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2021-09-21 04:48:12

    Sooooo, lms why I'm posting this...

    Whoever, I mean whoever has all of the vids or if this is the only vid, idk. But come up off it, like frfr. This Is why I be posting shit from ppls folders. Yal cheat ppl out of their money, or don't give them what you said you would. So, I'm back on it again. Sorry not sorry. I'm gonna be posting from every fucking body's folders, EXCEPT for the ones I've spoken to and we have an agreement. The rest of you, I'm posting all yal shit, 5 to 10 videos at a time. So @xeusthegreat release the vids to ppl who paid for them!! That's fucked up on your part bro. At this point, I truly don't care if I see them or not ( but I'm sure they will find their way to me once someone gets them, cause I'm not a fucking asshole stealing from ppl)

    Also, I don't care if you guys like me or not. I really don't. I don't care if you like my content or not. I'll block you and move on. It's that simple. Also if you know who h town candids or chimproductions are, or if you have those folders let's talk. Cause Id like to acquire those folders. You can have any folder I posess, except for a couple of ppl I have agreements with not to give their stuff out. Inbox me. I'll post the stuff I personally shot yesterday, then I'm back posting out of ppls folders.

    Try to have a happy Sunday guys and gals. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’