside the box was a pink pvc dress with white frilly hem and at the cuffs to the arms, over the chest was a heart shaped panel surrounded by the same white frills, in this was a cartoon character of Winnie the Pooh ! Next was a large pink disposable with Fairy prints on it, pvc see through pants they also had Winnie the Pooh bear front & rear, white Mary Jane socks and pink booties, a tube of hair removal cream, a rubber ring with balls on it ? some sort of powdered drink.

    Also there was two gift cards one was for a hairdresser, the other was for a natural health shop.

    Now getting excited over looking at the items from the box I found myself getting excited about the prospect of serving them both, looking at the dates I found the first date was perfect as I had No plans that weekend.

    So excited I messaged them my date...a reply came back ...

    That’s perfect Babyslave..Now book both appointments for the Friday morning they are close together so allow 2hrs for both so you will be Finnished for 10am,

    after done you Will message us for instructions.Take your Dress ect in a back pack with you so they are ready.

    We look forward to seeing you for your Obedience Training weekend Babyslave.

    The next week dragged on but finally the Thursday came at 7pm I was.  Instructed to use the cream to remove all my hair feet to neck, the smell was not very nice but 30 mins later after a shower I stood completely void of hair !

    A message came that I was to go straight to bed with No supper only my usual hot milk and honey.....in my terry Nappy & rubber pants with My pink baby doll nightie on....I was allowed to wet if I found the need but No poopies ! As usual No Cummies (It had been six weeks now with no relief Only frustration over the Pictures they sent me each day to look at teasing me endlessly at work at home they would come ..Pictures of sissy bondage Abdl art ect...

    Friday morning I removed my soaking wet Nappy showered then headed with my back pack to the hairdresser.

    On arrival I handed the girl my gift card “Hi you must be Tina’s friend, follow me please” the petite girl led me to a chair “Sit here Carla will be with you in a moment” as I sat nervously an older girl appeared behind me smiling “Hi am Carla nice to meet you” she put a black cover around my neck tied it on then pushed my head forward “Keep still please” I heard buzzing then felt the shaver on my head removing my hair not some of it All of it ! She shaved my head Bald then foam razor shaved it completely !..I sat stunned as she had not asked me anything just simply shaved me bald 👩‍🦲....

    “There we go that ok for you ?” I smiled politely saying yes thank you, Carla smiled back “would you like some softness balm ? It’s free !” Again stammering slightly I spoke Emm’err yes thank you...Carla put some clear oil on her hands then started massaging it into my head her finger felt so good softly massaging my Now baud head she poke again “Tilt your head back for me.....(she rubbed my forehead & temples) Just a bit further back please” I forced my neck to arch back fully as she slowed the massaging even further ! It was pure heaven, then it struck me the oil was Baby Oil ! The distinct smell encircling my head invading My nostrils.

    She tilted my head back up “That we Go Babe that’s you soft as a baby’s bottom” I went slightly red at her comment but she removed the apron then turned the chair to allow me to get up “Thanks for using us hope we will get to see you as a regular customer, you enjoy your weekend”

    With that she walked away, I went out the shop the cool air hitting my newly shaved head felt strange but nice.

    As they had told me the health shop was only a few minutes away, as I entered an assistant greeting me I gave Over the voucher “That’s lovely come this way” I followed her as we entered a room there was a bench with a raised bit it had a towel over it.  A girl in a uniform came into the room “Hi my name is Dee am going to give you your treatments today, have you had a colonics treatment before ?” I was totally stunned as I was under the impression I was having a mineral skin treatment not an internal treatment !

    Stammering I told her no this was a first...she smiled warmly telling me it was very relaxing to have done and that I would feet great after the treatment.

    She gave me a white gown then told me to just remove my clothes and lay over the raised part of the bed with my hips tummy down.

    When she came back it was with a cart, lifting my gown she put a towel over my lower back, then gently patted My thighs “pull your legs up slightly & shoulder width apart please”.

    This now made me feel very vulnerable & a tad embarrassed, as I thought this treatment was done on your back ? What did I know....”just relax am going to put a tube inside you Ok ?” I nodded then felt cold lube as the tube entered me, she inflated a ballon then I felt warm fluid enter me, but not filling Me it was going back out, just a light constant pressure...In fact it felt very nice.

    She told me to relax & enjoy it as the treatment took around 45 minutes then she left the room, embarrassing as it was I fell asleep ! It was just so relaxing...

    Dee returned simply removing the tube and wiped me down “That’s you I will leave you to Get dressed, just watch standing up as the treatment will make you feel light headed, did you enjoy it?” Yes Dee it was so relaxing thank you...

    I got dressed lifted my backpack thanked her again & left feeling like I was floating!l

    No sooner was I out the shop when I got a message “Ok now walk to Mac Donalds go to the bathroom & put on your nappy, pants, dress, tights...put your clothes back on with the Top of the dress neckline showing out of the top of your Tee Shirt then walk back towards the park, we will send you directions from there...Hurry Up Babyslave Don’t Keep us waiting!”

    I went into the restaurant toilet stripping to put on my Baby attire! Once I was

    dressed the walk to the park had me walking face down as I was sure everyone was looking at the white frilly rubber coming out of my Tee Shirt neck !

    At the park a txt came “Well Done.. now go to the car park you will see a black van in the corner go to the side door face the bushes & Stand Completely Still”

    As I walked to the van I felt myself swelling up inside the disposable Nappy ! But worse was the rubber ring with the balls around it at my scrotum was keeping the flow of blood from returning & I was now hard as a rock !! Turning to face the bushes my heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest !

    The van door opened & I felt myself being pulled backwards “Close your eyes Babyslave Do Not Open them no Matter what Happens!”

    As I was pulled backwards my coat was being removed then hearing the door slide shut,  I felt my trousers Being unfastened followed by my T-shirt Being removed !  “Clever girlie Babyslave look at you” a hood was being pulled over my head “Open Wide!” A Dummy was put into my mouth through the hole over my lips, this was quite large in size it felt like it was covered in small spikes ?Then I felt a head harness being pulled tightly on “Now Babyslave are you Wet ? (I shook my head) let’s just check (my plastic pants came down then my nappy tabs we’re removed & cool air hit my rear) “Clever girlie that’s just perfect, Now get on all fours & spread you’re leggies nice and Widespread..Clever girlie lift your tummy slightly cutie....(I felt a bench put under me then my legs cuffed apart, followed by my wrists being cuffed then pulled in front of me widely.

    At this point I was aware the van was moving, she patted my rear then spoke “Just suckle on your Dummy Babyslave a wee short drive to a Quite location & we can prepare You for the trip home” she was sliding something up my shaft it was compressing my already engorged clitte ! The van came to a stop & the driver got into the back with her. I felt a large pair of hands lift my head as a strap was put to each chin from the belt over the small of my back holding me down...this had me whimpering as my head was forced into an unnatural backwards position ! I heard them both chuckle as she spoke to me..

    “Now Babyslave were going to give you a wee taster of what’s in store for your Obedience Training This weekend, Off we Go !..Daddy...” I felt cold lib slide down the crack of my bum cheeks then someone straddling my widespread thighs !

    She smiled at her husband as he squatted down lining up his member with the newly cleaned Fuck hole Dee had just cleaned in preparation! Only fifteen minutes ago Dee had messaged Mummy to tell her the treatment was done & they could message him. Now as she watched her hubby Very slowly enter there new Toy starting a slow rhythmic moment of fucking the spread eagle Sissy up the anal passage ! Mummy kissed his cheek..”Clever girlie Babyslave Remember Don’t Open your eyes As so far your being ever so Clever, aaaaww Daddy I can see tears forming...Big thrust now I think...(I could feel the first tears rolling down my face) Clever girlie Babyslave Open your eyes & look at me !” She was stunning even through tears I could see her leather clad figure !...

    I had never been fucked by a man, I had fantasies about it but being straight I had never felt guy....but the humiliation of it did excite me....Now here I was Spread & being fucked as this gorgeous girl mocked me tears flowing from me freely now, I cried openly to her with a Deep want to give her my pent up tears..All of them held inside for so long struggled to get passed each other as they ran down my face in a race to be first to the floor of the van !

    “Clever girlie Crybaby that’s the way....Big Deep Breath Now though as Daddy is going to Fuck You ever so Hard Now am Afraid !”

    True to her word he suddenly took hold of the belt pounding my rear hard as I attempted to scream Mistress Mummy held me in a chocking Hold this muffled any sound I could make As he grunted out a climax Deep inside me !

    But he was not the only one that had climaxed my seed was now in the tube over my clitte, as Mistress Mummy pulled it into a syringe...

    “Look at this Master Daddy our Dirty wee Punishment Toy did a huge creammie for us ! Mistress Mummy was putting it to the dummy as I felt hot seed coming out of the wee spikes on the dummy teat !

    “Clever girlie Crybaby suckle That Down !” I was undone from my position then had a maxi pad taped over my hole !! Then my nappy put back on followed by my pvc pants.They sat me in a chair cuffing my legs under me then my arms behind the seat. Mistress Mummy sat next to me, then Master Daddy drove Off heading home as we drove Mistress Mummy spoke to me “Crybaby Sweetheart can you feel Master Daddy’s gift oozing out Your Baby Fuck hole ?” She giggled as I nodded....”Don’t you fret though Pet as soon as we are home It’s Going To Be Mistress Mummy’s turn To abuse Her Toys fuck hole...Crybaby Your Going To Cry Real Tears then not these silly crocodile Tears here Pet !”......

    Mistress Mummy lifted a small rubber hammer tapping the front of my Nappy she hit me with it over & over ....”Now Crybaby I want you to wet your Nappy before we get home...If You don’t I will Beat your down here until you Vomit, Ok Sweetheart?(I nodded) Clever girlie Crybaby Ok Off we go !” She hit me hard with the hammer...I could see Master Daddy smiling at her in the rear view mirror ! What had I gotten myself into.......

    please note this is a re-blog.

    This is a wonderful guide of how to own and treat a sissy. The guide was written and first published by Sissy Cuck Humiliationin seven parts with an additional task. Thanks for your great efforts! So everybody please check out her site! (All I did was putting the parts together into one big text.)

    Part 1 - Introduction

    While this guide will hopefully be useful to anyone interested in the idea of owning a sissy, a primary goal in writing this is to introduce the idea of sissy ownership to people who are relatively unfamiliar with the concept. Chances are, almost regardless of where you are, there is a potential slave near you who would love nothing more than to be allowed to serve you. And while the seemingly crazy psychology of these extremely submissive (fe)males might feel complex initially, there really are some basic guidelines that will make bringing one (or three) into your life very enjoyable.

    If you’re sitting at your computer right now, a bit bored, a little horny, but not feeling like going out…a sissy could be perfect for you. In most situations a sissy won’t replace your primary companion, but they can be a great addition. If you’re a guy, chances are you’re considering whether or not to get a quick fap in tonight before bed. Instead, have a sissy on call. She could be under your desk softly sucking your cock right now as you read.

    Ladies, you might love the same kind of attention, or opt instead for a long massage.

    No one is more obedient and eager to serve than a sissy, and there are generally no strings attached whatsoever. Have her rub your feet and make you dinner, then tell her to do your dishes and clean up the kitchen before sending her home.

    Sound perfect? It’s pretty close.

    Part 2 - Finding the Right “Girl”

    Sissies are everywhere!! If they weren’t such pansies they would have taken over the world by now. If you already have one in your life you can skip this section, or maybe you want to add a few more to your stable…

    While there are a handful of personals sites geared towards this scene, chances are you will have even better luck putting a post on Craigslist or Fetlife. Generally sissies aren’t the most bold bunch, so post your own ad instead of waiting for one of them to create a listing.

    Be detailed about what you’re looking for. How often do you want them to be at your house? What services are required? What kind of appearance would you like?

    From the very first communication, be direct and confident. You’re in charge. If that bothers them they can get lost. You’re looking for a gurl who will be obedient and responds well to your authority.

    Appearance is of course important, but focus initially on attitude. An obedient gurl with a strong desire to please will work hard to look how you want her to if you give her a little time and practice. A lazy sissy who is just looking for a quick thrill will only waste your time.

    Your first meeting can be in public if she’s uncomfortable coming directly to your house; but regardless, you should be confident and in charge from the moment you meet. At no point are you equals. How you want her to greet you is up to you, but something along the lines of a polite bow and curtsey (or kneeling if in the privacy of your home) are a good idea to set the correct tone immediately.

    If you establish from the very beginning that you are in charge, you will also avoid the awkwardness that often occurs when someone makes the mistake of initially greeting someone as an equal and then having to make the transition into dominant/submissive mode with them.

    Part 3 - Inside Your Sissy’s Mind

    At the heart of every sissy’s psyche is a need for sexual humiliation. They are most aroused by acts, words, and situations that are unpleasant and degrading. One part of them is irresistibly drawn to things that another part of them finds very distasteful.

    It’s a counterintuitive paradox that can be a bit challenging to get your head around at first, so I’ll give a few examples.

    Most sissies would consider themselves at least mostly heterosexual, and in general are less attracted to men than to women. However, the very fact that they find sexual acts with men undesirable or possibly degrading also makes those acts very arousing because of the humiliation they entail.

    Another example is physical discipline. The sting of a paddle itself is in reality unpleasant, and it’s only because of it’s unpleasantness and humiliating nature that so many sissies are drawn to it.

    Confusing, right?

    Don’t worry, you don’t need to fully understand or try to relate in order to have a great time with your sissy and give her exactly the treatment she craves.

    For most people, the biggest initial hurdle to overcome is a sense of guilt as you learn to interact with her. It’s hard not to feel a little bad as you relax on the couch while she works diligently at scrubbing your bathroom; especially since she gets no tangible reward whatsoever for her efforts. But the key here to remember is that while she is not receiving any payment or physical reward, you are giving her something infinitely greater; something that she could never obtain on her own.

    This leads into a key question…what exactly does she want?

    And here lies a problem. For most sissies, explicitly telling you exactly how they would like to be treated will make the relationship feel as if they are in control; that they are calling the shots. They need you to be in control at all times.

    If they write stories or other journal, this can be a backdoor way to see the kind of relationship that most appeals to them. Or have them write out what their ideal situation would look like.

    But in all this, don’t bend too far to try and appease their fantasies. Fundamentally, this is about you and what you enjoy. Their entire role is to be relegated to being a servant whose sole function is to attend to you and make your life pleasant.

    Part 4 - Setting the Ground Rules

    Owning a sissy doesn’t need be complicated or require a huge amount of preparation, but having a few basic principles in place will set a great foundation for a rewarding experience for both of you.

    If you only remember one thing in this chapter, make it this one: as soon as a sissy cums, she instantly becomes almost entirely useless. As bizarre as it seems, your sissy is a completely different person ten seconds after an orgasm then she was ten seconds before it. She will no longer be genuinely interested in serving you, and will obey only out of a sense of duty.

    You need to control her orgasms. This may not sound especially exciting, depending on your personality, but this small bit of effort on your part is absolutely critical to a having a useful sissy.

    At first she may be obedient and abstain from touching herself, but in the long run the only real solution is a chastity device. These can be a bit of a hassle, but make that her problem. Have her research and buy her own device. There’s a fairly good chance she’s already interested in the concept, and she may already have a few devices available.

    The security of these devices vary. The more casual ones are sufficient at first, but if your relationship with her shows signs of lasting, you may eventually want to have her graduate to a device that utilizes a piercing or urethral rod. With these she will be completely at your command and unable to escape.

    Again, don’t let a sense of guilt alter your behaviour towards her. She will be desperate to cum much of the time, but will gradually adjust to living in a constant state of sexual frustration; excited to be your sissy and eager to please. Orgasms should be very special treats - only permitted in special circumstances, and only when you know you will not be requiring her services for a day or two as her submissiveness returns.

    Be clear about your desires in regard to appearance, and don’t be afraid to discipline if she fails to comply. Most owners prefer a sissy shaved smooth from her neck down. Many also want their gurl slender, so weight goals and consequences for failure to meet them can be effective. We’ll cover some of the easiest ways to discipline your sissy in a future chapter.

    If you want her as feminine as possible, make that clear from the beginning and don’t be afraid to punish if you deem her efforts insufficient. Keep in mind that there are limits, and sissies are rarely exceptionally attractive as either males or females. Just make sure she knows what you like and dislike, and that she’s making every effort to meet your tastes.

    Sissies will often have a particular attire they are attached to. It’s a good idea to be somewhat accommodating to their fantasies in this regard, but be sure it’s something you also find at least somewhat appealing. Clothing tends to reflect extreme femininity because of it’s emasculating nature, increasing the humiliation of their situation. Have her try french maid costumes, lingerie, pleated skirts and stockings…anything overtly feminine that you would enjoy seeing her in.

    Part 5 - Making Her Useful

    Modern society has evolved to stigmatize creating overt luxury for one person at the expense of another, but sissies are one of the few groups of people who seek to live outside that norm. As their owner, you are merely granting their wish to be taken advantage of.

    First off…sex!

    You don’t ever need to have any feeling of self-consciousness or fear of rejection. With a sissy you are free to be fully yourself, telling her exactly how you want to be treated. Be selfish. Be lavishly, unimaginably selfish.

    Ever wondered what it would feel like to have your asshole softly licked? Ever had the desire to fuck someone’s throat and watch the mascara run down their cheeks as they gag? How about having your pussy worshipped while you watch tv?

    Be honest with yourself as you experiment. Your sissy will thrive on your genuine enjoyment and satisfaction.

    Don’t ever feel a sense of pressure though. If all you want is a foot rub, all she gets to do is give you a foot rub. Sex should never be work for you.

    And even though this has already been covered, I’ll say it again: don’t let her cum. Her satisfaction comes from being allowed to pleasure you. We’ll cover a little later some ways that you can occasionally allow her a sexual reward, but for the most part you are the only one who gets to have orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.

    The other most common use for sissies is domestic chores.

    Never politely ask a sissy if she would like to complete a task for you. This makes her feel as if she is your equal and is doing your housework of her own volition, making it drudgery.

    But if you firmly command her to do something, she will tingle with submissive excitement as she works - especially if she knows there will be consequences if she fails to do the task correctly. More on that later.

    The more humiliating the tasks the better, and whenever possible point out to her that a real man would never obediently do these demeaning tasks. Depending on your situation, a sissy may eventually be able to handle the majority of your domestic tasks…laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning.

    If you have her perform a task that has a “masculine” perception, such as mowing the yard, be sure she does it in very feminine attire. Of course, whether or not you want the neighbors seeing a ballerina mowing your grass is up to you.

    Part 6 - Discipline

    There are two kinds of discipline when punishing your sissy, with a bit of grey area in between.

    The first is largely symbolic; meant primarily as a means of reminding her of her place. The second is meant to be more purely unpleasant, and is used to alter her behaviour directly.

    Let’s start with the first kind.

    The symbolism of obediently lowering her panties and bending over is psychologically powerful. It’s a physical sign of deference, and as she looks at the floor with her bare ass in the air, her submissive sissy psyche is fully engaged.

    For this reason, it can be a good idea to perform “maintenance” discipline very regularly - even if not merited by any specific behaviour. There are few more effective ways to click her into a submissive mental state.

    Implements to be used in this case should be only moderately painful: hairbrush, light crops, belts. The pain level should be adequate to make her squeal a little, but stop short of bringing tears.

    Allow some space for creativity. Anything you can think of that sounds humiliating will be perfect for this type of discipline. Make her stand in the corner with her nose to the wall for twenty minutes. (This feels like forever, trust me.) Have her kneel and give one of your doorknobs a richly-deserved blowjob. Gag her and lock her in a dog kennel. Have fun, and be sure to document with photos so she can relive her humiliation later.

    The second kind of discipline is meant for genuine behaviour modification, and if done correctly shouldn’t need to be carried out very often. The threat of this kind of punishment if she fails to be on her best behaviour should be looming in the back of her mind at all times. With the correct incentives in place, a sissy will be remarkably perfect in her obedience.

    More severe spankings can work for these kinds of discipline, depending on their pain tolerance. Opt for more painful implements, such as a cane or paddle with holes. She should have tears running down her cheeks by the time you’re through with her. If you have nearby neighbors, a gag is probably a good idea.

    A method requiring less effort is to have her tuck her little testicles back between her legs as she bends over, and then swatting them with a ruler. You will be impressed by how little it takes to get a sissy squealing and promising to change her ways with this method.

    But the easiest punishment by far is simply adding time until her next release from her chastity device. Tell her you’re about to add a week to her time in chastity and her attitude will immediately adjust dramatically. Remember, she’s desperate to cum, and will do almost anything to avoid lengthening the time until her next release.

    If the idea of having to discipline someone sounds tiring to you, stick to using

    just this method. It’s extremely effective, and requires minimal effort on your part.

    There are a myriad of other potential means of punishment to keep your sissy on her best behaviour, and her personality and tastes will largely dictate what will be most effective. Experiment, watch how she responds, and enjoy making her squirm and whimper.

    You’re the boss!

    Part 7 - Rewards

    A sissy’s life shouldn’t be entirely without little selfish pleasures, although they should be very rare compared to yours. Although they do require a small amount of effort on your part, properly spaced rewards will keep your sissy incentivized and even more eager to please.

    Her single biggest treat will more than likely be the occasions she is allowed out of chastity. Make sure her next release date is on the calendar, and keep up with moving it later or earlier based on her behaviour. This date will be etched in her mind at all times, as her frustrated little penis squirms inside it’s prison.

    The last thing you want to do though is just allow her to run off and privately masturbate as soon as she is free. While some sissies can handle this, many will have waves of guilt and echoes of masculinity surge immediately after masturbating. For their own good, you must ignore their pleas to be allowed to touch themselves freely.

    Her only orgasms should be “ruined”. A ruined orgasm is essentially one in which pleasant stroking contact is not present, allowing the cum to ooze out without the intense sensations and emotions of an orgasm with full stimulation. This will leave her feeling somewhat relieved, but if done correctly she will still be slightly horny and unsatisfied. Her sissy psychology will hopefully remain at least partially intact.

    Give her the key to her chastity device and allow her to unlock herself. Make sure she knows the consequences will be extreme if she is in the least bit disobedient during this process.

    Once unlocked, restrict her hands with cuffs or cable tie behind her back.

    From here there are a few different options.

    The easiest is to use a vibrator and hold it against the underside of her penis, right where the head meets the shaft. Verbally humiliate her while you hold it there. Tell her this is the only kind of orgasm a sissy like her gets to have, and tell her to hurry up and shoot her little load. The more you can get inside her head with your insults, the quicker this will go. Of course, if you’re enjoying yourself, take your time and even pull the vibrator off when you think she’s getting close to cumming. If you’re feeling especially cruel you can put a time limit on the “treat”, and she goes back in chastity once times expires regardless of whether she has been able to cum.

    If she cums from this method, simply pull the vibrator away as soon as her orgasm begins. The cum will still ooze out, but you will have successfully ruined it.

    The more “hands on” approach is to give her a traditional handjob and pull away as soon as she starts to cum. This technique isn’t nearly as foolproof though. It’s very easy to stroke just a little too long, giving her a few seconds of “thrusting” orgasm. Even if you let go halfway through this kind of orgasm, she will still have felt the hormone surge and will likely not remain in her sissy mental state.

    Whether or not a sissy should ever be allowed a satisfying orgasm is a matter of debate. I personally like the idea of sissies being allowed one full orgasm annually on their birthday, or allowing them one un-ruined orgasm for every one hundred orgasms they give you. This has the added bonus of keeping her extremely excited for opportunities to pleasure you.