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2021-07-23 18:33:41

    OSHA safe stimboard for anon!


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    The masonry saw depicted in the bottom-center gif does not appear to be properly guarded, a violation of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1928.702(i)(1):

    Masonry saw shall be guarded with a semicircular enclosure over the blade

    By claiming that this stimboard is “OSHA Safe” you have provided false information about the safety of your workplace and may be subject to a fine of up to $10,000


    actually, if you look at the full gifset linked, it is indeed OSHA safe as a semicircular enclosure over the blade is fully visible there. you can also check out the Instagram video here, where you can see the saw being used. i apologize for any misunderstanding, i take my workplace safety very seriously.


    Thank you for your cooperation! You are no longer required to keep the above citation posted for the usual 3 Day period and you will not be charged a penalty fee.

    “ Girls are rewarded for being ‘tomboys’!” ……..No they fucking aren’t. Please ask any gnc woman what her childhood was like. At best, being a ‘tomboy’ is tolerated up to a certain age but is harshly punished and discouraged after that. Women who aren’t what society deems as ‘acceptably feminine’ are often at risk for violence, social ostracism and rejection from their family, friends and peers. I’m so sick of people acting like gnc women have some kind of privilege for being that way because they really don’t. 

    I can’t see media coverage of billionaires launching themselves into space just for funsies without thinking about how horrible, how just... pure evil, you would have to be to think that you, personally, deserve to do whatever the fuck you want and have useless ultrabillionaire hobbies, no matter how stupid and wasteful, while people literally suffer and die from an ongoing pandemic and can’t afford healthcare, while children go hungry, while homelessness is on the rise and climate change is actively causing raging wildfires and floods and storms that are destroying people’s homes... If you can look at all of that and then look at your literal cartoonish pile of gold and think “I’m going to take myself to space”??? Fuck you


    Can’t wait for tumblr to roll out tumblr+, the premium web site membership. For only $9.99 a month you can enjoy classic tumblr features such as: a functional web site.


    Since tumblr has hinted at a paid for version in a recent survey, it’s time to bring back my possibly future predicting post.


    Date of origin: August 29, 2017